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db27 05-08-04 02:33 PM

think I might drive up and pad the expos attendence tonight, had nothing planned and tix are about the price of a cheeseburger.

btw, nice look to this thread. very well done and much appreciated.

huh? 05-08-04 03:22 PM


Inside the Park Home Run AND he hits one out of the yard, that's what I call a nice day at the plate....

El Scorcho 05-08-04 03:23 PM

Well I'm certainly f'n glad I left Overbay on the bench today. :mad:

El Scorcho 05-08-04 03:27 PM

Pokey Reese - 2 HR
Jason Veritek - 2 SB

Strange things are afoot at the circle K.

twikoff 05-08-04 03:43 PM

2 homers for griffey jr so far today :up:

2 for 3 batting, 2 RBIs, 2 Runs scores

and a 5-2 lead over the Giants..

Bonds is 0-3.. looks like the reds are actually pitching to him :up:
and Barry's avg is down to .403

Y2K Falcon 05-08-04 03:49 PM

Originally posted by El Scorcho
Well I'm certainly f'n glad I left Overbay on the bench today. :mad:
I just picked him up after midnight.... So I couldn't put him in the lineup till tomorrow.

5/8 L. Overbay (Mil - 1B) Add Free Agents Austin Lastros :mad:

jmaxlow 05-08-04 04:07 PM

Curt Schilling picks up the complete game win for the Red Sox, 9-1. Eight strikeouts and no walks.

Now, can someone explain why Francona repeatedly lets him go way beyond 100 pitches when it's completely unnecessary? He's 37 years old!

namja 05-08-04 05:02 PM

Originally posted by twikoff
Bonds is 0-3.. looks like the reds are actually pitching to him :up:
and Barry's avg is down to .403

Don't you have the :up: on the wrong line? -wink-

namja 05-08-04 05:18 PM

Originally posted by DarkElf
When the official home attendance at Padres games is listed at the stadium for completely sold out games, it's still under 42K. A fully sold out Petco Park (including the $5 SRO/picnic tickets) is 46K.
Maybe they only count seats when they determine whether the game is SOLD OUT. With most stadiums, a "SOLD OUT" attendance can easily vary 4000.

shizawn 05-08-04 05:48 PM

Congradulations to Sammy Sosa for striking out for the 2000th time today. He finished the game with 2002, passing Andres Galarraga for second all time.

whotony 05-08-04 06:13 PM

Originally posted by DarkElf
That's what I thought too, but I'm not so sure.

When the official home attendance at Padres games is listed at the stadium for completely sold out games, it's still under 42K. A fully sold out Petco Park (including the $5 SRO/picnic tickets) is 46K. So unless the Padres are giving away 4000+ tickets, or it's not based on tickets sold. I figured the team would have some promo tickets (players, team, etc.), but 4000+ seems awfully high. Maybe they're not counting the SRO/picnic tickets as official tickets to the game, but that seems silly too? I'm there watching the game live inside the stadium, aren't I? So at least with the Padres, I don't know how they're counting attendance.

Also, I know that (not too many) years back, one league counted tickets sold, and the other counted turnstile clicks. Not sure if that was standardized or not.

i dont know how the pods do the math but it has been tix sold for a long time now.

years ago the aMERican league started first with the tickets sold.
the national league has only been doing that for the last about 10 years, maybe more.

found this article.

that says...

Let's be honest here. Attendance figures, for any sport, aren't exactly the result of some longstanding and unassailable accounting principle. The doctoring done by baseball's bean counters, as any player agent will tell you, could make Gaylord Perry proud.

When it comes to counting fans, there is actual attendance, of course, which is never actually "actual." And there is the turnstile count, which is something else altogether. The former might include all tickets sold -- as well as no-shows, and comp tickets. There are all sorts of ways to squeeze numbers to make them look good.

The Devil Rays, for instance, are one of the 22 teams whose attendance, according to Major League Baseball, is up compared to this point last year. The Rays are averaging about 22,300 fans a game, or more than 10,000 more per home game than they drew last season.

It helps that two of those "home" games were in Japan, where 55,000 fans -- give or take a few -- jammed the Tokyo Dome to see the Rays play the Yankees to open the season. In St. Petersburg, Fla., at drab Tropicana Field, the Devil Rays go entire homestands without drawing 55,000 fans. Long homestands.
and in this old thread i found it says about minor league.

Asking for minor league attendance figures is much like asking a woman what she weighs: The subject won't tell the truth, but you have no accurate way to determine the real figure other than eyeballing it.

I've written before that there are often three attendance figures for any given game. The first is the stub count, a measure of the actual bodies in the ballpark. Second is a measure of distributed tickets, which included comp tickets and tickets sold that weren't used (like season tickets) on top of the stub count. Finally, there's announced attendance, which is oftentimes more than the previous two figures.

The most generally accepted attendance figure is the second, considered a game's paid attendance. Since attendance is in part a reflection of my efforts as an operator, I felt more than comfortable counting season ticket holders that didn't show up in my reported attendance for the evening. My thought on the matter was this: If all the seats in a 3,000-seat stadium were sold, so that none were available to a walk-up ticket buyer, then attendance for the game was 3,000, even if 500 season ticket holders passed up the game. The staff put forth an effort that resulted in all the seats for the evening being sold, and the announced figures should represent that achievement. I don't feel guilty or misleading at all, since the figure that is requested for official records is that of "paid attendance."
coudlnt find anything definitive, it appears that the teams report numbers the way it makes them look best.


Patman 05-08-04 10:22 PM

The Braves steal a game from the Astros in the 10th inning with 2 outs and Andruw Jones at the plate. He slices an opposite-field homer to win the game for Braves. Wow, you never see Andruw Jones hit an opposite-field anything.

Y2K Falcon 05-08-04 10:44 PM

Geez maheeze. Stupid rangers/tigers game. It looks like a Denver Nuggets game from the '70s. That's really not gonna help my ERA and WHIP. :(

25 hits and each team on their 4th pitcher, and it's only the top of the 6th. :lol:

fumanstan 05-08-04 10:44 PM

Dodgers another win, Gagne another save :up:

mljones99 05-08-04 10:57 PM

crazy things in arlington

B.A. 05-09-04 12:03 AM

Cardinals lose and the Twins win in extra innings.

I guess two positives cannot happen at once.

namja 05-09-04 12:10 AM

Originally posted by mljones99
crazy things in arlington
wow. 18 runs in the 5th inning. and the marathon ends in 10 innings, the rangers beating the tigers 16-15.

db27 05-09-04 12:58 AM

I did end up going up to Montreal to see the Cards game, good game, though a little offense from the Cards would have been nice. Every ball they hit went directly to an Expo player, the game flew by.

Hopefully it will be a little more entertaining when I go see the White Sox series.

strife 05-09-04 12:58 AM

Cubs, Astro's, and Cardinals all lose.

good day for Brewers and Reds.

Patman 05-09-04 11:26 AM

Re: the highlights of the Texas and Detroit game last night.

Read all about it here. In the 5th inning alone for both teams' combined effort: 18 runs were scored, 100 pitches thrown, 7 pitchers used, and it took over an hour to play one inning of baseball.

Scott27 05-09-04 12:28 PM

Congrats to Craig Biggio, becoming the 80th player in ML history with 2500 hits. :thumbsup:

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