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MLB Sunday July 10th

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MLB Sunday July 10th

Mostly day games. fancy schmancy BS

Baltimore -3
New York -3.5
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Indians score a run on Randy Johnson in both the first and second innings and lead 2-0 over the Yankees.

Yankees get a run back, bottom of the second inning, now trail 2-1.

Giambi goes deep in the fourth, a two run shot, its now 3-2 Yankees after four innings.

A leadoff single, another single on a hit and run, then after a huge strikeout by RJ on Coco Crisp, Hefner ties the game at three on a sac fly. Deep fly to Sheffield ends the top of the fifth. Indians 3 Yankees 3.


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is this the official "I dont give a shit about the yankees" thread?

palmeiro with a sac fly to tie the game at 1
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Yankees score three in the bottom of the fifth inning, last two on a Sierra base hit-bases loaded. Yankees 6 Indians 3.

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Junior Spivey out for 2-3 months with a broken forearm.

Get this. Apparently he was hitting balls off a tee in batting practice, the ball ricocheted off the backstop pole and hit him in the arm. Off a tee!

How anyone manages to hit a ball off a tee in a direction other than forward is beyond me.
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O's take 3 of 4 from the Sox. Maybe they are not so dead after all. Good to have some MO heading into the Break.
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Originally Posted by Red Dog
O's take 3 of 4 from the Sox. Maybe they are not so dead after all. Good to have some MO heading into the Break.
If they can swing a starter or a decent set-up man in the next couple of weeks, it should be interesting. They and the Yanks are a lot less dead than the division leader seems to be.

Has anyone seen my panic button?
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Originally Posted by wabio
Mostly day games. fancy schmancy BS

Baltimore -3
New York -3.5
Baltimore -2
New York -2.5
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Yankees win 9-4, thus winning three outta four against the Indians.
46-40 heading into the ASG break.
Huge four game series coming up on Thursday at Fenway Park.
Yankee starters for the first three games: Mussina, Wang and Johnson.


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Not happy about the Braves dropping the final two against Milwaukee. Still, 50 wins at the All Star break is quite good.
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Frustrating couple of days, especially if Reitsma is hurt, but considering everything we've been through, to even be in the hunt is remarkable.

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Thank goodness the White Sox are done with Oakland this season. 2-7!
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As soon as Ozzie brought in Vizcaino I figured he'd blow it. Willie Harris and him need a pair of bus tickets down to Charlotte.
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The Angels are about to get swept by the last place Mariners. How do you go from taking 2 out of 3 vs the Twins (inlcuding a win vs Santana) to being beaten, and badly at that (outscored 33-13 in the series so far) by a team that is going nowhere.

That and a loss today cuts their AL West lead to 5 games.
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Thank God for the All Star break.

If the Blue Jays play like they did in Texas after the break, that's all for us this season.
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Izzy makes it interesting, but holds on for the save.

and I am happy to see the Twins win in extra innings.
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And in a small stroke of justice, Rolen's shoulder is acting up again (after he made several nice plays in the field yesterday), and Morgan Ensberg will take his spot on the NL All-Star roster.

Tony, why did you guys take so long to find this injury, er, I mean make this decision?
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Too bad the A's dont have more games against the white sox, haha. One game above 500! yes, this is actually great news after how bad they were doing at the end of may.
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Albert Pujols: Poised for greatness

By Joe Strauss
Of the Post-Dispatch
Sunday, Jul. 10 2005

SAN FRANCISCO - He touches down in Detroit early this morning part of an
All-Star entourage including his manager, teammates, coaches and family.

For the fourth time in five major-league seasons, Cardinals first baseman
Albert Pujols will participate in the game's midsummer festival.

Perhaps his league's MVP-in-waiting, Pujols is for certain a hitter who already
has achieved transcendence.

Like it or not - and Pujols insists he does not - his statistics call for
comparisons with players from every generation, not just his own.

Pujols entered the season with the fifth-most extra-base hits and the
eighth-most home runs by a player younger than 25. He has a remote chance to
exit his fifth major-league season with both 200 home runs and 1,000 hits,
something no one has accomplished in the game's history.
With San Francisco
Giants left fielder Barry Bonds on the disabled list, Pujols stands an
excellent chance of capturing the Most Valuable Player award some believe long

"Albert Pujols is unbelievable," says Giants outfielder Marquis Grissom, one of
six major-league players to amass 2,000 hits, 200 home runs and 400 stolen
bases in a career.

"He's got a good surrounding cast around him. He just produces. He just knows
how to hit. . . . You think where he might take it in 10 to 12 years and it's

Pujols entered the season with 160 home runs and, entering Sunday night's game,
had added 22.

Of the seven men who managed more home runs at his age, five are enshrined in
the Hall of Fame, and two, Cincinnati Reds center fielder Ken Griffey Jr. and
New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, are still playing and are
shoo-ins for the honor.

