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(7/21) WWE SmackDown & (7/24) Great American Bash

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(7/21) WWE SmackDown & (7/24) Great American Bash

Old 07-23-05, 03:33 PM
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(7/21) WWE SmackDown & (7/24) Great American Bash

Figured I'd put both threads in one, since SmackDown isn't always that hot of a topic. Didn't want to waste a thread on just that...

thoughts on SmackDown! (7/21/05)

Super Crazy v. Rey... Should be a cool match... But Super Crazy has seemed to have lost something since his ECW days...

Good match so far... Eddie comes out and we go to commercial... Crap...

Eddie's a hell of a heel!

Once Eddie showed up, kind of knew where this was going...

Christian's awesome... One of the futures of the company...

"And that's how I roll! Seacrest out!" HAHAHAHA

Animal is so fat now it's not even funny...

I don't get the JBL promo ads...

"This is sort of surreal..." Actually it's kind of pathetic to see Animal that big...

Eddie v. Benoit... This should be a cool match...

Benoit may be one of the greatest wrestlers ever... But his mic skills are lacking.

That was a nasty chop!

WOH!! Benoit fucking tossed him!

Damn, Benoit is beat the piss out of him on the top rope....

That's gotta hurt... We all know the pain of a belly-flop into a pool... That a belly-flop onto a unmovable surface. Damn...

This is a pretty damn good match... Definatly two of the best performers in the business...

And as I finish writing that, it ends in a fucking countout... LAME!

Candice Michelle.... I am 100% in love with this woman! Fucking gorgeous!!!

She's not that bad of a talker either... Perfect example of what the WWE is looking for in the Diva Search... HOT SPOKESMODELS...

What a fucking entrance Melina has...

We all know where this is going... Candice in her undies.

Damn Torrie moves pretty good in those heels... Why can't the commentators just say what they're thinking... "This is gonna be a sexy Sunday!"

Nice tits Candice!

JBL is turning into the new Triple H... At least he's keeping things realitvly fresh and original. When he starts coming out week after week and giving the same 20 minute promo is when I'll start hitting FF on him...

"You talking to me..." - Batista HAHA

Is it just me or is LESS of Sharmell better for the show???

Shit... I really thought they were droping the Simon Dean character after doing Nova 2 weeks in a row...

To quote Joey Styles, "That hurts more than having to play Simon Dean on television..."

Ronald Reagan & JBL two great Americans... That made me laugh out loud for some reason...

Boogeyman... This character is a good idea, but he'll follow Mordici(Spelling?) out the door with a good character idea that just can't translate to live audiences...

bWo vs. Mexicools at the PPV... That's news to me.. Kind of odd, like I stated ubove, that they're still using Simon Dean while they're also using bWo, with Nova...

Orlando Jordan = no carisma at all... Benoit needs to take the strap Sunday...

Is Orlando trying to look like BuckWheat???

Oh my God, JBL has turned into Apollo Creed!!! HAHAHAHA That's awesome!

HEY! That's son-of-a-bitch stole my line!

Another great promo by JBL... Why's Batista in his wrestling gear...

They digitally added extra gun shot sound-FX to Batista's pyro... Interesting.

And a nice Batista promo... Short, aggresive, and to the point... How Triple H should be...

I think it's funny that Batista came out and made fun of JBL's Apollo Creed outfit, then ended the show by wearing it himself...

Not a bad episode all-in-all... I didn't have to hit the Fast Forward all that much. Not bad.
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I predict a casket will be used to end the Hassan character

Does anybody NOT think that Eddie is the real father of Rey's son?

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Originally Posted by mikewendt
thoughts on SmackDown! (7/21/05)

Christian's awesome... One of the futures of the company...

"And that's how I roll! Seacrest out!" HAHAHAHA

Benoit may be one of the greatest wrestlers ever... But his mic skills are lacking.

Candice Michelle.... I am 100% in love with this woman! Fucking gorgeous!!!

