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Red Dog 03-26-04 10:23 AM

The Official March 26th NCAA Tournament Gameday Thread
Friday, March 26, 2004

UAB 153o/u +175
Kansas -4 -210

Xavier 141o/u +125
Texas -2 -145

Nevada-Reno 150o/u +165
Georgia Tech -4 -185

Illinois 146o/u +260
Duke -7 -320

Here is DC, we are getting UAB/Kansas and Illinois/Duke tonight.

Red Dog 03-26-04 10:24 AM

Go Texas, GT, and Duke! UAB winning would probably be beneficial as well.

B.A. 03-26-04 10:46 AM

Go Duke, Xavier, UAB and Tech!!! (that's who I have in my Sweet 16 pool.)

I should get the Duke/Illinois game and UAB/Kansas in St. Louis.

twikoff 03-26-04 11:34 AM

Ill be out tonight at a wedding rehearsal/dinner
hopefully i can make it home at least by the start of the late games
and the wedding is tomorrow.. (Im best man,so cant skip out)
so Ill miss a bunch tomorrow too :(

the aftermath 03-26-04 11:50 AM

Go GT and Duke!

Meatpants 03-26-04 11:54 AM



Bacon 03-26-04 02:11 PM

go UAB, Xavier,Nevada & Illinois, with the exeption of Kansas I hate the the team these team are playing

and oh yeah Roll Tide !! :D KMA twikoff but I want Bama in the Final 4 ;)

MrX 03-26-04 03:06 PM


Patman 03-26-04 03:21 PM

I fear I've jinx GT by picking them to go all the way.

Duck Fuke!

B.A. 03-26-04 05:09 PM

I've got to go to a wedding reception tonight, but not to worry - in addition to the endless amounts of Miller Lite on tap (I feel a hangover coming on tomorrow morning) there will be a tv in the bar tuned into CBS (thankfully).

I'm excited about the Duke/U of I game - my two favorite teams squaring off against one another in a major tournament game. Life doesn't get much better...or more nerve-racking.

On another note - I hope UAB takes that "rock chalk" chant and shoves it down the Jayhawks throat. Forty Minutes of Hell, baby!!!!

HistoryProf 03-26-04 05:13 PM

GO UAB Xavier, Duke and Ga Tech!!! the latter are in my final four, and the former underdogs will help me by knocking a couple more people out for me - one guy i'm neck and neck with has Texas going all the way....

the aftermath 03-26-04 07:18 PM

Looks like I'm the only person watching tonight.

The Dude 03-26-04 07:39 PM

Well, UAB is just getting thumped!

the aftermath 03-26-04 08:05 PM

Close game between Xavier and Texas.

Daryl 03-26-04 08:05 PM

the announcers are trying their best to sell this game, but KU-UAB has been a dog so far and I ain't buying unless UAB starts the 2nd half on an 11-2 run

HistoryProf 03-26-04 08:09 PM

KU - UAB is over....so its come on Xavier!!

Calculon 03-26-04 08:35 PM

I'm Greg Gumbel. The other game is just now going to commercial so let's switch to it....

We're getting pin-balled between the KU and UT games here in Oklahoma.

(also: I'd pay good money to see UAB vs. Pitt)

Daryl 03-26-04 09:10 PM

The UAB coach got ejected?! What happened? Why get tossed down 24 with 5 to go?

The Dude 03-26-04 09:19 PM

Originally posted by Daryl
The UAB coach got ejected?! What happened? Why get tossed down 24 with 5 to go?
Trying to inspire the team to make it only a 15 point whuppin'?

The Dude 03-26-04 09:20 PM

Holy crap, what a play by Ivey to keep his dribble like that and maintain possession.

HistoryProf 03-26-04 09:25 PM

And Mouton is gone! that's huge....

go Xavier!!

Daryl 03-26-04 09:29 PM

Originally posted by TheDude
Trying to inspire the team to make it only a 15 point whuppin'?
I flipped back to that game and I only caught him walking off and shaking hands with Bill Self, but I was on the phone and I had the sound down, so i don't know what happened. Seems like you'd have to really go over the line to get a ref to toss you in that situation. The announcers said something about "sometimes you just feel like you have to make a statement".


Daryl 03-26-04 09:31 PM

WTF - he'd be the last guy I'd go to in this situation, and they did it two trips in row.

Daryl 03-26-04 09:34 PM

The over hits again!

The Dude 03-26-04 09:35 PM

Texas continues to hang around, somebody put them out of their misery.

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