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Blockbuster Vs. Hollywood Video - which is better?

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Blockbuster Vs. Hollywood Video - which is better?

Old 04-29-02, 11:46 AM
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Re: Have you tried the local public library?

Originally posted by Hobgoblin
Over here in New York City, the public library has more than a thousand DVDs available for rent, including OOP criterions. In fact they have a almost complete criterion collection.

Rental is free of charge and there is no limit on the number of DVDs that you can rent at any time. You can keep the discs for 7 days and can renew upto 2 times online.

So check out your local public library first before going to BBV or HW. The only time I set foot in a BBV or HW is when they have those PVD sales.
I never thought I'd say it, but a country boy is finally envious of the Big City!
Old 04-29-02, 08:09 PM
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I never thought I'd say it, but a country boy is finally envious of the Big City!
One more nice thing about the public library:
They rent out the discs in their original keepcases with the info booklet intact, which is nice. Especially for criterions and Bond movies, the booklets usually have a large amount of info and trivia about the movie.

Abob, even if you live in a small town, it may be worthwhile checking out your local library. Most public libraries already rent VHS and audio CDs, and they seem to be making the transition to DVDs. I work in Manhattan, but I live in a small town in Noo Joisey. The local public library here recently introduced DVD rentals. The selection is small and they charge $1 for three days, but it is a start. Since I have membership in the NYPL, I dont use my local public library for DVDs.

There is a downside to unlimited free DVD rentals though: Since it is all free, I sometimes rent some totally junk movies that I regret watching later. If I had to pay for it, I would be more careful in my selection, and rent only those movies I have read good reviews about. For example, I am trying to erase "Eye of the beholder" from my memory right now...what a piece of junk! Free DVDs breed gluttony!
Old 04-30-02, 12:49 AM
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I have no Hollywood Video near me (10 Km away from me) So i just go to the BlockBuster down by my house (10 minute walk) Lets just say they know me by name (well some do) i have bought in my first year from them about 70+ used DVD's. No problems yet. Oh yeah i only buy new ones if they have a samll collection for rent, older movies and if they are Full Screen
Old 05-06-02, 12:16 AM
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Originally posted by ptyrtl
Personal video rental choice in Dallas, Movie Trading Company. Larger selection, lower fees, rental fee deducted from purchase price if you decide to buy, and Criterions/Rare/Box Sets for rent? Where do you go wrong?
I second that vote. MTC beats the HELL out of Blockbuster. And now that they are carrying video games, Blockbuster has lost ALL of my business. AT MTC, I can rent a movie for FIVE FULL days for $3 (none of this due back by noon crap), and if I decide to buy it, I can get purchase it sans the rental fee (or fees if I've rented more than once) PLUS I can get that discount on a USED DVD!!

And the fact that they have a dedicated DTS section, as well as stock all the collectors editions. OH, and they don't edit their films.

Finally, all of the employees at MTC seem VERY knowledgable about the products in their store. What's more, they seem to ENJOY their job. The manager at the Greenville store is ESPECIALLY helpful. He's a great guy.

Hopefully they'll expand beyond the DFW metroplex. They are already opening more and more stores in DFW.

OH, and they aren't late-fee happy. In my experience, they don't even charge a late fee unless it is grossly overdue. And if you think they made a mistake, they give you the benifit of the doubt instead of arguing with you. I love this company!

Here's a link to their webpage. Not much to it, though.

The founder and CEO of MTC is the same guy who started the CD Warehouse chain.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to sound like a commercial, but I LOVE this store. I wish more businesses would operate like MTC does.

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Old 05-06-02, 02:35 AM
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Originally posted by El-Kabong
Wow, that's like asking which is better to get: AIDS or Syphilis!

I'd say go with neither - there HAS to be a local mom and pop place SOMEwhere near you. Support the little guy!
If you can find me a local mom and pop (anyone?) in Las Vegas, NV, I'll gladly support them

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