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chrisih8u 05-27-06 05:59 AM

Mlb 5/27/06
Atlanta at Chicago Cubs 1:20 PM
LA Dodgers at Washington 1:20 PM
NY Mets at Florida 1:20 PM
Kansas City at NY Yankees 4:05 PM
St. Louis at San Diego 4:05 PM
Chicago Sox at Toronto 4:07 PM
Arizona at Cincinnati 6:10 PM
Tampa Bay at Boston 7:05 PM
Cleveland at Detroit 7:05 PM
Milwaukee at Philadelphia 7:05 PM
Houston at Pittsburgh 7:05 PM
Seattle at Minnesota 7:10 PM
Oakland at Texas 8:05 PM
Colorado at San Francisco 9:05 PM
Baltimore at LA Angels 10:05 PM

-ohbfrank- Since when is huh? allowed to go on vacation during baseball season?

chrisih8u 05-27-06 06:01 AM

And bad news for Michelle Damon. She is pregnant with Johnny Damon's child. Which means their relationship will probably last another 8 months or so.

lordwow 05-27-06 06:16 AM

Curt Schilling goes for win #200 tonight!

sundog 05-27-06 07:25 AM

muttering to self: "it's only May (nearly June)... White Sox are still 15 games over .500... no need to fret over the Tigers yet... it's only May (nearly June)..."

wabio 05-27-06 10:17 AM

Royals going for the series win today. -ohbfrank-

raven56706 05-27-06 10:32 AM

gosh man.... if the yankees lose..... i will be mad ... rotfl

cashman you idiot, fire all your scouts...

jkberden 05-27-06 10:54 AM

The Tigers keep on rolling....20 games over .500! They have their young stud, Justin Verlander, going tonight.(My pick for rookie of the year) Obviously, I do not expect them to continue this blistering pace, but I don't think you can call them a fluke anymore. They are a good team and should make it an exciting summer for Tigers' fans...finally.

Al Padrino 05-27-06 11:17 AM

They said on ESPN the other day that even if the Tigers play .500 ball the rest of the way, they'll win at least 90 games. Impressive.

Bacon 05-27-06 11:20 AM

Yay no game on TV here until 3


dvd-4-life 05-27-06 11:26 AM

The Orioles have gotten good pitching performances from R. Lopez and Chen the last two games but its hard to believe between them they have only 2 wins going 2 months into the season.

Mad Dawg 05-27-06 01:28 PM

The Royals owner has supposedly offered the Braves' Asst. GM Dayton Moore Allard Baird's GM position (even though Baird is still in it).

That'd be a great grab, since as much as I think Baird has gotten the short end of the small market stick, you cannot deny that he has struck out time and again when it comes to getting future quality players for guys that KC can't afford to keep. Really, when you've had to trade Damon, Dye, Beltran, etc., and the only decent major league player you have to show for it at this stage is Angel Berroa, something is very wrong.

das Monkey 05-27-06 02:48 PM

Here comes Reitsma. Brace for a comeback.


Birrman54 05-27-06 03:03 PM

Originally Posted by dvd-4-life
The Orioles have gotten good pitching performances from R. Lopez and Chen the last two games but its hard to believe between them they have only 2 wins going 2 months into the season.

tell me about it :( there's no pitching consistency on that ballclub.

And while we're talking about the Tiger's stellar performance thus far... I seem to recall the Orioles doing quite nicely this time last year also. we see how that worked out.

Al Padrino 05-27-06 03:11 PM

I can't believe Jim Hendry can just sit there and spout off cliches about everything being okay while he watches the team he assembled go hitless in double-digit scoring chances. DO SOMETHING! Unless Mark Prior is going to hit for you, the Cubs are in big trouble offensively. Fire the hitting coach, at least.

Jobronie 05-27-06 03:31 PM

Talk of Youks starting in LF tonight.

So does Snow get the start at 1B, as might be expected to keep him a happy camper, or is Tito juggling the lineup even more than that.......?

EDIT: Herald blog:

Kevin Youkilis 7
Mark Loretta 4
David Ortiz The hitter
Trot Nixon 9
Jason Varitek 2
Mike Lowell 5
J.T. Snow 3
Wily Mo Pena 8
Alex Cora 6

Bacon 05-27-06 03:46 PM

Rolen with the 2 run bases loaded double 3-1 Cards top of the 3rd :up:

shizawn 05-27-06 04:25 PM

Welcome back Horacio!

NotThatGuy 05-27-06 04:42 PM

Just got back from the Marlin's game...much fun. Glavine pitched a nice game; D. Willis didn't get any help until after he left.

Pics to come.


das Monkey 05-27-06 05:31 PM

Looks like the Cards are going to blow this one. This will be a big win for the Padres, taking a series from the Cards.


Bacon 05-27-06 05:51 PM

nice call Das :lol:


das Monkey 05-27-06 05:53 PM

Yeah, oops. ;)


Al Padrino 05-27-06 06:43 PM

Yay Jeff Nelson!

MrX 05-27-06 06:56 PM

Playing the Cubs must have rubbed off some of their shittiness on the White Sox offense. 14 hits and only 2 runs and waste a grest effort by Contreras.

Juan Uribe needs to go far away.

wabio 05-27-06 07:57 PM

Originally Posted by Al Padrino
Yay Jeff Nelson!

Told ya. ;)

MrX, you still wanna make that bet? :D

wabio 05-27-06 07:58 PM

Originally Posted by MrX

Juan Uribe needs to go far away.

Yeah, I don't understand how he even gets to ride the pine on that team. I would seriously consider taking Angel Berroa or even Cristian Guzman over Uribe. :eek:

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