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Cubs fan killed outside Wrigley

Old 05-07-04, 05:15 PM
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Cubs fan killed outside Wrigley

CHICAGO -- A 26-year-old man was gunned down in the street near Wrigley Field after watching the Cubs play on Thursday.

Frank Hernandez was shot about 90 minutes after the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks 11-3.

Authorities say the incident started when Hernandez was cut off by two men in a SUV as he was crossing an intersection near Wrigley at about 6 p.m.

Police say Hernandez hit the SUV with a miniature baseball bat and then broke the souvenir over the driver's head when the driver got out of the vehicle. Police say that's when the SUV's passenger got out and shot Hernandez in the upper abdomen.

Hernandez collapsed on the sidewalk. Paramedics performed CPR, but Hernandez was later pronounced dead at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.
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Old 05-07-04, 05:18 PM
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Read this on CNN today. Pretty messed up. Didn't a fan get killed outside Dodger Stadium last year too?
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Old 05-07-04, 05:24 PM
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You'd think every Cubs fan would know one thing. Bathing in urine will make you completely impervious to bullets.
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Old 05-07-04, 05:44 PM
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Atleast he got to feel like a bad ass when he used his mini-bat before making his pants impervious when the gun was pulled.
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Old 05-08-04, 12:30 AM
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I wonder what's going to happen to the shooter? Sounds like self-defense to me (or at least defending his friends life).
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Old 05-08-04, 01:03 AM
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Oh yeah, I'm sure a jury will buy the 'self-defense' line. The kid had a miniature bat. One of those $4 wooden things you buy at Walgreens. Please.

I'm so sure the driver and passenger felt their lives were in danger by a wooden bat.

Also, the shooter is an alleged gang member.
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Old 05-08-04, 07:43 PM
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So he hit the car with the bat, and then hit the driver in the head with it?

It's sad he had to die, but come on, he was asking for trouble.
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Old 05-08-04, 08:31 PM
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But he was cut off as he was walking and the two were in a moving vehicle. I think they were guilty of assault with a much larger weapon than anything Frank had.
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Old 05-10-04, 10:11 AM
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The most ridiculuous comments on this occurrence were from Bors (sp?) and Bernstein, who usually offer very insightful and intelligent commentary on sports, but this time offered thinly veiled blame for this event on Chicago Cub fans in general, and the carnival atmosphere that has gripped Wrigley since the Cubs became legitimate playoff contenders.

Give me a break. Chicago has always had a very high murder rate
that has nothing to do with the Cubs fans specifically. In any place where there are a mass of drunken and rowdy people, some idiot is always going to incite violence. It just so happened that this time, somebody hit the wrong person with a bat.
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Old 05-10-04, 01:51 PM
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Originally posted by johnglass
I wonder what's going to happen to the shooter? Sounds like self-defense to me (or at least defending his friends life).
You have got to be kidding? Self defense (or defending a friend) from a 18" miniture bat warrants the use of a gun?
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