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JurisIL 05-26-04 11:55 PM

Kyle Farnsworth: What's wrong with him?
Ok, don't give me the easy "Lack of control answer here"...that much is obvious, but other than that...

The guy has explosive stuff around the 100 mph range, and here's your typical inning of work:

1st batter: Walk
2nd batter: Walk
3rd batter Single
4th batter Strikeout
5th batter Walk


1. Is this all a headgame with him? Thinks too much, tries to throw too hard and consequently starts throwing wildly?
2. Needs a changeup?
3. Not enough movement on the fastball (In the right direction, that is)
4. Not enough innings of work? (shudder)

What's his problem?

How patient should the management be with him before deciding that he simply won't live up to his potential?

This guy has the stuff to be a great reliever...he just can't seem to "figure it out"....and we'll need someone dependable when Inspector Gadget Borowski finally fails to escape the horrible jams he creates: a feat which he currently accomplishes through opposing incompetence and lack of clutch hitting.

chrisih8u 05-26-04 11:59 PM

He has an itchy jockstrap. He should get a new one.

Mad Dawg 05-27-04 12:07 AM

Well, he struck out the side in the 8th tonight. Those K's just happened to be wrapped around 2 hits, 2 walks, and an earned run. My advice? He should quit striking guys out.

Deftones 05-27-04 12:08 AM

He hasn't had any control for the past 2 or 3 years.

Aphex Twin 05-27-04 01:00 AM

On a side note: he's got the perfect name to be someone's butler or personal assistant.


JurisIL 05-27-04 01:35 AM


I also expected replies such as:

1. Needs a pair of pants that fit

bralph 05-27-04 07:21 AM

He's a thrower, not a pitcher. If he could learn to dial it back a couple notches and have some idea of where it was going, he'd be a lot more effective.

Throwing at 100 mph = :down:

Pitching at 92-94 mph = :up:

B.A. 05-27-04 07:52 AM

He's a headcase.

When the Cubs are down, he's good, but when they are winning or in a situation to win, he loses it.

Da Thrilla 05-27-04 10:12 PM

He's the equivalent of Rick Ankiel :lol:
sans the wild pitches

Jericho 05-27-04 10:38 PM

He's not nearly as bad as many of you make him out to be. He may never be a great reliever like some probably had hoped, but he was very good in 2001 and 2003. He's been fine plenty of times when the Cubs are winning. Obviously his control has been off a bit this year, and he's never been a great control guy, but he's not that bad either. He's still difficult to hit, and not absolutely wild. And I'm sure his numbers will get better. As is, his ERA isn't bad.

The comparisons to Rick Ankiel seem uncalled for and erroneous. And his control isn't nearly as bad as some here make it out to be.

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