She's not that bad of a talker either... Perfect example of what the WWE is looking for in the Diva Search... HOT SPOKESMODELS...
Thanks for the recap mike. I'm not a regular SD! watcher and only catch it if I happen to be in front of the tube. That said, I miss Christian. Benoit is great and i'm still pissed I missed his match with Regal. And, did you say that Candice is "not that bad of a talker"??!?! I think she hypnotized you with those tits..
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Animal is close to 50 now, it's hard to maintain the amazing physique he used to have more than 20 years ago. I think he's a little less fat than he was when he was brought into WCW during the final year.

My predictions:
Batista over JBL
Benoit over Jordan
Undertaker over Hassan (goodbye forever)
Guerrero over Mysterio
Whatever Her Name Is over Wilson (soon to be released)
MNM over Animal and HEI-DEN-REICH
Christian over Booker T
Mexicools over BWO
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Old 07-24-05, 11:29 PM
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From PW Torch


JULY 24, 2005

-Josh Matthews and Todd Grisham hosted the pre-PPV Heat show. During Heat, highlights aired of the Muhammad Hassan-Undertaker angle. Paul London beat Nunzio in a short pre-PPV match.

-Michael Cole and Tazz introduced the PPV.

1 -- MNM (Mercury & Nitro w/Melina) vs. HEIDENREICH & ANIMAL -- WWE Tag Team Title match

MNM went for their finisher, but Heidenreich broke it up. Animal and Heidenreich won after giving Mercury the Doomsday Device.

WINNERS: Animal & Heidenreich at 6:40.

STAR RATING: 3/4* -- Pretty much what you'd expect. Animal was a step off some of the time. Heidenreich was Heidenreich.

-Backstage Eddie Guerrero said he invited Rey to have his son be at ringside for the match, and Rey didn't like the idea at first, but he talked him into it.

2 -- CHRISTIAN vs. BOOKER T (w/Sharmell)

They brawled at ringside early. Back in the ring, Christian tossed Booker shoulder-first into the ringpost. Christian got in Sharmell's face, then she slapped him. Booker came back with a Book End when Sharmell distracted Christian on the ring apron for a two count at 6:30. Booker did the Spinaroonie at 8:30 and then missed a scissors kick. Christian went for an Unprettier. Booker blocked it and sent Christian face-first into the ringpost. Booker punched Christian five times, then Christian tripped Booker to the mat and used the ropes for leverage to score a two count. Booker hit a top rope dropkick at 9:45 and scored a two count. Christian poked Booker's eyes and threw him to ringside. When Christian chased after Booker, Booker threw him into the ringpost and then the steps. Back in the ring Booker hit a scissors kick off the second rope for the win.

WINNER: Booker T at 11:35.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- Above average, but not a lot of spark.


They worked at a pace with a long match in mind. Benoit had a bandage on the back of his neck. Jordan dominated early. He settled into an armbar and then a hammerlock/chinlock combo with a body scissors. Benoit's selling and struggle to get out kept it relatively interesting. Benoit punched out. Jordan went back to a mat hold. The match was really dragging. This is a big match for Jordan and he's not even trying to get the crowd involved. Jordan went to the top rope. Benoit knocked him off balance and then superplexed him to the mat. Benoit slipped a bit on the launch. Benoit made a comeback, but the crowd had been lulled to sleep and was slow to get back involved. Benoit hit a series of unreleased German suplexes. At 13:00 Benoit chopped away at Jordan's chest. When Benoit slammed Jordan's head into the turnbuckle, Jordan's head bounced backward and hit Benoit. Jordan exposed the turnbuckle and ducked a charging Benoit, so Benoit rammed into it. Jordan then scored the pin.

WINNER: Jordan at 14:11 to retain the U.S. Title.

STAR RATING: 1/2* -- Really dull. No excuse for that.

-A recap aired of the Muhammad Hassan-Undertaker feud.


