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Old 01-18-04, 07:22 PM   #26
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Originally posted by nickdawgy
looks like movielib, and scott27 just missed the right scores.
I just missed it first.
"[It is an] absurd notion that Hillary is more legitimate because she won a game that neither candidate was playing. Both sides campaigned, strategized, and spent money to win not a popular-vote plurality but 270 electoral votes...

"We donít know who would have won the 2016... presidential race if the president was elected by popular vote because the race would have been run completely differently."

- David French
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Old 01-18-04, 08:47 PM   #27
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Originally posted by movielib
I just missed it first.
But I just missed it BEST.
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Old 01-18-04, 09:48 PM   #28
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Originally posted by davidlynchfan
Patriots 24
Colts 14

Eagles 3
Panthers 14
I WON!!!!!!!!!111111111

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Old 01-18-04, 10:01 PM   #29
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Wow! Great job David!

E-mail me your home address and phone number and I'll mail you one... no, two... tell you what -- I'll mail you THREE DVDs. What an amazing performance! Hard to believe you made both of those picks exactly! Who'd have thunk it?

Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me; other times I can barely see.

The Official Cabinet
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Old 01-18-04, 10:06 PM   #30
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It's easy when you just edit your post after the games are over...
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Old 01-18-04, 10:11 PM   #31
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Gewl lord. Just j/k.
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Old 01-19-04, 12:36 AM   #32
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I can tell you the exact score of the Super Bowl before they even kick off the game....

Patriots zero, Panthers zero
Sweed goes down with an achillies injury. As a Steelers fan, this is great news. - Tarantino, 5-02-10
If Tebow beats the Steelers today, I will post a pic of me Tebow'ing in one of my Pittsburgh jerseys. - Tarantino, 1-08-12
I am glad you've allowed the medical community to try and fix your laziness - aktick, 4-20-16
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