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Old 07-04-07, 07:24 AM   #1
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Beverly, MA
Posts: 5,506
MLB Wednesday July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007
at Pittsburgh 6, Milwaukee 2Youman (1-0) Gallardo (1-1) 25,416
at Boston 4, Tampa Bay 1Matsuzaka (10-5) Kazmir (5-5) 37,005
Cleveland 5, at Detroit 4Mastny (6-2) Capellan (0-1) Borowski (25) 40,741
at NY Yankees 8, Minnesota 0Wang (8-4) Silva (6-9) 53,862
Chicago Cubs 3, at Washington 1Zambrano (10-6) Redding (0-1) Howry (3) 30,106
at Cincinnati 7, San Francisco 3Harang (9-2) Correia (1-4) 37,299
at Houston 5, Philadelphia 4Albers (2-4) Mesa (0-1) 37,993
at Colorado 11, NY Mets 3Cook (5-5) Vargas (0-1) 48,040
at Kansas City 17, Seattle 3De La Rosa (6-9) Feierabend (1-3) 28,140
Arizona 7, at St. Louis 1Petit (1-1) Wellemeyer (2-1) 42,127
at Chicago Sox 5, Baltimore 1Vazquez (5-5) Cabrera (6-9) 37,281
at Texas 8, LA Angels 3Millwood (5-7) Santana (5-9) 24,871
at Oakland 3, Toronto 1Blanton (8-4) Litsch (1-3) 35,077
Florida 6, at San Diego 4Miller (3-0) Maddux (7-5) Gregg (16) 34,488
at LA Dodgers 7, Atlanta 6Seanez (5-1) Ledezma (0-1) Saito (23) 43,052

Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Chicago Cubs at Washington12:05 PM XM 183Tickets | TravelHill vs Chico
Tampa Bay at Boston1:05 PM XM 177Tickets | TravelJackson vs Wakefield
Minnesota at NY Yankees1:05 PM XM 176Tickets | TravelSantana vs Mussina
San Francisco at Cincinnati1:15 PM XM 188Tickets | TravelCain vs Belisle
Philadelphia at Houston2:05 PM XM 185Tickets | TravelHamels vs Sampson
Toronto at Oakland4:05 PM XM 178Tickets | TravelMcGowan vs Kennedy
Milwaukee at Pittsburgh4:05 PM XM 184Tickets | TravelVargas vs Snell
Baltimore at Chicago Sox7:05 PM XM 180Tickets | TravelOlson vs Contreras
Cleveland at Detroit7:05 PMXM 181Tickets | TravelWestbrook vs Rogers
Arizona at St. Louis7:15 PM XM 187Tickets | TravelHernandez vs Thompson
NY Mets at Colorado8:05 PM XM 186Tickets | TravelHernandez vs Fogg
Seattle at Kansas City8:10 PM XM 179Tickets | TravelWashburn vs Bannister
LA Angels at Texas8:35 PM XM 182Tickets | TravelWeaver vs Wright
Florida at San Diego9:05 PM XM 189Tickets | TravelJohnson vs Young
Atlanta at LA Dodgers9:10 PM XM 188Tickets | TravelJames vs Hendrickson
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Old 07-04-07, 07:26 AM   #2
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Beverly, MA
Posts: 5,506
2007 American League Standings
Boston5131.622-26-1425-17404319Won 24-6
NY Yankees3941.4881123-1616-25420363Won 24-6
Toronto4043.48211.524-1816-25392382Lost 14-6
Baltimore3646.4391519-2117-25362372Lost 15-5
Tampa Bay3349.4021819-2414-25382490Lost 91-9
Cleveland5132.614-31-1220-20449383Won 68-2
Detroit4734.580320-1927-15476391Lost 15-5
Minnesota4240.5128.522-2020-20388367Lost 35-5
Chicago Sox3644.45013.516-2220-22314369Won 17-3
Kansas City3648.42915.518-2618-22377416Won 27-3
LA Angels5132.614-29-1322-19419356Lost 15-5
Seattle4535.5634.527-1518-20400400Lost 28-2
Oakland4340.518822-1921-21370327Won 14-6
Texas3548.4221619-2016-28428466Won 16-4
2007 National League Standings
NY Mets4636.561-23-1923-17373337Lost 36-4
Atlanta4341.512422-2121-20379384Lost 35-5
Philadelphia4242.500522-2120-21431443Lost 24-6
Florida3945.464817-2522-20405438Won 13-7
Washington3350.39813.516-2517-25304418Lost 22-8
Milwaukee4835.578-30-1318-22412363Lost 16-4
Chicago Cubs4240.5125.520-2122-19379345Won 39-1
St. Louis3743.4639.518-2019-23344415Lost 15-5
Houston3747.44011.522-1915-28382419Won 36-4
Pittsburgh3647.4341218-2318-24341408Won 15-5
Cincinnati3251.3861616-2516-26390434Won 14-6
San Diego4735.573-23-1724-18355278Lost 16-4
LA Dodgers4836.571-25-1623-20376337Won 36-4
Arizona4738.5531.525-1922-19357376Won 14-6
Colorado4143.488723-1818-25394414Won 23-7
San Francisco3546.43211.521-2114-25342335Lost 15-5
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Old 07-04-07, 07:28 AM   #3
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Beverly, MA
Posts: 5,506
2007 American League Wild Card Standings
Detroit4734.580-20-1927-15476391Lost 15-5
Seattle4535.5631.527-1518-20400400Lost 28-2
Oakland4340.518522-1921-21370327Won 14-6
Minnesota4240.5125.522-2020-20388367Lost 35-5
NY Yankees3941.4887.523-1616-25420363Won 24-6
Toronto4043.482824-1816-25392382Lost 14-6
Chicago Sox3644.45010.516-2220-22314369Won 17-3
Baltimore3646.43911.519-2117-25362372Lost 15-5
Kansas City3648.42912.518-2618-22377416Won 27-3
Texas3548.4221319-2016-28428466Won 16-4
Tampa Bay3349.40214.519-2414-25382490Lost 91-9
2007 National League Wild Card Standings
San Diego*4735.573-23-1724-18355278Lost 16-4
LA Dodgers*4836.571-25-1623-20376337Won 36-4
Arizona4738.5531.525-1922-19357376Won 14-6
Chicago Cubs4240.512520-2122-19379345Won 39-1
Atlanta4341.512522-2121-20379384Lost 35-5
Philadelphia4242.500622-2120-21431443Lost 24-6
Colorado4143.488723-1818-25394414Won 23-7
Florida3945.464917-2522-20405438Won 13-7
St. Louis3743.463918-2019-23344415Lost 15-5
Houston3747.4401122-1915-28382419Won 36-4
Pittsburgh3647.43411.518-2318-24341408Won 15-5
San Francisco3546.43211.521-2114-25342335Lost 15-5
Washington3350.39814.516-2517-25304418Lost 22-8
Cincinnati3251.38615.516-2516-26390434Won 14-6
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Old 07-04-07, 08:12 AM   #4
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Cubs = won 10 of last 11
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Old 07-04-07, 09:49 AM   #5
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nice yankees.... nice to win when the enemy wins...
There is a master key and a spare key for the office. Dwight has them both. When I asked, "what if you die, Dwight? How will we get into the office?" He said, "if I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks."
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Old 07-04-07, 10:30 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by raven56706
nice yankees.... nice to win when the enemy wins...
Same, but different with the Mets. They lose when the Phillies and Braves lose.
"Life is oh so much better when you're looking forward to buying your next dvd"
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Old 07-04-07, 04:06 PM   #7
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Beverly, MA
Posts: 5,506
Sox Win