Hassan was carried to the ring by the men in black masks, whom Cole called "sympathizers" (a word familiar with the term "terrorist sympathizer" is often used, but WWE insists Hassan's character is not meant to be a terrorist). Cole even used the word "martyr." Cole acknowledged the media controversy of Hassan's career in WWE after Great American Bash, citing CNN among other outlets. He made it sound as if the mainstream media were speculating that Undertaker might end Hassan's career. Hassan vowed that he would defeated Undertaker and would be back on Smackdown and become the no. 1 contender again. He said at Summerslam he will fulfill his destiny as the Arab-American to be WWE Champion. Hassan said he knows what it's like to be a target. He said he knows as an Arab-American what it's like to sacrifice. He talked of sacrificing his lawyer and Daivari (who was at ringside, seemingly fine). Taker dominated the opening minutes. Taker charged with a flying knee, but Hassan moved and Taker bumped to the floor. The guys in black masks attacked Taker at ringside at 3:00. Hassan dominated for a couple minutes. At ringside, a masked man choked Taker with wire (just to prove they aren't backing down from all of the controversial imagery). Taker made a comeback by powering out of a Camel Clutch. The "sympathizers" (as Cole again called them) charged into the ring. Taker fended them off one after another. Hassan avoided a Tombstone attempt, but Taker soon caught him with a chokeslam for the win. The men in masks attacked Taker at ringside, but Taker managed to fend them off with chairshots. Taker then cornered Hassan in the ring. He tossed him to ringside and threw him through the front of the announcers' desk. Hassan crawled toward the back up the rampway. Taker tracked him down. Hassan begged for mercy, but then threw a punch. Taker chokeslammed him on the "unforgiving steel" of the stage. Taker ended up giving Hassan a Last Ride through an opening in the stage "onto the concrete below." Tazz said he has never seen anything like that before in his life. After a minute to remove whatever Hassan landed on, the camera showed him lying on debris on the floor with his back contorted. Paramedics tended to him, holding his head in place. A pool of blood showed up near him.

WINNER: Undertaker at 8:04.

STAR RATING: 3/4* -- Pretty methodical. Not really enough to put it above a star.

-Torrie Wilson previewed her match.

5 -- THE BWO (Steven Richards & Nova & Blue Meanie) vs. SUPER CRAZY & PSICOSIS & JUVENTUD GUERRERA

A mix of tags and spots, but not much of a story developed. The Mexicools won after a series of moves off the top rope onto Richards.

WINNERS: Mexicools at 4:55.

STAR RATING: * -- Really short, forgettable, and inconsequential.

-The Eddie Guerrero-Rey Mysterio feud recap aired for a record 603rd time, breaking the record for the number of weeks in a row that annoying Lee Press-On Nails commercial aired on TBS in the late-'80s.

-Rey gave Dominic an "I love you no matter what happens tonight" speech. Dominic either thinks it's real or is a really good child actor. He's got the look to make it in movies.


