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Have you ever made a really good sports prediction?

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Have you ever made a really good sports prediction?

Old 01-15-03, 08:39 PM
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Have you ever made a really good sports prediction?

Like something crazy that would rarely happen? Or is unlikely to happen?

For instance, last year I called the entire NFL playoffs (yes even with the Pats winning), and then this year I called that San Diego won't make the playoffs, when they were 7-1 or something like that.

Anyone got anything?
Old 01-15-03, 09:08 PM
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The Bucs beating the Eagles this weekend. Oh yes, it will happen.
Old 01-15-03, 09:12 PM
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Boot eating crow this weekend. Oh yes, it will happen.
Old 01-15-03, 09:25 PM
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I predicted that the bears would go 3-13 after going 13-3. They ended up with 4 and 12 this season, not exactly correct, but close
Old 01-15-03, 09:33 PM
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recent small prediction: during the OT of the Titans/Steelers game, after Pittsburgh called the timeout and Nedney kicked the FG anyway, setting off the fireworks prematurely - I turned to my wife and said "that's the worse case of bad karma I've ever seen - I guarantee he misses the real kick". Of course, if I was a true seer, I would have called the roughing the kicker penalty, too.

Best prediction I've seen was in the late summer on the footballguys.com message board, where one guy pretty much nailed the demise of the Rams in detail and said they would start out with a bunch of losses and not make the playoffs. After about 40-50 posts ripping on the guy, the season started and there were a lot of people apologizing to him.
Old 01-15-03, 09:56 PM
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Certainly not the most impressive prediction, but I remember back in high school picking California over Duke in the NCAAs. duke, like always, was dominant but I think they were coming off back-to-back titles at that point.

I had watched Jason Kidd play in high school though and was so impressed, I decided to pick Cal since he and Lamond Murray among others were there. No one believed me. Must have bet at least 10 people cal would win. And when they did, it felt so good. Not only cause I was right, but because it was Duke losing. One of my favorite sports moments.
Old 01-15-03, 09:59 PM
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The year of the NBA lockout I predicted a Spurs/Knicks finals at the end of the previous season.
Old 01-15-03, 10:06 PM
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I said Duke would win by 10 when they played Arizona in the NCAA Basketball Championship and they did.
Old 01-16-03, 07:34 AM
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In my Bowl pool we had to pick winners and over/under on the games. Tiebreaker was total points in National Championship game. I picked OSU to win and took over 50.5 points. For total points in the game, I chose 55. Of course the final was OSU over Miami 31-24.
Old 01-16-03, 07:58 AM
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My best actual bets were taking the 'Field' as 1st to score a TD in the last 2 Super Bowls. I believe the payouts on these were 7-1 or 8-1.

My best prediction was made in 1984 after the Colts left Baltimore. Knowing how inept that the Irsays were at running an NFL franchise, I predicted that a Baltimore NFL team would win a Super Bowl before the Colts ever did. It looked like a bleak prediction as Baltimore sat idle w/o a franchise for over 10 years. Then it looked even more bleak when Manning led to the Colts to a 13-3 record in 1999. Fortunately the Colts choked and the Ravens came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl the next season.
Old 01-16-03, 09:20 AM
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In 1985 while a mere 13 year old in 8th grade I predicted that Villanova would win the NCAA tournament just before it started. They had played very well in the tournament in the years leading up to that so I just had a feeling about them. If only I had been old enough to make it to Vegas back then No other prediction I've made has even been in the ballpark with that one.
Old 01-16-03, 09:28 AM
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<small>Report this post to Classicman2</small>
Old 01-16-03, 01:12 PM
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Back in the '80's I called the infamous Packers/Bears asterisk/replay 13-7 game. The whole was the "Majik man" over the line or not touchdown pass to Sterling Sharpe. Granted, the Bears still think they won that game.........

Given how 'good' (term used lightly) the Packers were back then, that certainly fits in the "unlikely to happen?" category.
Old 01-16-03, 01:41 PM
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Well, there were two things related to horse racing...

the First time wasn't really MY prediction, it was the weekly wrestling columnist for the Friday edition of the NY Daily News. At the beginning of his column, he made some offhand remark about the derby on the following Sunday. He said his "aunt" Thelma told him who to bet on. I figured he was full of sh*t [not to mention I know NOTHING about horse racing -- just what I saw on the Simpsons ]. The following Monday I saw the result. Needless to say, the next time his aunt makes a prediction...

the Second time was the recent race where the horse that was expected to finish dead last -- won. I figured why the hell not put a $5 or $10 down on the opposite of what everyone's expecting. But, I surfed around for info on how to bet, got sidetracked by pr0n or something else [which frequently happens], & just totally forgot about it. I don't remember what the odds were but let's just say that the next time there's a race, i'll try to control my ADD.
Old 01-16-03, 01:44 PM
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Bushdog will tell you who will win the Super Bowl.
Old 01-16-03, 01:54 PM
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After a dismal 15 wins for the Clippers in 1999-2000. I predicted before the start of the 2000-2001 season they would double their total wins from the previous. They won 31. When asked if they were going to win 45 games in 2001-2002, I said they won't win 40. They won 39.
Old 01-16-03, 02:16 PM
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Last May I predicted a Twins-Giants World Series. Came pretty close
Old 01-21-03, 10:16 AM
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Well, let me start by saying that I don't follow any major league sports at all and know pretty much nothing about football-(shocker to some I know) . One time though back in the early 90's while in college, our apartment complex had a contest to see who could come closest to guessing the final score for the super bowl. All I remember is the cowboys were playing. I entered some wacked out score of them winning by a mile, and sure enough, I got a knock on my door after the game and was handed a $50 gift certificate because out of all the college jocks (OSU) in the entire 9-story building, I guessed the closest score. Turns out my ignorance of the game really paid off that day.
Old 01-21-03, 10:31 AM
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Old 01-21-03, 11:54 AM
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Yeah actually.

When the playoffs first started, I told my friend it was going to be a Jolly Roger Superbowl..

When it came down to 4 teams and Raiders/Bucs were still there...I was pretty sure it was going to come true.
Old 01-21-03, 12:17 PM
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I predicted that the Bucs would win 24-10 last sunday. I came pretty close.
Old 01-22-03, 06:51 AM
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back in 91 or 90, I had an incredible march madness bracket. I had 30 of the first 32 games, and 15 out of hte sweet 16. I think 7 out of the 8 final 8 and all 4 final fours. There were over 80 people in this pool and i had won the thing when the final 8 was decided (cause i had so many teams left, I couldn't lose). I didn't win much money, but for a split second i seemed pyschic to all my idiot friends.

I never won before that and I haven't been close sense. I guess we call get lucky once in our lives. Just wish it would have been with the powerball drawing, but whatever.

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