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MLB Thursday July 28th

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MLB Thursday July 28th

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Arizona 3, at Milwaukee 0Vargas (4-5) Ohka (6-6) Bruney (12) 28,971
at Kansas City 6, Chicago Sox 5Camp (1-2) Vizcaino (4-5) 17,378
at Chicago Cubs 4, San Francisco 3Dempster (5-3) Correia (1-3) 38,877
at Oakland 5, Cleveland 4Street (4-1) Riske (2-3) 40,331
Boston 4, at Tampa Bay 1Wakefield (9-9) McClung (1-6) Schilling (3) 22,079
Texas 11, at Baltimore 8Cordero (2-1) Julio (3-3) Baldwin (1) 31,540
Minnesota 7, at NY Yankees 3Santana (10-5) Leiter (1-2) Nathan (28) 50,334
at Atlanta 4, Washington 3Kolb (3-6) Majewski (2-2) Reitsma (11) 40,625
at Florida 3, Pittsburgh 1Vargas (1-0) Vogelsong (0-1) Jones (17) 21,216
at Toronto 3, LA Angels 2Batista (5-3) Donnelly (6-3) 18,998
at Houston 3, Philadelphia 2Clemens (9-4) Padilla (5-9) Lidge (24) 38,071
NY Mets 9, at Colorado 3Zambrano (5-9) Wright (5-11) 26,183
at Seattle 9, Detroit 3Moyer (9-3) Maroth (8-11) 29,323
at San Diego 2, St. Louis 1Hoffman (1-4) Marquis (9-8) 37,592
Cincinnati 7, at LA Dodgers 6Standridge (2-0) Brazoban (2-6) Weathers (6) 47,033

Thursday, July 28, 2005
Minnesota at NY Yankees1:05 PM XM 176PrintTicketsMays vs Small
Washington at Atlanta1:05 PM XM 183PrintTicketsDrese vs Sosa
Arizona at Chicago Cubs2:20 PM XM 185PrintTicketsHalsey vs Williams
Cincinnati at LA Dodgers3:10 PM  PrintTicketsClaussen vs Houlton
St. Louis at San Diego3:35 PM XM 189PrintTicketsCarpenter vs Stauffer
Texas at Baltimore7:05 PM XM 178PrintTicketsRodriguez vs Ponson
Pittsburgh at Florida7:05 PM XM 184PrintTicketsWells vs Willis
LA Angels at Toronto7:07 PM XM 179PrintTicketsLackey vs Bush
Kansas City at Tampa Bay7:15 PM XM 180PrintTicketsSnyder vs Kazmir
San Francisco at Milwaukee8:05 PM XM 187PrintTicketsHennessey vs Santos
NY Mets at Houston8:05 PM XM 186PrintTicketsMartinez vs Astacio
Philadelphia at Colorado9:05 PM XM 188PrintTicketsTejeda vs Kim
Cleveland at Seattle10:05 PM XM 181PrintTicketsLee vs Meche
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2005 American League Standings
Boston5645.554-27-1829-27552492Won 26-4
NY Yankees5346.535230-2023-26544505Lost 15-5
Baltimore5149.5104.528-2223-27478470Lost 12-8
Toronto5149.5104.528-2023-29503435Won 26-4
Tampa Bay3666.35320.524-2812-38458614Lost 26-4
Chicago Sox6535.650-33-1932-16485401Lost 24-6
Minnesota5446.5401129-2225-24446413Won 15-5
Cleveland5250.5101425-2627-24454424Lost 15-5
Detroit5051.49515.524-2626-25465453Lost 16-4
Kansas City3863.37627.523-2915-34443559Won 26-4
LA Angels5942.584-30-2229-20461402Lost 35-5
Oakland5546.545432-1823-28482439Won 18-2
Texas5050.5008.528-2422-26548521Won 13-7
Seattle4456.44014.524-2520-31440457Won 14-6
2005 National League Standings
Atlanta5744.564-31-1426-30468386Won 26-4
Washington5546.545232-1823-28393415Lost 32-8
NY Mets5249.515532-2120-28457417Won 17-3
Florida5048.5105.526-2324-25461439Won 15-5
Philadelphia5250.5105.533-2219-28474476Lost 35-5
St. Louis6337.630-33-2030-17500387Lost 15-5
Houston5447.5349.533-1421-33439393Won 49-1
Chicago Cubs5249.51511.526-2326-26467445Won 16-4
Milwaukee5052.4901428-1822-34461441Lost 15-5
Pittsburgh4457.43619.524-2720-30406476Lost 14-6
Cincinnati4358.42620.531-2512-33511592Won 15-5
San Diego5150.505-30-1921-31436447Won 12-8
Arizona4954.476325-2824-26445537Won 15-5
LA Dodgers4655.455525-2421-31436476Lost 15-5
San Francisco4357.4307.522-3021-27439514Lost 14-6
Colorado3664.36014.526-2410-40431557Lost 15-5
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Damn - look at those uppity 'Stros!
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The Blue Jays going for the sweep!
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great, Ponson is pitching.