Dominic sat at ringside. There was a small "Let's go Eddie" chant. Before the match, Eddie postured by shaking Rey's hand and showing Dominic how much he was friends with his father. Rey opened the match with a sudden clothesline. They went into a rapid-fire series of exchanges in center ring including some near falls for Rey. Another small "Let's Go Eddie" chant began, but most fans gave the heel group weird looks. Cole said some fans are going to cheer for Eddie because they want him to reveal the secret. They showed a close-up of Dominic who looked so sad for his dad. Rey knocked Guerrero off balance when he was on the top rope, crotching him. A minute later Guerrero returned the favor, then reached into his tights and adjusted something. Cole asked what that was. Tazz said he had to adjust himself. Guerrero set up an Edge, but Rey slipped out and delivered a 619 and a sudden springboard tackle for a two count. Eddie bailed to ringside and said, "He almost beat me!" He then approached Dominic and hugged him, then used him as a shield against Eddie. Eddie held his head as if he was threatening to twist it off. That crossed a line where it went from entertaining within the storyline to uncomfortable. Eddie eventually let go. Rey jumped toward Dominic to check on him. Eddie attacked Rey. Tazz said he had no right to put his hands on Rey and called him a "frickin' asshole." Eddie dominated the next several minutes, slowing the match down in the process. At 11:00 Eddie went back to chat with Dominic. Rey attacked Eddie from behind and threw him into the ring. Eddie regained control quickly. Rey countered with a DDT out of nowhere and draped his arm over Eddie's chest for a two count. Rey hit the 619 at 12:30. He followed up with the Dropping the Dime. Guerrero moved. Guerrero then hit three unreleased suplexes. As Guerrero climbed to the top rope, Rey rolled out of range for a Guerrero frog splash, so Guerrero changed plans and gave Rey another two suplexes. Rey was limp. Cole said it might be time to end the misery. Eddie gave Rey a vicious brainbuster suplex. Eddie shot evil looks at Dominic at ringside. Eddie climbed to the top rope, smirked at Dominic, and then hit a frog splash. Guerrero told Dominic to watch as he covered Rey with a cocky pin. Rey surprised Eddie and rolled him up backwards into a three count. Rey immediately ran to ringside to celebrate with his son. Dominic looked a little shell-shocked by the whole thing, then mustered a smile once they made it to the stage. Cole said Eddie's losing streak to Rey continued. Rey said whatever the secret is, it should remain between them.

WINNER: Rey at 15:38.

STAR RATING: *** -- Above average, very good match. Although quite a bit storyline driven with Dominic at ringside, they did a good job working in good in-ring drama and some nice spots. Not great, but easily the best of a below-average night.

-Josh Matthews interviewed JBL backstage. He called Josh a pissant. He said Batista has caused his Hall of Fame career embarrassment. He said it will be the first time someone wearing red, white, and blue won a World Championship in Buffalo, since the Bills couldn't do it after four straight tries. He concluded, "There is only one Wrestling God!"


Candice Michelle came out to be special referee. Tazz said it's the first time a referee in WWE has worn a garter. Cole said, "You never know what someone is wearing underneath their pants." He suggested maybe Charles Robinson had before. Torrie applied an abdominal stretch early and then ripped off Melina's shirt, revealing her bra. Torrie then yanked her pants down in the back, but Melina kicked Torrie out of the ring. Melina ripped off Torrie's shirt. As Torrie asked the fans if they wanted to see Melina stripped, Melina yanked her throat-first over the top rope. Melina then ripped off Torrie's pants as the camera zoomed in on her panties. Melina attacked Candice afterward. Candice yanked off her pants. Melina cried and walked to the back. Candice then took off her ref-striped top and shorts to strip down to her bra and panties, too. Torrie and Candice hugged and strutted around the ring.

WINNER: Melina in 5:00.

STAR RATING: n/a -- Not really a match to be rated, but the action was pretty good.

-A commercial aired for Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels at Summerslam.

8 -- BATISTA vs. JBL -- World Hvt. Title match

Cole said JBL is the type of guy who will kiss up to you until you give him a kiss on the cheek, then stab you in the back. Methodical opening ten minutes with JBL mostly on offense. The announcers even pointed out how JBL was pacing it at his pace. After some matholds that really slowed things down, they brawled at ringside and into the crowd a few minutes later, but still no real spark to the match. The ref got knocked out of the ring at 16:00. Batista set up a Batista Bomb, but Jordan interfered with a chair. That led to a near fall for JBL once the ref returned to the ring. JBL couldn't believe it, looking like someone who's back-up plan just failed. JBL nailed Batista with a strong Clothesline from Hell. He went for another cover. The ref was still groggy. JBL went for another, but Batista caught him with a spinebuster instead. There was a medium crowd pop. Jordan then charged at Batista. Batista backdropped him to the floor. Batista drove his shoulder into JBL's mid-section and then followed with a clothesline in the corner and a powerslam. He then fended off Jordan once more time, nailing him with a chair and then JBL. The ref saw the chairshot and DQ'd Batista, who then made some faces that didn't really convey any particular emotion. The crowd was letdown by the finish. Batista began bashing Jordan and JBL over and over with stiff chairshots. Batista left and returned to the back, but then went back to the ring and gave Batista Bombs to Jordan and JBL.

