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Darkfriend 03-19-04 08:15 PM

The all-time BEST MULLETS in sports!!
One of the best mullets belongs to Jaromir Jagr (when he used to wear it!)


Another one of my favorites:

John Kruk

What are your faves?

The Dude 03-19-04 09:16 PM


Darkfriend 03-19-04 09:26 PM

Forgot about "Latino Heat" !!! -smile-

DarkElf 03-19-04 09:47 PM

The Big Unit!


Darkfriend 03-19-04 10:00 PM

Right on Darkelf!! He's got to be the King!

Does he still wear it?

the big train 03-19-04 10:05 PM


DarkElf 03-19-04 10:07 PM

Originally posted by Darkfriend
Does he still wear it?
Nah, not really, he's cut his hair a bit. :down:

From Sept, 2003:


DarkElf 03-19-04 10:08 PM

Originally posted by the big train
And now he's bald! :)

ChiTownAbs, Inc 03-20-04 06:49 PM

Didn't Mitch Williams have a mullet?

Da Thrilla 03-20-04 06:51 PM

Originally posted by DarkElf
The Big Unit!


WINNER! :lol::up:

namrfumot 03-20-04 09:21 PM

lol...great topic. rod beck's was god awful...all thin on top.

AndyCapps 03-20-04 09:22 PM

Dave Duncan (Cardinals' pitching coach) is sporting a pretty nice one lately. Don't have a picture though.

Deftones 03-21-04 12:26 AM

Actually RJ's mullet comes and goes. Usually he has it at the beginning of the season, but cuts it off at the end.

NotThatGuy 03-21-04 01:15 AM

All of these posts and only ONE hockey mullet?!!


Darkfriend 03-21-04 09:48 PM

That's the best I could come up with.... -rolleyes-


NotThatGuy 03-22-04 12:06 AM

Thank you Darkfriend.


twikoff 03-22-04 09:31 AM

too bad joe didnt play sports


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