I guess the O's are going to slide into 4th.

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A welcome day off for the pale hose, and White Sox fans. Hopefully they'll play with some urgency against Baltimore starting tomorrow.
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Heh. Saw this story in today's Sun-Times. I was one of those chanting "Hawkins Sucks!" Tuesday night.

Cubs crying, 'Boo who?'

July 28, 2005

BY MIKE KILEY Staff Reporter

Derrek Lee has heard MVP chants all season from appreciative Cubs fans. But the slugging first baseman didn't like what he heard from the fans who rained abuse on former teammate LaTroy Hawkins during the three-game series with the San Francisco Giants this week at Wrigley Field.

''It was a little classless,'' Lee said Wednesday of the treatment embattled reliever Hawkins received when he entered Tuesday night's 3-2 Giants victory in the eighth inning. ''If you want to boo him when he comes in, fine. But chanting 'Hawkins [stinks]' for the whole inning is out of line. It's OK to boo someone, but chanting that on and on is overboard.''

Manager Dusty Baker agreed. He wants those Cubs fans to know they aren't helping the organization's chances of signing prized free agents. Baker said Wednesday that the harsh treatment by fans of players such as Hawkins, who was traded by the Cubs on May 28, and recently demoted outfielder Corey Patterson have opposing players coming to him asking whether Chicago is too rugged of an environment to enjoy playing in.

''It's not making it any easier,'' Baker said. ''Guys want to come here now. For years, because of the day games and other things, they didn't. But guys now are asking me if it's like this all the time here.

''They watch the games on TV, and they come up to me wondering what's it like. I'm not tampering or anything, but I get asked this all the time from players on other clubs that might want to play for us. This kind of thing is going to make it tougher.''

Closer Ryan Dempster said the fans who booed Hawkins on Tuesday had their priorities out of whack.

''Instead of being in a close game worrying about us trying to come back, they were more excited that they got to boo Hawk,'' Dempster said. ''That was disappointing, and hopefully it doesn't happen again.

''As a visiting player I could count on one hand how many times I heard the Cubbies get booed. Last year and this year, it seems like I can count on one hand every homestand how many times we get booed.

''That's what happens when you come a couple outs from going to the World Series in '03. They got to understand we want to win as bad as they want us to.''

Hawkins may have been targeted by Cubs fans for quotes he made to the San Francisco Chronicle before his return to Chicago. Hawkins said he loved the city, Baker and the Cubs players, but when asked about the fans, he said, ''Well, only got so much love to go around.''

Hawkins, a proud man with a stubborn streak, always insisted it didn't bother him when he was booed in Chicago. He said the same thing to San Francisco reporters after Wednesday's 4-3 Giants loss. Lee was the only batter he faced leading off the eighth, and Lee ended up scoring an unearned run.

''That's a damn lie,'' Hawkins said when Giants reporters asked if he had insulted Cubs fans. ''All I said was I play for the team and my organization, not for the fans. The fans didn't bother me. I learned a long time ago not everyone is going to like you.''

Baker said Hawkins was never abused by vitriolic fans when he was with the Cubs as badly as he was Tuesday night.

''This was worse,'' Baker said. ''At least they didn't say 'Hawkins [stinks]' when he was here, like they did last night. That was bad. That gave me the chills a little bit to wonder who's next on the booing list on that kind of magnitude.''

Asked if he could see himself on that list, he replied: ''It's a possibility.''

But later Baker elaborated and said his concern is for his players, and also for players who might want to come to Chicago.

Baker's advice to Cubs fans?

''If you are going to boo, you boo, get it over with and go on about your business,'' he said.
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LaTroy hasn't changed, but his results have

July 26, 2005


It's just cruel, and nothing else. Typical, inevitable in Cubland. Maybe those things, too. So now LaTroy Hawkins, BOO! (Sorry, force of habit), can pitch.

You think that's funny, gods? Hawkins, Boo!, returned to Wrigley Field with San Francisco Monday, and you know what he has done lately? Going into Monday's game, he had thrown 81/3 scoreless innings over his past nine appearances. Opponents had a .107 batting average against him. What next? He's not an oddball anymore, either?

''I'm not speaking, fellows,'' he said in the Giants' locker room before the Cubs' 3-2 victory, smiling. ''Is that fine? Thanks.''

Well, we were pretty rough on him here while he was giving up home runs in the ninth every darn game, night after flipping night. Maybe it's understandable. Maybe we gave him a raw deal?

Maybe not. A few minutes later, Hawkins had another one of his little ''episodes.'' Two other writers and I went to the locker of San Francisco pitching coach Dave Righetti to ask why Hawkins suddenly can pitch.

''I didn't do it,'' Righetti said. ''He did it.''

''Hey Righetti, Rags,'' someone yelled from across the locker room. It was Hawkins. Boo!

''Do you pitch?'' Hawkins asked. ''What the hell?''

