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mnguye10 01-30-03 10:09 PM

Favorite sport that you follow?
If you could watch only one more sport for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For me, it'd have to be baseball. Just something about the tradition and the history of the game that I enjoy...

Souljahh 01-30-03 10:14 PM

Basketball, no doubt! Best sport ever.

Red Dog 01-30-03 10:16 PM

NFL Football - nothing close to it.

Big dropoff to college hoops. Then another big dropoff to either college football or MLB.

MrX 01-30-03 10:18 PM

NFL with NCAA basketball a close second

effigy 01-30-03 11:04 PM

Cincinnati Reds Baseball, by far.

davidlynchfan 01-30-03 11:30 PM


Da Thrilla 01-30-03 11:42 PM

1. Football - NFL
2. Basketball - NBA
3. Baseball - MLB

namja 01-30-03 11:46 PM


especially the


Ranger02 01-30-03 11:58 PM

Major League Baseball...

Tigers baseball is my religion.

In the offseason, NCAA football comes next. I'm a Bucknut, bleeding scarlet and gray rooting for Tressel and his troops. Go Buckeyes!

I follow both MLB and NCAA Football religiously and those are about the only two sports I follow closely. I "pay attention" to the NFL and NHL but don't really know 1/4 as much as I know about baseball or Buckeye football with those sports. Nothing beats playoff hockey either - I watch most of the Red Wings playoff games and get Cup Fever after the first game of the playoffs.

For some reason, the playoff games are 100x better than the regular season games in the NHL.

MJKTool 01-31-03 12:12 AM


Luddy 01-31-03 12:30 AM

I love the smell of pine tar. :)

Goat3001 01-31-03 01:25 AM

NFL and MLB equally.

El Scorcho 01-31-03 01:49 AM

MLB hands down. No other sport comes close to me.

thecrazydude 01-31-03 01:55 AM


solipsta 01-31-03 07:59 AM

I grew up with hockey, so I'd have to say that. But baseball comes a VERY close second and I can see it passing hockey in the near future for me.

LBPound 01-31-03 07:24 PM

It's not the same it was ten years ago, but the NBA is still a lot of fun. :)

The Cow 01-31-03 07:43 PM

NFL by far.

zak52 01-31-03 07:50 PM

Lacrosse has been my favorite sport for a long time. As far as watching on television, lacrosse, college football, college basketball, and NFL are pretty much even.

Geofferson 01-31-03 08:56 PM

MLB Baseball hands-down.

wildcatlh 01-31-03 09:20 PM

As torturous as it is, the NFL.

Iron Chef 01-31-03 10:51 PM

NFL and nothing else

HistoryProf 02-01-03 01:51 AM

College Football first and foremost...

NFL 2nd....closely followed by NCAA Basketball and the NHL.....

Then a HUGE drop in to the abyss of.....


MLB (YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm all for playing baseball on a saturday...but watching it is worse than an insurance seminar....overpaid, overhyped, and just plain over.

Bacon 02-01-03 02:35 AM

1. NCAA Football- season ends far too soon
2. NCAA Hoops- gets good in February and March is great
3. NFL- I watch but I won't even pay to go to an NFL game
4. MLB- good from April until May after that I just want the WS to Start
5. NHL- I'll watch on occasion if nothing else on
6. NBA- bunch of overpaid punks, the NBA sucks
7. Soccer- only waching the women players rip off their shirts keeps this "sport" from being cruel and unsual punishment to watch
8. Tennis- Back forth back forth- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Back forth back forth for 4 FREAKING HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. AUTO RACING- someone wake me up when there's a wreck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mnguye10 02-01-03 09:48 AM

Originally posted by Canadian Bacon
9. AUTO RACING- someone wake me up when there's a wreck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must not have a mullet. :)

Gwindor 02-02-03 12:32 PM

European football!

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