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GuessWho 01-13-03 03:39 PM

WWE Raw 1/13


Victoria, Trish and Jackie will square off in a Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Women's Championship Match.

Jerry "the King" Lawler will step take on one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, William Regal

Lance Storm will battle Booker T.

Test teams with Maven to face D'Lo Brown and Christopher Nowinski

weargle 01-13-03 03:48 PM

1. Unless there's blood, it ain't hardcore.
2. Brass knuckles anyone?
3. I'll mark out for a Spineroony anytime
4. Down with the brown? Whachutalkinboutwillis?

Dr. DVD 01-13-03 06:24 PM

I am more interested in what Vince will do/say. Hopefully he will annoucne the end of the roster split, but that is wishful thinking. :(

Dr. DVD 01-13-03 09:03 PM

Nope, Vince did absolutely nothing but threaten to fire Eric Bischoff in thirty days. (Like he's actually going to do something that will make an impact.)

PixyJunket 01-13-03 09:07 PM


Rogue588 01-13-03 09:30 PM

First let me say I love, love, love Trish. [did I mention that I loved Trish?]

But that "hardcore" match bit.


I knew someone was going to come out to "save" her, but...the Hurricane? :yack:

I think she worked best with Bubba.

Oh...lemme go...the bench press challenge is about to begin...-rolleyes-

devilshalo 01-14-03 12:59 AM

30 days to get Austin or Goldberg to show up on RAW.. hmm..

Y2K Falcon 01-14-03 07:55 AM

So what was his "big announcement" about the 10 year special??? -rolleyes-

AndyCapps 01-14-03 08:30 AM

Originally posted by devilshalo
30 days to get Austin or Goldberg to show up on RAW.. hmm..
Or to get the Biggest Icon in Sports Entertainment History to dial down the center.

Macho Man: "Ooooooh yeaaaaah. I'd like to make a collect call to ..."

Hogan: "Listen dude. You need to go home, pick up the phone, and dial 10-10-220. I'll loan you a dollar brother."

Bischoff: "Now wait a second Great One. You want him to go alllll the way home to dial 10-10-220? He needs to just dial down the center and save a buck or two."

Austin: "Dial down the center? Now ain't that cute? I'm surprised you didn't dial down the ****ing center and stick me with the charges instead of firing my ass through FedEx you piece of ****."

Bischoff: "Hey, you mean I could have fired you for free, and stuck you with the charges? I could have dialed down the center, and saved you a buck or two. I'll have to remember that next time."

Macho Man: "Ooooooh Yeah. I like the idea of saving a buck or two, since I've only got a few left."

Hogan: "It's all about the training, the prayers, and the dialing down the center. This way I don't have to do anymore commercials with Alf. Uh oh, that Carrottop dude dials down the center. Wait! Brother T dials down the center too."

Bischoff: "Whew, Vince will be so proud."

Austin: "Proud? How proud will you be when I put this boot up your ass?"

Bischoff: "Wait, I got the Biggest Icon in Sports Entertainment to dial down the center, AND I'm bringing Austin back since he'll have his foot stuck in my ass. I'm a genius!"

PixyJunket 01-14-03 09:02 AM


GuessWho 01-14-03 09:14 AM

The Jericho/Michaels stuff is gold.

mkdevo 01-14-03 10:26 AM

call me crazy, but i was looking forward to seeing the bench press competition.. too bad it didn't happen..

and rogue - i'm with you. i love trish as well..

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