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How much do your tickets cost (any sport)?

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Originally posted by apchrist
I went and checked it out, now that it's playoff time comming up in for the Leafs starting prices for cheap seats are $70 and for premium seats it's $610 and that's only for the first round of Playoffs. I can't imagine what the cost would be for the final round.
Leafs have the highest ticket prices in the NHL...and they still sell out EVERY game.

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Originally posted by Roto
How often do you actually go? I don't think Paul McCartney charged that much for tickets. The NBA is the worst for ticket prices. I've been a fan for most of my life and never went to a game before this year. When I finally did go it was $30 each for nosebleed seats. 2 rows from the top! We were literally looking down on the scoreboard! And I thought NFL prices were bad. The only one I find worthwhile to go to is outdoor baseball and it's the one I enjoy watching the least. You can still get decent tickets for around $20 for Mariners games. And the cheap seats are under $10.

I try to go to 5 games a year.
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Originally posted by mdc3000
Leafs have the highest ticket prices in the NHL...and they still sell out EVERY game.

A couple of years ago when the Leafs played the Canes in the NHL playoff, I met a bunch of Leafs fans at the game. They said that it was cheaper and easier for them to fly to Raleigh, get a hotel room and tickets to the game, then it was to try and get tickets in Toronto!
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too much relative to the number of games won over the last 7 years. granted i've only had season tickets for 3 of them. but my theory is that by the time they finally get back into the playoffs my seats will be at center ice.
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US Grand Prix raceday tiks- $150 each, but the seats are really, really good.
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Last year I paid just over $300 for two Dolphins tickets. Great seats and worth the money. I'm looking to do the same this year.
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Originally posted by Flashback
If you want to get a chance for dugout seats at Wrigley the A games will be $250 a pop. WTF? Do they let me bat in the game?
Do I get to chew on Bakers toothpick or inject 'substance' into Sosas' butt? I'll be fair - there are a couple of games at $50 and a couple of more at $100.

Seats Link

I still think football is the best value...not a huge final cost for season tickets and almost every game 'can' mean something since the season is only 16 games in total.
Just go to the discount days on those, 50 a seat. I know if I win the lotto for it, I'm gonna dish out the 250 each, just for the experiance.. I had everybody I know enter for me, hopefully I can have one person win. Although I think this lotto simply assures that only scalpers get them
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I almost forgot about the Wachovia Championship. I paid 110 the weekly pass last year and again for this year. I only went to 3 days last year but I got some autographs and had a blast so it was worth it for me. can't wait for it this year!
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22 rows behind home plate tomorrow night in Oakland, $26.00 each.
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ok lets see now, this weekends Red Sox games alone

3 tickets (1 bleacher ticket @ $20, 1 Green Monster SRO ticket @ $25, and 1 Upper Bleacher ticket @ $18) = $63

public transportation = $21 for all three games (getting a ride to the Saturday game)

food & drinks = too much

man i'm poor
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