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Old 01-09-04, 01:35 AM   #26
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He's not Paul McGuire, that's for sure. Gotta' love Mr. Cheery.
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Old 01-09-04, 03:46 AM   #27
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another vote for thinking he does a good job. i thought he was awful when he first started and thought he really got better very quickly.
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Old 01-10-04, 02:24 PM   #28
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My biggest problem with Aikman is that he talks like he's drugged up. He has no emotion in his voice at all.

btw, Joe Theismann is the Man!
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Old 01-10-04, 10:24 PM   #29
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Originally posted by Preacher
Agreed. All I hear from the forum is lists of someone sucking. Very rarely does anyone speak highly of the job done by any announcers.
Just for reference, I'm not one to bash every sports announcer. I'm usually not very picky. I think Collinsworth, Joe Buck (baseball and football), Sunday Night NFL crew (including Theismann), Madden all do a great job. I even like Darryl Johnston (former Cowboy), who I think did a great job tonight with the Rams game. Phil Simms and Greg Gumbel annoy me, but Aikman just gets on my nerves that it bothers me almost the whole game. I'm glad Collinsworth is usually in the booth too.
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Old 01-11-04, 09:06 AM   #30
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Troy is OK as long as it's not a Dallas game. I love to hear the fans give him hell when he does a Eagles game. Collinsworth is the one I can't stand. He's very biased and just plain annoying.
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Old 01-18-04, 11:11 PM   #31
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Was it me or was Troy on the losing end of every instant replay call and one the Eagles didn't call but should have during the NFC title game tonight?
I don't mean to offend anyone and yet it happens anyway.
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Old 01-19-04, 03:44 PM   #32
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I disagree about Aikman. For the record, I hate the Cowboys so I was no Aikman fan as a player, but he's not horrible as an announcer. He sounds reasonably intelligent, especially for a jock. He's fairly articulate if you can get past the Oklahoma drawl and he clearly knows what he's talking about.
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