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NCMojo 07-10-05 10:45 PM

Your Favorite Sports Magazine
I subscribe to The Sporting News, ESPN the Magazine and Sports Illustrated. I have previously subscribed to Sport Magazine, Pro Football Weekly, and Hoop.

I used to love TSN, but lately I have been enjoying ESPN the Magazine a bit more. Sport Illustrated has fallen by the wayside... not sure why, but it just seems a bit stilted, a bit dated.

So how about you? What is your favorite sports magazine?

LorenzoL 07-10-05 10:52 PM

Mine are in corresponding order:
- Pro Football Weekly
- SI
- Hockey News
- ESPN Magazine (free subscription)

NCMojo 07-10-05 10:55 PM

Should have included Pro Football Weekly. I've never read it, except in excerpts, but I've heard it's pretty cool.

The Cow 07-10-05 10:56 PM

I get ESPNMag, Sports Illustrated, and Sporting News.

Only one I still regularly read is the Sporting News. Sport Illustrated (IMO) has become crap over the last 10 years.

Several of the Sporting News guys are also shit (can't stand Dave Kindred), but I do like their overall year-round coverage.

sinned 07-11-05 02:19 PM

Hasn't SPORT been dead for a few years now? I remember another magazine called INSIDE SPORT which before folding got merged with SPORT, then a few months after both were dead.

Sporting News has been the best especially since they switched from the newspaper format. I miss the NBA team-by-team reports though.

Mad Dawg 07-11-05 02:22 PM

The only magazine I get is ESPN, of which I've expressed my opinion previously. To recap, it needs to be smaller since tearing it into toilet paper-sized squares is currently too time consuming.

If I grab anything at an airport or something, I'll pick up TSN. Otherwise, it's online only for me.

wendersfan 07-11-05 02:24 PM

<i>When Saturday Comes
World Soccer</i>

Giles 07-11-05 02:29 PM

I like ESPN for the photos.

shizawn 07-11-05 02:30 PM

The Sporting News is all I receive and to be honest, I could do without it. I have a free subscription and when it runs out, I have no plans to renew.

ESPN.com, SportsCenter, and Baseball Tonight is all I need.

Flashback 07-11-05 02:34 PM

The closest one to the toilet.

Really? SI is okay, can be boring, can be great...ESPN is the US weekly of sports mags...TSN is not bad but you have to be ready to get into it which is a good thing.

Pro Football Weekly I can only get into from August till a couple of weeks before the season ends.

As a kid I loved Baseball Digest...is that even out anymore?

Deftones 07-11-05 02:36 PM

Sporting News. Mostly for the MLB section.

Josh H 07-11-05 02:38 PM

EPSN the magazine.

Best writing IMO (and I have a BA in journalism. :D), and I like the bi-weekly format. Keeps up-to-date, and doesn't overwhelm my like a weekly magazine with my limited leisure reading time.

B.A. 07-11-05 03:12 PM

I used to love getting SI, but the sub cost too much to justify keeping - particularly now that just about everything is available over the internet.

I have a free sub to The Sporting News right now and it's slowly growing on me - I like their baseball coverage.

fumanstan 07-11-05 03:37 PM

I voted for Sporting News. I only recieve that and ESPN.

bralph 07-11-05 04:41 PM

The only one I have ever subscribed to is Baseball Weekly (now Sports Weekly, since they added football coverage). It makes every Wed worthwhile...

kurupt 07-11-05 05:57 PM

I'm going to say TSN because it is the best of a bad lot. Much too much NASCAR in the past couple of years but due to its unfortunate growth in popularity, I don't think this is going anywhere (I guess it's more evidence that the country's birth rate and average IQ just passed each other going in opposite directions...really just a hamhanded paraphrasing of George Carlin). Anyway, their all-around coverage is much better and more in depth than SI or ESPN the Mag. My only other complaint about TSN is one that can be applied to ESPN also...their attempts at humor are just snide, mean spirited, and completely unfunny. A couple of months ago, they were making fun of Frank Gore's Wunderlick Score, probably oblivious to the fact that he's basically mentally retarded.

Lazy Bum 03-22-07 01:06 AM

I recently picked up Sports Weekly and liked it. I was thinking of subscribing to it. Just wondering what others around here thought about it.

EdTheRipper 03-22-07 08:11 AM

I receive Sporting News and ESPN. Of the two, I prefer The Sporting News.

davidh777 03-22-07 01:33 PM

Pro Football Weekly is probably the last sports periodical I subscribed to (no time to read)

Sport Magazine--whoa, there's a flashback!

I also subscribed to Baseball Digest as a kid. It's still around. I flipped through a copy a couple years ago and it looked exactly the same, except the names had changed.

edytwinky 04-06-07 12:48 PM

Sporting News Magazine is great!

MrX 04-06-07 02:05 PM

TSN and PFW are the ones I get read. I have a free ESPN subscription but it goes from my mail box to the recycling bin on my way back in the house.

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