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NYSmoke 09-29-01 01:13 AM

Discover Card Rebate Headaches
Any advice on how to resolve this situation would be greatly appreciated:

I had placed several orders (7 or 8) with CD Now dating from March through August of this year. Every one of the orders was placed using the Discover shopping site. I am quite sure that at the time each order was placed, the deal for 15% cash back was in effect.

As of last week, I still hadn't received a single dollar back from all the orders I placed (the total of them all is probably in the area of $1500). I called Discover and asked what the deal was and when I would be getting the cash that they had said they would send me. The woman I spoke to said her system was down at the moment, but she would check into it and call me back the next day.

The next day came and went with no call. I called back and spoke to another woman. She opened my account file and asked me how I had placed the order. I told her I did it through the shopping website... something I've been doing since the days of Reel.com (from which I never had a problem and received all the cash back that was due to me).

She put me on hold, and when she came back she asked if I had received a mailing that had a coupon in it. When I said no, she explained that this offer was only good if you mailed in the coupon that was sent to certain customers. Now I know for a fact that the website (and, conveniently, you can no longer access the CD Now deal page because they no longer offer it) made no mention of having to have a coupon. The deal was -- place an order at CDNow.com using our site as your starting point, and we will give you 15% cash back on your order.

I explained this to her (calmly and rationally) and she told me she would write it all down, send it to the appropriate "department" and that somebody would get back to me the next day. Well, this all happened last week, and as of today, Friday, I still haven't been contacted by anyone from Discover. I haven't called them back yet because I'm at my wits end as to what to say to these people. I followed their rules and now they refuse to live up to their end of the bargain.

As stated at the beginning, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do next? Has anyone else had a problem like this? All responses (other than "**** up and stop complaining :-) are welcome.

Thanks all,


Pasolini 09-29-01 02:03 AM

if it makes you feel better, I called them in JUNE and they said the same thing "oh, we'll have someone call you"

I of course being jaded said "right, you are going to have someone actually call me tomorrow from another department? oh-kay. how 'bout you give me THEIR number just in case they don't call"

"oh sir i can't do that (for some reason i cant remember) I promise they will absolutely definitely completely without fail call you back tomorrow. This department is really good about that"

hmmm... 4 months later...

i guess i should call again.

Pasolini 09-29-01 02:05 AM

p.s. -

i have print-outs & screen-shots of every single purchase i made using this deal, clearly showing the 'discover card' icon on the top right screen.

I will search my records to see if i printed a copy of the original deal from the discover card website. I don't think i did, but if i do i will scan it & post it.

DVDBob 09-29-01 08:04 AM

Same here guys...I'm thinking of actually writing a letter to see if that approach works any better.

havenmaster 09-30-01 12:01 PM

You can add me to the list.I purchased the Super man colection from Discover site many months ago and never got 15% rebate from Discover card. I didn't bother to call or contact them, I just cut up my Discover card and threw it in the trash can. It is a good way to lose customers.

Jeff Goodwin 09-30-01 07:54 PM

I went round and round with Customer Service and got nowhere.

I eventually wrote a letter to the CEO to get my few measly dollars:

David W. Nelms
Discover Financial Services
2500 Lake Cook Road
Riverwoods, IL 60015

Here's the text of the original offer that was posted on the Discover card site:

Receive a 15% Special Cashback Bonus
Award when you use your Discover Card to
make a purchase and link through the
Internet ShopCenterSM. Offer also valid for
Discover Gold Card and Discover Private
IssueSM Cardmembers.

-Jeff Goodwin

yiinhc 09-30-01 09:15 PM

I too placed lots of orders from Feb to July for a total of $1,100. I had only received $44 ($40 in June and $4 in July) cashback bonus with note saying 15% from CDNOW.COM. I called on 8/31 and was told to call back later because the transactions had not been processed. I called again on 9/12 with details of my purchases and informed them that it's way past the promised processing time for the cashback. They said they would look into it. On 9/17, I received $118 credit saying 'ADDITIONAL CASHBACK BONUS AWARD'. It didn't say 15% from CDNOW.COM, but I think that's it. The total cashback amount was 8 dollars short, but I won't complain.

Startide 10-01-01 01:51 AM

If you have a problem, the USA's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has an informative website with a complaint form. Once enough complaints have been received to get them excited, they will in turn get Discover Card excited.


For more background and ways to report "rebate" scams and ways that retailers avoid paying rebates, the FTC has a webpage for you at:


Another place to report to the USA federal gov't what you think is a scam is at:


criterion 10-04-01 11:27 AM

Bad news
I called yesterday the Discover card and they claim that the offer was expired on July 1st. Therefore any orders we placed through their center afterwards will not be redeemed (meening the 15% cash back). Also they said that the offer was saying that they can cancel it anytime without notice.

I clearly remember afterwards they had a new deal with a new deadline of Oct or end of Nov.

What do we do now guys?

criterion 10-05-01 06:38 AM

Please help
I need a copy of the discover card offer showing that the original deadline extended beyond the July 1st deadline.

I need this copy in order to get credit for 5 orders I have placed since july 1.

I can receive a fax copy or any other option, whatever convenient to you.

Please email me (check profile) or post a reply here.


DVDGirl 10-07-01 05:23 PM

When exactly did the Discover rebate get pulled?
I only ask because I placed orders through their site (for the 10% Cashback Award) after August 15 (my last order was on 9/4, and the link through Discover's site was there).