Righetti said we wanted to talk to Hawkins, who then disappeared. Righetti said Hawkins had done a nice job since coming back from an elbow injury.

And then someone started yelling from another corner of the locker room. Of course, it was Hawkins:

''Whatever you give them, they're going to turn it around and make you look worse. Stop now.''

Righetti paused. ''He doesn't want me to talk to you guys, huh? Well, I'll do what I want.''

Hawkins was circling the locker room, wondering nervously what was being said about him like a high school kid during parent-teacher conferences. It was all good stuff, but there was Hawkins acting out the mental weakness we thought was responsible for his inability to stop giving up homers night after night.

Turns out, he can be weird and also get guys out. So I'm not sure what the lesson is, other than the obvious cruelty from the gods, who make recreation out of thinking up ways to kick Cubs fans.

Hawkins came in during the eighth, and the crowd booed him again mostly out of habit. He gave up a single to Todd Walker and got Derrek Lee to hit into a fielder's choice. That was all.

At one point, Hawkins was supposed to be the bullpen insurance that would push the Cubs to the World Series. He would be a great set-up guy, as he had been in Minnesota, and could close if needed. Then, he kept blowing saves. But the Cubs tried him again this year. Then, he kept blowing saves.

He was bad. He was booed. He was weird. Now, he's good, but still acting weird.

How does all of that add up?

It was probably best for everyone involved to just get him out of here. The booing got to him, and it was never going to work here. He told the San Francisco Chronicle the other day that he would be happy to return to Chicago this week, that he loved the town, the players, Dusty Baker.

And the fans?

''Well, only got so much love to go around.''

Whatever. Monday was a classic day in Cubland. We find out that Kerry Wood, who was supposed to be the cornerstone of the World Series Cubs, is back on the disabled list with arm surgery to come. We see ex-Cub Moises Alou, who couldn't play the field here, make a sliding catch. And the topper? Hawkins, unhittable.

Good one, gods.
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Begin the Conor Jackson era!

The guy's an amazing hitter, so it should be fun to see him in action.
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alright Yanks, 2 out of 3.
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Red Sox president Larry Lucchino confirmed Thursday morning that Ramirez recently asked the team to trade him. Furthermore, he told Boston sports radio station WEEI that the Red Sox will “explore” trade possibilities for Ramirez before Sunday’s trade deadline. However, trading Manny remains unlikely. The $57 million he's owed over the next three years prevents most teams from even considering a deal. And Lucchino made it clear the Red Sox weren't likely to help any team that in interested in Ramirez pay his hefty salary, nor would they make any deal that doesn't make sense for the team.
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Geez.... red sox must treat their players like crap...
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Originally Posted by Jericho
Begin the Conor Jackson era!

The guy's an amazing hitter, so it should be fun to see him in action.
Oh hell yes. This guy is going to be a stud. He was batting .354 with 38 doubles, eight homers and 70 RBIs for Triple-A Tucson.

D-backs designated Jose Cruz Jr. for assignment to make room on the roster.
Rumors are that this is how the lineup may shake down, now that he's up here.

Jackson came up as a 3B, but was moved to 1B. Sort of like they did with Chad Tracy. Obviously he won't play 3B for the Backs b/c of Glaus. Well, Tracy had been working out in the outfield some in case there wasn't going to be a spot in the infield for him, but the Dbacks want his bat in the lineup. So, rumors have Shawn Green moving to CF (which he played some of in Toronto), moving Chad Tracy to RF, and putting Jackson at 1B.

The thought of that makes me drool, as the kid has got a hell of a stick and could provide some pop late in the line up.

[Edit]Here's the link from the Dbacks site.

He's gonna split time w/ Tony Clark at 1B and Green is moving to CF and Tracy is moving to RF.

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Yankees up 3-0..... hopefully this lasts...
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Looks like Dusty is starting Matt Murton again instead of Hollandsworth (thank god). He has looked very impressive in the limited play he has been in. Might end up being the best part of the whole Nomar trade.
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And there goes the yankee lead.... gosh.....Yankees need to get quality starters
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Well, Washington's season is officially over.

Looks like the Braves get to win the NL East and not win a world series again.
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Originally Posted by RoyalTea
Well, Washington's season is officially over.

Looks like the Braves get to win the NL East and not win a world series again.
Washingtons biggest mistake this year. Getting rid of Tomo Ohka.
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Who the fuck is Aaron Small and why is he starting for a $200 milllion team?
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It was either Aaron Small or Tim Redding.... i will take Aaron Small.....

its like saying you have two choices.... crap or crap
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conor jackson going to be a fantasy baseball stud?
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Francoeur with 2 homers today. I think he's hitting around .450 since he got called up.

Kick ass!
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Originally Posted by DaveNinja
conor jackson going to be a fantasy baseball stud?
Eventually. He hits for high average (over .300 in all levels of minor league ball), hits alot of doubles, drives in runs and should hit 20 - 30 HRs a year.
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Uh oh. Kolb is throwing.
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Kolb + 1-run lead = trouble.

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