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hahn 01-10-03 06:52 PM

Yao & Mini-me commercial (Apple)
yeah, the commerical wasn't really sports related, but i got a big kick out of it anyhow. thought for sure they were gonna show Yao watching Austin Powers 2.

tofu 01-10-03 07:03 PM

i haven't seen it but that sounds hilarious :D

namja 01-10-03 08:05 PM

Watch it here. It's cute.


the aftermath 01-10-03 11:09 PM

hehe, nice commercial :)

The Cow 01-10-03 11:35 PM

Cute.. Seems like they could have done so much more with those 2 though...

Blake 01-11-03 02:04 AM

Pretty cool commercial - I'm just getting sick of Jeff Goldblum.

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