Anyways, here's a response that I got when I asked them about a purchase I made at CDNow that got posted on 8/18:

Thank you for your message. The offer for CDNOW ended on August 15, 2001. The purchase that you made on August 18, 2001 is not eligible for the Cashback(R) award.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know. Thank you for choosing to use Discover(R) Card.

Does anyone have any additional info on this? Is this happening to anyone else? Thanks!

criterion 10-07-01 08:56 PM

I told you already guys, Unless we get a hardcopy of the web site stating that the deadline was October or November they will not give us back the cashbonus. I am hopping someone was smart enough to print the darn web page.

g 10-10-01 05:54 AM

in september they had changed it to 10 percent and said deal was good until the end of december of this year . then they took it off few weeks ago

feuxdartifice 10-10-01 09:34 PM

I'm having the same problem. I've called 4 times now and have been given the runaround every time. They keep saying that the promotions department insists I had to receive some coupon in the mail in order to get this 15% discount. This is obviously a LIE. Unfortunately, I didn't print anything out from my orders. Does anyone have screenshots or prints outs of the original offer? Thanks.

Startide 10-10-01 10:58 PM

IF enough people contact the FTC with a complaint, and everyone swears that the offer DID EXIST LEGITIMATELY but the proof of the offer was later removed due to time passing by as the online webpages are always changing, THEN perhaps the FTC will start the ball rolling and turn up the heat.

Because everyone that complains will have the same story (i.e. the promotional 15% rebate DID EXIST) that it was because of the discount promotional rebate that you made the order, then something may happen.

The FTC needs a bunch of people to complain. If everyone has the same story, the FTC may very well believe the consumer over the protestations from the online retailer that such an offer didn't exist and would never have existed.

Surely someone must have saved the screen. Unfortunately, they might not ever read this message in the STORE FORUM because they have only enough time to look for DVD BARGAINS. In the meantime, while waiting for someone who saved a screencapture, you might as well file a complaint with the FTC. As further explanation why you don't have the current proof, you can mention that it is too cumbersome to save a screenshot of every webpage that you visit during the course of the promotional rebate offer.

DVDGirl 10-13-01 01:56 AM

Okay, is this true?!?
Here's what I got from Discover when I asked them about several transactions through CDNow:

Thank you for your message. I apologize for any misunderstanding. The discount of 10% is given at the time of check out, on the CDNow.com website. Please contact the merchant for more specific information on these charges.

Let me know if you have further questions. Thank you for choosing to use Discover(R) Card.

Is this another attempt from them trying to BS us?

g 10-13-01 02:18 AM

they have done nothing but lie they are telling everybody a different story. some they tell the promotion ended on july 30 if there charges were after then and others they tell august 15 and others that they needed coupons or the discount was on the site. either they are terribly mismanaged or it is fraud. there people extended the offer on the site even though cdnow canceled the the deal beyond july 30 and discover doesnt want to pay for their own incompetence because they continued to extend the deal on their site and cdnow isnt paying them the reward anymore and it comes out of their pocket. other companies would admit it and make it right but these guys are not like those

Startide 10-14-01 12:49 PM

Re: Okay, is this true?!?

Originally posted by DVDGirl
Is this another attempt from them trying to BS us?
Yes. They didn't deny the issue nor did they answer your question. They just used a RED HERRING to deflect the question from their refusal to provide the 15% cash rebate that was offered as a promotion at the Discover Card website.

lumberjack 10-15-01 04:52 PM

Heres what I know.
In March or April 2001, the original offer of 15% Cashback Bonus for Discover Card used through the ShopCenter site began. The original expiration date was July 1, 2001.


Offer valid only when linking from the Internet ShopCenter.

CDNOW.COM Terms and Conditions
The 15% Special Cashback Bonus Award applies to your CDNOW purchases when you use your Discover Card. This Special Cashback Bonus Award is separate from your annual Cashback Bonus Award you may receive from Discover Card, and is not part of the Discover Card Cashback Bonus Award calculation. If, as of the date we determine whether you meet the terms of this offer, your account is closed or delinquent, you will not receive this Special Cashback Bonus Award. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your 15% Special Cashback Bonus Award to be credited to your Discover Card account. This 15% Special Cashback Bonus Award is subject to change, including termination, without notice. Offer valid only when you link to CDNOW Web site from the Internet ShopCenter Web page found at www.discovercard.com. Offer valid for the purchase of merchandise only. Expires July 1, 2001.

This offer is also available to Discover Gold and Discover Private Issue Cardmembers, who are not eligible for the Cashback Bonus program, and will be reflected as a credit to your Account within 6 to 8 weeks of your purchase. Discover Gold Cardmembers: this special award is separate from the Discover Gold Rewards program.

A few days into July, the expiration was extended until July 15. Before July 15, it was extended again until August 15, 2001.

NOTE: I have a printed copy of the original offer with disclaimer. Id be happy to fax this to anyone that needs it. Keep in mind that I have the July 1, 2001 disclaimer only. Just give me your fax number and contact name and I can probably get it to you by the next day. Email me at [email protected] so we can schedule a fax time (for those of you at work sharing a fax machine with others). DO NOT contact me via this forum, as I rarely visit the Store Forum.

Towards the end of August 2001, the 15% Cashback Bonus Award Web page address page was altered to reflect the new 10% Cashback Bonus Award offer. This new offer had an expiration date of January 15, 2002.

This offer was pulled some time in September, I believe.

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