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jpcamb 10-11-01 03:20 PM

DVD Overnight, Holy S**t!
I Think I'll be using these guys again! I signed up for the free rental, ten minutes later I check email, confirmation of order. An hour later shipping confirmation! Wow! I dumped netflix a while back for being so slow to ship. So far I'm very impressed with them. Is this normal for them to ship so quick or are they on point because of the promotion?

HepDude 10-13-01 10:29 PM

Netflix is the only rental store that doesn't ship the same day.

However, they also have a wider selection than anyone by a long shot.

However, it can often take a long time to get certain titles.

DVD Overnight is fine, if they have the title you want, and you're willing to just fork over $4 right now.

By the way, if anyone else has problems with emails sent to DVD Overnight bouncing, post here.

stevevt 10-13-01 11:03 PM


Just an FYI:

I edited your thread title.

Please don't post profanity, disguised or otherwise, in thread titles.

Thanks for your understanding.


PGH DVD Guy 10-14-01 03:05 AM


Are you joking?? You had to edit Holy S***T???

WOW Big Brother IS watching.... or is that Thought Police??


stevevt 10-14-01 12:09 PM

Originally posted by PGH DVD Guy

Are you joking?? You had to edit Holy S***T???

WOW Big Brother IS watching.... or is that Thought Police??



As much as I love being compared to the Thought Police (it's second only to being compared to a Nazi in my List of Oppressive Regimes I'm Trying to Emulate), I would prefer that you use the "Report this Post to a Moderator" function or send me an e-mail directly if you have any questions about the moderating I'm doing.

DVDTalk tries to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Besides catering to a younger audience who may or may not be sensitive to profanity, DVDTalk is also viewed by people at public libraries and in school computer labs. Once you select a forum to view, you have no choice about the content that appears on your screen in the form of thread titles.

I hope that I have not violated the Thought Police Code in revealing the rationale behind my actions.

I now request that we return this thread to its intended subject, discussing DVD Overnight.

If you have any questions about anything I brought up in the two posts in this thread, feel free to e-mail me.


DWilson 10-15-01 07:33 PM

Actually, my ship time has gotten a lot worse, -maybe its due to "recent events"; I used to get titles in two to three days, and the last two times its taken a week. I am glad, however, that they've gone to a "no shipping" policy (actually, a buck a disc) that allows me to order only one disc and be cost-effective ...

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