Yanks Lose

Happy 4th
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Old 07-04-07, 04:06 PM   #8
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Yankees L
Red Sox W

time to sell if you're in the Bronx
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Old 07-04-07, 04:15 PM   #9
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Originally Posted by huh?
Sox Win

Yanks Lose

Happy 4th
only 12 back now!
Her clam does taste like honey though. Now honey I LOVE. That alone makes her awesome in my book. - Slayer2005
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Old 07-04-07, 08:53 PM   #10
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Livan Hernandez just posed for a picture with a fan during the game. He was in the batter's box and turned around and took a picture with the guy.

Then, Livo just hit a 2 run HR.
John Henson: McDonald's has dumped Kobe Bryant as their spokesperson and have replaced him with Yao Ming. Apparently McDonald's prefers Yao because he is a bigger international star, and he doesn't rape so much.

"You are everything that's wrong with this forum".---SleepyW
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Old 07-04-07, 10:33 PM   #11
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In my fantasy league we've got a guy bitching because his trade got vetoed.

He was going to get Jake Peavy and David Wright only giving up Willy Taveras and Carl Crawford!!

Yeah, and he's bitching about a veto!! I'm sure he'd be mad if we vetoed him getting ARod only giving up Mike Napoli!
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Old 07-04-07, 11:29 PM   #12
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Angels have lost 6 of their last 8 now
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Old 07-05-07, 12:02 AM   #13
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Nice comeback by the Birds.
Disregard directions sent from Hell.
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Old 07-05-07, 08:03 AM   #14
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Originally Posted by huh?
Sox Win

Yanks Lose

Happy 4th
I was at Fenway for this one. First time for Papelbon for me, and we were just behind the bullpen.

At the end of the 8th, the Papelbon chant starts, and goes all the way through his final warm-up throw. It is now at fever pitch as he exits the bullpen to "Wild Thing," knocks fists with the cop by the bullpen. The stadium explodes with every strike he throws. AWESOME experience.
"There's only one Return, and it ain't of the King, it's of the Jedi."
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