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Old 05-31-06, 11:37 AM   #1
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new tennis raquet

School me on tennis raquets. I hadn't played for over 5 years but a buddy and I have decided to start playing again. Played last night and I used my girlfriends 20$ target raquet, and it SUCKED. It was super light and hit soft and hard to control. My buddy used a smaller raquet by Wilson that I'm sure was not that much more expensive, but it felt SO much more solid, and hit so much better. So I want to buy a raquet but don't want to spend a ton, but want something decent...any suggestions?
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It really depends on your style of play. If I were to buy a newish racquet that wasn't too expensive, I'd go with the previous Head models, from the LiquidMetal series, maybe the L4 Radical. They were expensive a few years ago, but now that the Flexpoints are all the rage, you can get them new for under $90 and should probably be able to find a used one for even cheaper. It's a 10.4oz racquet, which is a good medium weight (your girlfriend's is probably much lighter with a thick frame -- I can't stand those light racquets). Like I said, though, it really depends on your style. Go to a Sports Authority type place and demo a few different styles of racquet. The L4 may not be right for you, but there are a bunch of different swing styles in the LiquidMetal series.

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Old 06-01-06, 08:38 AM   #4
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If you want a solid raquet that will last a long time, the wilson hammer series is great. I am a decent tennis player, and this suits me just fine. they range in price from 70 american to over take your pic. Here is a small link to help:
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