Only Joe DiMaggio, Hal Trosky and Ted Williams amassed more runs batted in for
their first four major-league seasons than Pujols' 504.

Only six men reached 500 RBIs at a younger age than Pujols. (The only one not
in the Hall of Fame is Griffey.) Only Ralph Kiner hit more home runs than
Pujols' 160 in the first four seasons of a major-league career.

"He's as gifted a hitter as I've seen come along in a long, long time," says
former Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers manager Sparky Anderson, whose 2,194
wins are third all-time. "Before he's done, we might be saying he's the best of
them all."

Pujols follows the game closely and is familiar with who is doing what. If a
hitter is hot, he knows. He can tell a clubhouse visitor an opposing pitcher's
success against right-handed and left-handed hitters.

But the recitation stops when the topic becomes himself.

"I don't want to be compared with anybody," Pujols insists. "If you want to
compare me, compare me with God. I want to be like he was. That's how I want to
live my life. I don't want to compare it with Joe DiMaggio or Babe Ruth or any
of those guys.

"Who really cares about the records accomplished in the last four years? That's
over. I've been paid for that, and I took care of my team back then."

It has been a year since Cardinals manager Tony La Russa stirred the pot by
proclaiming Pujols the greatest player he has managed. The statement covers
Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Rickey Henderson and Carlton Fisk.

This season's Cardinals team is taking six players to the All-Star Game, its
most since the first of two games in 1959. Third baseman Scott Rolen and center
fielder Jim Edmonds will one day receive votes for the Hall of Fame.

La Russa's verdict surprised many, Pujols among them. But no one has offered a
compelling counter.

"He's not like anybody else in here," says Edmonds, the game's most offensively
prolific center fielder the past five seasons. "It's really not fair to compare
anyone with him."

The best comparisons include players from different eras. Pujols' 209 doubles
(through Saturday) are already the seventh-most by a player 25 or younger. With
21 more doubles, he would catch Ty Cobb for the second-most (230) by a player
his age. Pujols' 400 extra-base hits leave him just two shy of cracking the top
10 for his age.

A season with 40 home runs would make Pujols only the sixth player to reach 200
home runs before turning 26.

Statistics that aren't weighted by at-bats also endorse him. Pujols' career
.624 slugging percentage is fifth-highest for a player his age. Williams, Babe
Ruth, Jimmie Foxx and Lou Gehrig are the only players he trails.

Colorado Rockies manager Clint Hurdle last season praised the Cardinals' lineup
as a force seemingly without a beginning or an end, but rather "a flow."

Yet even with the Cardinals' inescapable offensive undercurrent, Hurdle said,
"The one guy always seems to be in the middle."

"The one guy" would be Pujols. The muscular midsection of the National League's
most intimidating lineup, Pujols was recognized last month in a Sports
Illustrated poll of his major league peers as the player most would want to
build a team around. Pujols received 24 percent of the vote. No other player
received more than 12 percent.

"He's never satisfied," closer Jason Isringhausen says. "A lot of guys who can
hit don't give a flip about defense. He moved to first base (from left field)
last year, and he's already one of the best guys in the league there. It's not
amazing just because of how good he is; it's amazing because he always wants to
get better."

More than homers

Pujols entered Sunday night's game with 899 career hits and a legitimate shot
at posting 1,000 for his first five seasons. He needs 18 more home runs for

Cardinals first-year hitting coach Hal McRae offers a fresh perspective. A
former American League RBI champion with the Kansas City Royals and a part of
the pennant-winning 1970 Cincinnati Reds, McRae played alongside George Brett
and Johnny Bench. He managed the Royals and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Until this
season, he believed Tony Perez was the greatest right-handed hitter he had ever
seen. Pujols complicates the opinion.

"They say I haven't seen him at his best yet," McRae says. "If that's the case,
then I'm very much looking forward to seeing him at his best."

Pujols turns 26 in January. The Cardinals signed him through 2010 with a club
option for 2011, when he will be 31. Having averaged 40 home runs his first
four seasons, Pujols would finish a 20-year career with 720 home runs if he
averaged 35 his next 16 seasons. His current pace would give him 800.

Yet Pujols says any description of him as a home run hitter borders on an

"This is why we've been great for the five years I've been here," Pujols said.
"We move the guy when we need to. We steal a base when we need to. We get the
guy over. That's how you win games.

"In September and October, when hopefully you're there, you can keep doing
that. We have some guys who can hit the ball out of the park. But you also do
little things. You have two guys on base and, boom, you hit one out and you
have three runs.

"We don't think about home runs. We think about putting the ball in play."

McRae also says Pujols is "not a home run hitter. He's a line-drive hitter who
hits home runs."

Pujols' goals this spring were to continue his pattern of amassing more walks
and fewer strikeouts and to win a world championship. The rest - talk of an MVP
award and possibly leading the league in batting average, home runs and RBIs -
is just details.