WINNER: JBL at 19:50 via DQ so Batista retained the World Hvt. Title.

STAR RATING: *1/2 -- Another largely bland match that never got beyond first and second gear.
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I watched it at a friends house. It was pretty mediocre. RAW PPV's are much better. I'd say the best match was probably the Eddie-Rey match, but they all pretty much sucked.
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Didn't order, but man it sure sounds like a bad show. Jordan keeping the U.S. title? Heidenreich & Animal winnig the tag titles? Yikes! I would assume MNM get a rematch on Smackdown and win them back. Heidenreich is horrible and I doubt Animal moves too well anymore. MNM aren't great but they're certainly better.
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A non-finish in the main event of a pay-per-view is absolutely inexcusable.
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Originally Posted by Charlie Goose
A non-finish in the main event of a pay-per-view is absolutely inexcusable.
I was thinking the same thing. I expected Vince or Teddy Long to run out and re-start the match or something like that.
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The continual letdown on Christian. Sheesh, will they just push him correctly for once?
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What kind of crappy PPV was this?

Orlando Jordan remains champ? Heidenreich and Animal as tag team champs? Christian buried by Booker T??? A non finish to the main event? And Guerrero and Rey will STILL be fueding?

Smackdown's really, really hurting after the draft.
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thoughts on Great American Bash

MNM v. Heidenrich/Animal

Kind of a throw away match, if you ask me... I a little surprised Heidenrich didn't paint his face for this...

SIGN: Batista Fears The Mic HAHA

Nice double suplex...

Melina outside screaming, "BREAK IT OFF!!" Reminds me of the end of Karate Kid, "Sweep the leg Johnny! Finish him!!!"

wow... They actually gave it to them. They really want to sell those DVDs.

Eddie is so fucked up... I dig it.

Christian v. Booker T

You know, I'm cool with having a valet come to the ring... But Sharmell doesn't bring anything to the table.

There is a shitload of PEEPS signs out there.

OOOO Christian almost yanked out Book's dreads...

She sucks... "Sharmell likes it." - Michael Cole "I hear retards like the zoo." - Me quoting ROCKY when I think about her.

LOOOOONG 3 count...

Chistian looks like he's dead...

Not a bad match, very good pacing. But Booker looks like he's getting a little soft in the middle... Anyone else notice that?

Melina is such a JLo knock off, right down to the speech pattern... HA

WOW! I would've gave my left arm to be on that SummerSlam commercial shoot...

Buckwheat Jordan v. Benoit

HAHA "You got something to say?" SMACK! HA

So if Benoit wins, do you think he'll put a spinner on the belt? HA

Damn, BORING chants before it even started...

OOOOH SHIT! Those fucking chops!

Benoit looks like he has toilet paper stuck to his neck...

It might just be me but, I feel so much less annoyed listening to the SmackDown commentators then the RAW ones...

O.J. HAHA I'd be great if his next gimmick has a finishing move called "The Stabber"

This match seems to be running a bit long...

They almost fucked that superplex up... That could've been ugly.

Oh come on... Kind of a bullshit end to match that long...

Is that a hole in the back of Benoit's head?

Hassan v. Taker

We'll see how much balls the WWE has... Will they keep Hassan around?

Chilling video... Very cool how they took all of the color blue out.

"The simpathizers" Gimme a fucking break... I can only imagine the meeting before the show...

The guy can talk, I'll give him that... Good heel.

