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Original Desmond 04-27-04 12:07 AM

For Wrestling Fans - Lance Storm retires from In ring competition

Lance Storm announced today on his website (StormWrestling.com) that he retiring as an active wrestler and moving into a role as a trainer. He hopes to eventually move to a position as a road agent with WWE. In the mean time, he will work as a trainer with WWE's developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Storm's final match (for now, at least) was against Stevie Richards in Calgary last Monday, which aired last night on Heat. Storm trained in Calgary and still lives there, so it was meaningful to him that his last match may have been there.

Storm cited frustration with his lack of contributions (i.e. lack of push), but also said his back problems have been greater than he has been letting on. With multiple bulging disks, he has missed recent house show swings. He felt now was the time to shift to a new role in the industry.

Storm was most recently part of a tag team with Val Venis doing the infamous "I'm not boring" gimmick. He previously worked for WCW during the Nitro era, ECW as a tag partner with Justin Credible, and Smoky Mountain Wrestling as one half of the Thrill Seekers tag team with Chris Jericho.


Very Sad, a great VERY UNDERULTILISED Talent in the ring

Deserves a big Raw match to go out on, could use the retirement angle to put someone else over

dancinns 04-27-04 12:29 AM


It's a shame what the WWE did to Storm. Lance was great in ECW and WCW

Rogue588 04-27-04 12:33 AM

well, that just sucks.

perhaps it's for the best...there's not enough HHH on the show as it is...

the narrator 04-27-04 12:54 AM

read that earlier today....pretty much sucks

I always like Lance in the ring, but he wasn't doing much lately anyway I suppose

devilshalo 04-27-04 12:56 AM

That's too bad. I hated what the WWE did with him, he should be right up there along with Benoit.

Original Desmond 04-27-04 01:05 AM

maybe not Benoit but IC champion level for sure, feuding with CHristian, Jericho, Edge and Randy Orton

chrisih8u 04-27-04 01:08 AM

My favorite Lance Storm moment was when, um, that time he, um...

Derrich 04-27-04 02:24 AM

The Impact Players with Storm, Justin Credible and Dawn Marie were awesome.

"Thats From Calgary....Alberta Canada!"

For some reason, that sounded so badass when he said it.


chowderhead 04-27-04 03:40 AM

well when the red power ranger gets too old, they go off to school or more training. :)

PixyJunket 04-27-04 10:44 AM

Oh well.. :(

Probably for the better. WWE was wasting him since he's not a huge monster with a hundred tattoos.

BrewCrew 04-27-04 11:31 AM

I watched Heat on Sunday and was quite surprised at the fan reaction he got. The fans in Calgary loved him so he at least got to leave on a high note.

Meatpants 04-27-04 11:35 AM

They should give him the old Red Rooster gimmick :thumbsup:

Y2JFan81 04-27-04 08:40 PM

Look at what they have done to a lot of the bigger ECW talent

*Lance Storm- Basically made him a jobber
*Raven- Basically made him a jobber, was Hardcore Champion
*Spike- Jobber
*Dreamer- Jobber (Man I would have loved it if they gave him a
*Dudley's- Had a good run, but they are old now
*Credible- Jobber
*Tajiri- Not bad, but they could make him bigger
*Dawn Marie- Haven't pushed her really since the angle with

Charlie Goose 04-27-04 09:50 PM

I wonder how much of it was health reasons as opposed to career stagnation. If his discs are that bad, then it's better to walk away than be carried.

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