"Talk to me about this year and what I can do this year, 2005, to help my team
make it to the World Series or to the playoffs," he says. "Let's make it to the
postseason first."

He adds: "Everybody expects me to hit .350, but I don't. It's tough. Those guys
are out there battling and making adjustments. You want to make sure you stay
focused and make your adjustments, too. Those are hard things. I don't care
what people expect. I'm just trying to win games and win a championship. That's
my job."

Happy to help out

But how Pujols performs his job is what moved the Cardinals to sign him to a
seven-year, $100 million contract extension three years before he reached free
agency. The club wasn't paying on potential but on results. Once hesitant about
such a deal for such a young player, La Russa has since endorsed it.

"It's only human nature to be affected by financial security," La Russa said
recently. "It's easy to become comfortable and lose an edge. But I haven't seen
that with Albert. Nothing has changed."

Pujols entered the weekend series against the San Francisco Giants with 22 home
runs, 69 RBIs, eight stolen bases in as many attempts and more walks (42) than
strikeouts (35). He is the National League's second-leading vote-getter. No
less a figure than Stan Musial recently christened him the top right-handed
hitter in the game. And as much as Pujols may detest it, history is lining up
behind him.

"He doesn't just have ability," Edmonds says. "He has a drive to be a great
hitter. He's very focused and very serious about that."

Pujols' 4 1/2 seasons have produced 12 hitting streaks of 10 games or more.
Until his 17-game hitting streak died Wednesday against the Arizona
Diamondbacks, he had reached base in 38 of 39 road games with hits in 35. He
scored 28 runs and batted .370 last month.

"Other people keep throwing that around that you never believed you would be in
this situation," Pujols says. "That time is over. I'm here. Talk to me about
the future, not something that happened three years ago. It's like they want to
make me out as a selfish player. I don't want to get locked into that."

Pujols has less of a problem talking about the impact he might have on a
younger player, or even an opponent. He enjoys discussing hitting or his
approach to the game with rivals - most of them older - who seek an opinion.
The conversations take place around the batting cage before the game or even at
first base with a base runner.

Says Pujols: "If there's somebody on the other side who comes and asks me about
hitting, I might tell them during the game, 'Hey, you're jumping.' Sometimes I
remember he's on the other side and say, 'I'll tell you tomorrow.' But I'm not
a selfish player. I like to help out everybody. I want the best for my
teammates, and I'm pretty sure they want the best for me."

Four years and two position switches removed from a rookie-of-the-year season,
Pujols remains a disciple of his manager.

"He opened the door for me," Pujols says. "I never take things for granted."

He lists his influences as Edmonds, McGwire and Rolen, among others. Despite
his dominance, Pujols continues to adjust.

"I always say four eyes are better than two," Pujols says. "Jimmy might tell me
my hands are low. If I see something with Rolen, I'm going to tell him.
Everybody wants each other to get better. That's the reason we won 105 games
(last season). That's why we've been to the postseason four of the last five
years. Everybody is helping each other."

When Pujols talks . . .

At 25, Pujols is barely two weeks older than infielder Hector Luna and just 2
1/2 years older than his protege, catcher Yadier Molina. After Molina opened
the year in a 1-for-32 slide, Pujols approached him in Atlanta three weeks into
the season with advice that took.

"When he says something, you listen, because he's such a great hitter," says
Molina, who entered the weekend with 30 RBIs and only 19 strikeouts in more
than 250 at-bats. "He understands hitting very well and makes it easier for you
to understand."

Pujols suggested that Molina become more forceful with his swing, to rip the
ball rather than merely putting it in play. At McRae's suggestion, Molina
abandoned the exaggerated crouch he used during spring training. Pujols'
influence led Molina to adopt his current stance, flexed deeply at the knee
with his torso erect.

"For a while, he tried to hit without striding, like Albert, but there aren't
too many people who can do that, so Yadi strides now," McRae says.

Pujols remains largely self-sufficient as a hitter. He retains a disciplined
program and is acutely familiar with his swing. McRae has no problem with
Pujols advising younger hitters "as long as I know what's going on. . . . The
issue shouldn't be who gets the credit but us getting better."

Says Pujols: "I want to be able to pass those things along to the young players
like Yadi. He was really trying to do too much early in the year. The same ways
those guys passed information along to me, I try to pass it to the young
players, and hopefully in five years they can do the same for somebody else."

Reporter Joe Strauss
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 314-340-8371
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Looks like the Twins aquired Bret Boone today for a player to be named.
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Originally Posted by LorenzoL
Thank God for the All Star break.

If the Blue Jays play like they did in Texas after the break, that's all for us this season.
If you only play 9th innings you should be fine
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Originally Posted by Mad Dawg
Looks like the Twins aquired Bret Boone today for a player to be named.

Why the Twinkies want to go with an 8 man lineup is beyond me.
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