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Toad 01-12-03 05:08 PM

Is there a way to find out how many players from a particular school play in the NFL?
Or any professional sport for that matter, but I'm primarily concerned with NFL.

A buddy told me that either Florida or Miami had the most active players in the NFL at like 20 or something, which I thought to be relatively a low number.

If anyone knows of a website I'd appreciate it!

twikoff 01-12-03 05:12 PM

that doesnt seem right

I know that on opening day of the 2000 season, auburn had 31 players in the nfl
and Im pretty sure I heard that tennessee had more than that

Toad 01-12-03 05:16 PM

Yeah, I spoke before I searched. ;)

I just found that as of opening day 2002, the breakdown was this:

1. Florida 41
2. Notre Dame 40
3. Michigan 38
Florida State 38
5. Georgia 36
6. Miami 35
7. Tennessee 33
8. Nebraska 30
9. Ohio State 28
Penn State 28
Texas A&M 28
Wisconsin 28


twikoff 01-12-03 05:17 PM

for 2002, I count 32 auburn players in the nfl

so that list may not be 100% accurate

Toad 01-12-03 07:49 PM

The list may not be 100% accurate now -- but it doesn't claim to be. The list I found was for opening day rosters. I count four players from your list who seem to have taken at least 2001 off --- so perhaps they weren't picked up until after opening day.

That would put Auburn at 28, if that is indeed the way it worked.

Trelach24 01-13-03 02:53 AM

If you go to the NFL section of CBSSportsline they have an "alumni tracker" link on the left side of the screen. You can look up every team and see how many players they have in the NFL. (again probably isn't 100% accurate)

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