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DrMcKittrick 05-10-01 11:30 PM

Geeze I can't believe it's taking this long. THis will be the last time I use them. I don't care about the price anymore.


KPlummer 05-10-01 11:37 PM

Mine arrived today, well packaged and not suffering from the loose discs that many people are complaining about.

ScreachingWeasel 05-10-01 11:39 PM

Got it it
I just received mine today too. Can't wait to start watching it.

RudeBoie 05-11-01 12:32 AM

Well, I haven't received mine, and I'm not really angry or anything. I am hoping that it comes by Saturday though, or I guess I'll become slightly annoyed. That price was great and is totally worth a little delay.

ohyeah 05-11-01 10:32 AM

Not yet!
I received an email saying mine was shipped late Monday night. But, I have not received them yet. I'm willing to wait for the discount.

dev-null 05-11-01 10:51 AM

Waiting... Got it!

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RevLiver 05-11-01 11:25 AM

I received a shipping notice on Monday so should be receiving the set soon. For this price the delay is worth it.

dave955 05-12-01 01:24 AM

Mine arrived yesterday.

movielib 05-12-01 07:22 PM

Got mine yesterday.

caipirina 05-13-01 07:28 PM

got mine .. totally forgot i ordered it :)

Jason Reynolds 05-14-01 07:03 PM

Got mine on the 12th.


KShan 05-14-01 09:27 PM

Got mine today. Received the shipping notice one week ago today.


DrMcKittrick 05-14-01 11:34 PM

Well I got mine on Saturday so I'm not too peeved. I guess I just wasn't aware of how long it takes to have something shipped from Canada.


chsidwel 05-15-01 11:17 AM

Actually got mine on the 9th (only 1 day after the release date). I was thrilled. I also got a call from my cc company though, I was DOUBLE BILLED. Maybe this is the cost for such speedy service. I'm still trying to resolve this. Customer service is good, it's just very hard to get someone to answer the phone.

ohyeah 05-15-01 01:12 PM

Got Mine!
Received mine on the 14th. Seems fine, I'm going to pop one in tonight! (maybe quagmire --never seen it before)

bardevious 05-15-01 06:57 PM

Great company, great price. Received mine yesterday. I'll definately be checking them out in the future.

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