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Went 2 Warriors v Cavs: Couple of Thoughts-Incl Trade Miles

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Went 2 Warriors v Cavs: Couple of Thoughts-Incl Trade Miles

Old 01-16-03, 03:28 AM
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Went 2 Warriors v Cavs: Couple of Thoughts-Incl Trade Miles

Well, I just got back from the Warriors vs Cavs at the Oakland Arena. I'm beat, but I came away w/a few thoughts...

1. Ricky Davis has a much improved jumper!! It's silky smooth & effortless, but he takes A LOT of shots..not Iverson-like, but pretty close.

2. Ricky needs to work on his ball handling. He dribbles primarily w/his right hand, and although he can go left, he has a hard time doing so w/the rock in his left hand. The whole night he maybe put the ball on the floor w/his left (just regular dribbling) maybe on 2 or 3 occasions.

3. I like Ricky's game & consider myself a fan, but after watching him in tonite's game & others (saw him in LA against the Lakers & Clippers too), he seems pretty much out for himself. I'm not trying to hate on him.

I know it's difficult being on a terrible team w/no chance at the playoffs or even winning very many reg. season games, but when Ricky's not looking for his own shot, he's calling for the ball or just drifting off to the side.

He seems to only play or put effort into the game only when he wants to. I kind of compare him to the Lakers as a team. Ricky & the Lakers just "turn it on" when they feel they have to & are in cruise control the rest of the time. As for Ricky, he's got A LOT of talent & physical gifts--hops, quickness, etc, but where will he be when he gets older and his athleticism fades? He needs to work harder on his fundamentals to become a more solid player and have longevity in the League.

4. Okay, IMO, this is my most disappointing observation & thought. Darius Miles needs to be traded again.

Tonite, he was just not in the game (mentally & literally) at all. It's apparent that he's in Coach Lucas' doghouse. Miles was pulled after only 2 min into the game because of poor defense & just standing around on offense--definitely NOT good if you're the Cav's **starting** point guard. To the best of my recollection, I think Miles sat the rest of the 1st half & only played about 5-8 minutes more in the second half (so about 15 min for the game).

Judging from Miles' body language on the court & on the bench, it's clear that he is very unhappy with the Cavs. Even during warmups, I could tell he didn't have any energy and wouldn't have a good game. In layup drills, he was just tossing the ball over his shoulder or non-chalantly finger rolling about 8 feet in the air. During timeouts & while on the bench he just sat w/ a towel draped over his head, full warm ups on, did not join huddles, & basically didn't talk to ANY of the coaching staff or his teammates. I got the impression that while Miles is unhappy on the team, many of those on it--incl. coaches are unhappy w/him too.

It really broke my heart to see Miles tonite. I've been a fan of his ever since I saw him in the McDonald's High School All Star Game a couple years ago. I also followed him pretty closely his first years in the League and saw several of his games w/the Clippers when I was living in LA. It's just really sad to see him like this.

Miles has a lot of talent & athleticism, and this was supposed to be his breakout year. A pre-season poll of league GM's cast him as the player most likely to show major improvement. Supposedly he worked w/a shooting coach during the offseason, but honestly, I hope the lessons came w/a $$$ back guarantee! Miles' jumper is TERRIBLE!! I would go as far as to say that Shaq proabaly has a better outside shot. The court looked like a construction zone the way Miles was throwing up so many bricks!! If he or the Cavs are really serious about him playing point guard, he better put in a bunch more time on his shot.

Sadly, I think Miles is ultimately going to get traded again. In fact, I believe he **NEEDS** to go elsewhere. It's not only that doubt he will regain the love & energy for the game while w/the Cavs; From what I've read & seen tonite regarding Coach Lucas & the players' feelings about Miles, he's not doing them any good either.

Again, I'm a BIG fan of Miles. I even wore his Clippers jersey & got a bunch of dirty looks from the hometown, Warriors fans! ]Anyways, I still think he has the potential to become a very good player & live up to some of the praise. But if Miles is going to do so, he simply needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and work on his game.

He needs to realize that his carefree days pounding heads w/Quentin Richardson & playing videogames Q's crib w/Odom and the rest of the Clippers are in the past. It's time for him to be a man and move on.

If Miles doesn't wise up & get his act together, he'll be back at the crib playing Playstation soon enough. Unfortunately, that might be the only game he'll be playing.

p.s. Some quick parting shots: Dejuan Wagner is quick as heck but gets knocked down like crazy & A LOT of shots blocked (Iverson syndrome). Carlos Boozer really hustles & is always in the right place for loose balls & rebounds. Smush Parker is quick too but not very good--YET. Jason Richarson has improved his jumper but like many others feel, is trying to hard to show it. TAKE IT TO THE HOLE, JR!!! Bob Sura & Mike Dunleavy need to be traded!! Sorry, but Sura sucks & Mike D is a good shooter but was/is NOT worthy of a #5 pick. He will get better but not much. The Warriors need to cash in & get someone of value for him while they can.

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What??!! You saw a Warriors game but didn't have any observations on Earl Boykins??!!

Obviously, you weren't making enough observations

BTW, I totally agree with your Ricky Davis observations. If you look at a lot of the Cav's blowout games, that's when Ricky has a big tendency to pad his own stats. For instance, in their last game against the Blazers, it was a blowout but Lucas played Wagner and Davis for the last 10 minutes or so anyway and all they did was just take it to the hole and score all the time.
Old 01-16-03, 03:07 PM
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Did Yogi play???
Old 01-17-03, 09:29 AM
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I saw Miles his sophomore year of high school and his game hasn't changed much, imo. All he did then was dunk, rebound and block and that is all he still can do to an extent. He didn't have a shot then and he doesn't now.

In regards to Dunleavy, he was stupid for leaving school a year early. I understand he was drafted as a lottery pick, but I still think he needed to develop more and take another year dominating at the college level before turning pro. I hope it doesn't take as long as it did for Jermaine O'neal to break out, but I guess that is better than not breaking out at all.

clsmooth71, how did Antawn Jamison look to you? He's having another good year and I was just wondering how his play looked to you. I wish his rebounding numbers were a little higher where I think they could be.
Old 01-18-03, 08:15 PM
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Do you think they'll take Kareem Rush and Pergo for Miles?

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