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DVDGirl 03-18-02 02:02 PM

NorthAmericanDVD.com on your statement?
Hi -
I was just wondering, does NorthAmericanDVD.com show up on your credit card statement as NorthAmercianDVD.com? I got a mysterious charge from "The Music Shoppe" that I don't remember purchasing anything from. According to my credit card, the charge was made from Canada. (I did make a purchase from NorthAmerican, however, it was over a month ago, and I wasn't sent anything.)

Can anyone confirm this alias as NorthAmerican, or can anyone tell me what in the world "The Music Shoppe" is? Thank you!

-DVD Girl

Easy 03-18-02 02:25 PM

"The Music Shoppe" is NorthAmericanDVD

DVDGirl 03-18-02 02:31 PM

Are they good about returns/reimbursements?
Thank you! I can rest easy now.

However, I have another question: because they took over a month to get my stuff to me, I already bought some of the DVDs I had aleady ordered (I had assumed my order was lost, after I had contacted them and didn't receive a response.) Are they good about returns and reimbursing you for the shipping costs to return the items? Thanks!

-DVD Girl

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