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Fooman 11-03-07 03:36 PM

OSU vs Michigan tickets - validation?
I bought 2 tickets from Stubhub back in september for the Michigan vs. OSU game this 11/17.

I was browsing on Ebay today and some of the sellers mentioned that their tickets were already validated and did not need student ID for entry. How do I find out if my tickets are validated or not?

If not, how does one get it validated without having a student ID? obviously, I don't go to Michigan.

Stubhub has a 100% guarantee, but I'd hate to take my girlfriend there only to be turned away. Can anyone shed some light into this? Thanks!

Nefarious 11-04-07 03:19 AM

Did you buy student tickets?

Snowmaker 11-04-07 06:14 AM

I've had Michigan season tickets since 1995. I've never heard of this "validation".

matta 11-04-07 11:05 AM

ID Policy for U-M Football Student Tickets
To be admitted to Michigan Stadium, a student must present at the gate their student ID or Mcard, along with their student ticket. No one shall use an ID of another student for this purpose.

However, a non-student may use a student ticket if it is "validated." Once validated, anyone may use the ticket for admission. Any student may validate up to 4 tickets per week by presenting their student ID, paying $27 per ticket and having an "unrestricted use" sticker(s) affixed to the ticket(s). This can be accomplished at the following locations:


Snowmaker 11-04-07 04:24 PM

So as long as your tickets are not in the student section, you have nothing to worry about.

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