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bluemagic 02-02-02 07:30 PM

Question about DVD trade-ins
Recently, every major music/movie store I go to seems to have deals on trading in your used DVDs for new ones. What is the typical policy at places like the Wherehouse and Tower? How do they rate the value of used DVDs? Do they even care what DVD it is in most cases? There would be instances where I'd be willing to trade three or four crappy DVDs for a brand new shiny one. Thanks!

renaldow 02-04-02 11:56 AM

I've done the Wherehouse 3 for 1 a few times, and usually have thought it to be a pretty good deal since I'm getting rid of bad titles that I don't want (and neither do most other people) and getting something I want to own.

Wherehouse has a cap of $24.99 for the value of the DVD you are getting. If you're thinking of buyign up some elcheapo $4.99 DVD's and trading them in, good luck with that. Wherehouse used to take anything I'd give them and I had done that a few times. However, last time I went in it seems their stock of crap runneth over and they guy told me he was only going to take the 1 generic title I had because I was trading in some (in his opinion) quality movies. From what others have posted here, many of their stores just plain won't take them at all, no matter what.

tygloalex 02-04-02 12:48 PM

I have no wherehouse or no frys in all of florida. My life sucks.

renaldow 02-04-02 01:51 PM

Originally posted by tygloalex
I have no wherehouse or no frys in all of florida. My life sucks.
Believe me, your life is not worse off by not having these 2 retailers...

vdadlani219 02-07-02 04:15 AM

Software ETC (located in most malls) has pretty good trade-in values. They will give you alteast $3 for ANY dvd (generic case included), even if you have no cover art or inserts. They have really good buys on their used dvds and their new dvds are only slighty more than say Best Buy. My friend picked up a used copy of Friday for only $9.99, and I got Being John Malkovich for $9.99.

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