SIGN: Someboy's got a, Hassan as a South Park character, sign... HA

I just went and refilled my coffee & cleaned off my breakfast dishes, and Taker still hasn't got in the ring.

Random Thought: Did Taker & Kevin Nash ever feud? Thay seem like they'd have a pretty good fight.

HA the ref just bolted...

Do you think Divari is really speaking Arab or just letting Giberish fly???

"The Undertaker's eyes are rolling into the back of his head!" Yeah but isn't that his trademark???

That's pretty cool he actually got himself to turn purple...

The Simpathizers remind me of the old Conquistodors (spelling)...

Well Hassan lost... We'll have to see how they decide to play it. Taker's just whipping ass! DAMN!

Now Taker should strip them naked and start taking goofy pictures with them...

He's gonna blow him up!

Last Ride... I really thougt the pyros were gonna go off when Hassan landed... They should've thrown an assload of blood down by his head...

Oh there's the blood...

Mexicools v. bWo

BWO... These guys are funny.

Psychosis... Does he even speak English, or is "We are Mexicools" the only thing he's learned?

Juvi just seems so fucking dangerous with some of the moves he does... They really don't look too thought out.

Remember when Meanie lost wait and was nailing Jasmin St. Clair? What the hell happened?

The Mexicool's winning embrace was just a tad on the gay side... Nice ending though, fast & hard hitting...

I like it.

Eddie v. Rey

This should be a good match...

Rey's son is alomst taller then him, and the kid's 8...

I really dig the character Eddie's doing, he's fucked...

A perfect sign would be EDDIE TOUCHED MY SON

Damn, without his contacts in Rey's got some dark eyes... Almost looks like an Eightball Hemerage...

Hand shake & hug... HAHA


This company loves putting over the fact that Canadians are the bad guys... The fans chanting "Let's go Eddie" must be Canadian...

Almost a fuck up on the crusafix and a weak 619...

Eddie's gonna snap the kid's neck!!! HAHAHA

This is great... "This Eddie Guerrero is a friggin asshole!" - Tazz Finally some honest commentary, he'll probably get in trouble for it though.

Uh oh.. Rey's mask is undone, this cause major fuck ups the last time that happened to Rey.

He just steps on his head... HA

It's not his real nephew Michael Cole, calm down.

Shit... That was fast... Good match. But what this means is they're gonna drag "the secret" out a few weeks longer.

I think that fan just shit his pants... Awh and he was trying so hard to be the tough MotorHead loving guy too...

Look it's Apollo Creed!

Bradshaw looks like he's slimming down and getting into shape... The man give a hell of a promo...

Torrie v. Melina

GOD DAMN! Candice is fucking hot!!!

I love it... JLo vs. Barbie...

This is gonna be a quick match, I think...

"Now she's mounting her..." Tazz is on fire tonight!

Hooray!!! They're ALL in their undies!!! And they're hugging! We all win... Note the sarcasim

"Calm down Cole, she'll probably throw you a beatin'" HAHA

Apollo Creed v. Batista

What happened to all JBL's "scars" he had a couple weeks ago?

Why does Michael Cole need a calculator on his table?

I really got nothing on this one, it's basicly a hard hitting slug fest... Not much too exciting.

Finally we're getting fired up... Nope, that didn't last long... Thanks OJ...

Gotta love the mullet rockin' hillbillies in the front row...

Pretty visious clothesline...

OH FUCK!!! He's smashing skulls! Nice!!! OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!!

FUCK... Visious ending...

Not a bad show. Pretty solid, some slower moments... Hang on Batista's coming back for more...

Weggie... Power Bomb! Weggie... Power Bomb!

Decent show...
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Originally Posted by Rogue588
And, did you say that Candice is "not that bad of a talker"??!?! I think she hypnotized you with those tits..
Could be true, but in comparison to the likes of some of the other stiff Divas they've hired she's not bad... Of course you can't hold me completely resposable for everything I write... I just type what the voices in my head tell me to...
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