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DVD Josh 06-09-04 04:00 PM

Marcus Camby OPTS OUT of his contract!
Mr. Glass himself, Marcus Camby, opts out of his guaranteed deal to test FA.

I could not imagine a stupider move. Who on earth is going to sign a guy who plays 15 games a year, then goes down for the rest of the year?

This is like trading $1000 for 1 lottery ticket.

Roto 06-09-04 04:24 PM

Teams will fight for the opportunity. I know this just from being a Sonics fan. Hell, they'll probably be one of the teams to make an offer. They already have 3 overpaid centers, none of them are as good as Camby with a limp.

Aphex Twin 06-09-04 04:28 PM

Of course he'll opt out. This is to get more guaranteed money in a long-term contract while he's still able. Sprewell will probably also opt-out of his deal even though his last option year is pretty high-valued. Fisher was thinking of opting-out also.

grrrah 06-09-04 05:15 PM


why do I see him in a warrior uniform next year... please no.. not for the 10 mil/year we are gonna offer him.. :(

Roto 06-09-04 06:04 PM

:lol: I expect this thread to be filled with with more "Oh no! My favorite team is going to go over the cap to sign the gimp!"

dancinns 06-09-04 06:31 PM

I hope Camby didn't pull anything when he opted out. I think my 8 year old nephew is tougher than Camby.

...and I hope this gimp doesn't sign with the Suns or the Blazers.

LurkerDan 06-09-04 07:15 PM

I doubt Camby will get more than the mid-level exception. The economics have totally changed...

MrPeanut 06-09-04 09:35 PM

Opt out now: sign 5-6 year MLE deal
Finish deal: 1 year of good money, then no better than minimum after another year of riding pine.

Long term, it could work best for him, but he'll surely take a cut next season.

LurkerDan 06-09-04 10:57 PM

5-6 years??? You think? I don't. And I also think that whatever money will be available to him this year will also be available to him next. Unless he breaks. Which is always possible.

He's an idiot. He could be on a rising team, that's only going to get better. But whatever... :rolleyes:

By the way, link? I don't see it on ESPN....

Da Thrilla 06-09-04 11:38 PM

[Grumpy Old Men]

Whatta putz!

Aphex Twin 06-10-04 01:55 AM

Camby was only due $7.75 if he picked up his option. Opting out is a much better move for him, financially speaking. He will get at least a 3-year $18 million offer, probably even from Denver.

LurkerDan 06-10-04 03:45 PM

DVD Josh, do you have a link? Because I don't see it on ESPN or the Denver Post...

DVD Josh 06-10-04 03:53 PM

From Fanball.com


Nuggets: Camby provides cap relief

The News
Nuggets power forward/center Marcus Camby opted out of a one-year option for $7.75 million, and in doing so, helped the team alleviate cap space and set himself up for a long-term deal to stay in Denver. "We've worked so well with them all along," Rick Kaplan, Camby's agent, told the Rocky Mountain News. "We knew this would make everything easier. At a certain point, there was no reason to let things linger for the Nuggets or for Marcus." Camby averaged 8.6 points, 10.1 boards, and 2.6 blocks in 72 games last season.

Never doubt me again :D :)

LorenzoL 06-12-04 10:48 AM

He can't stay healthy all season long even last year, Denver had to limit his playing time in order to reduce the chances of him injuring himself and teams are lining up to offer him big money. That's just crazy.

Aphex Twin 07-07-04 03:44 PM

Word is that he will receive ~$50 million for 6 years.

lstorm 07-07-04 03:45 PM

He got rich from college =[

MJKTool 07-07-04 04:03 PM

Originally posted by Aphex Twin
Word is that he will receive ~$50 million for 6 years.
I dont understand these gm's -ohbfrank-

LurkerDan 07-07-04 04:09 PM

6 years? For Camby? Wow, Denver will suck a few years from now...

Aphex Twin 07-07-04 04:13 PM

Here's the info from ESPN.com:


Kiki is cuckoo.

If he lands Ginobili, he looks brilliant. But giving Camby a six-year deal for upwards of $50 million is madness. I don't trust the legs to hold up for 70-plus games; and I don't see who, after maybe Pau Gasol, he's big enough to stick in the Western Conference post.

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