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HistoryProf 01-08-03 02:59 AM

Nolan Richardson III to be fired for pulling Gun in Practice
I don't have a link for the story, so if someone can provide it please do so.....

I saw on Sportscenter tonight that Nolan Richardson III - the former AK coach's son - pulled a gun on an assistant in a practice a few weeks ago. I believe the school was Middle Tennessee St. - where he has gone somewhere's around 20-40 in 2+ years. So you think Pops learned him good with all those people skills? I'm not sure why i found this so amusing, but it certainly seems rather telling considering dad's continuing tantrums.

wildcatlh 01-08-03 08:44 AM

He makes his dad look sane. And that's saying a lot.

Dead 01-08-03 09:13 AM

I did a bit of searching and came up with this. I can't be sure it's the same incident because it isn't dated.

Nolan Richardson III suspended indefinitely

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee State has suspended basketball coach Nolan Richardson III indefinitely for an undisclosed violation of university policy.

Richardson, the son of former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson, was suspended Friday and did not travel with the team to Ohio State for Saturday's game.

The suspension, first reported by Nashville television stations and The Tennessean newspaper, was confirmed by the university in a statement Saturday.

Assistant Hosea Lewis was to fill in as coach for the Tigers (2-5).

The NCAA is investigating the program for rules violations under Richardson. The inquiry involves allegations of impermissible practice out of season, providing extra benefits to recruits and unethical conduct by a coach.

Richardson is 23-41 since he was hired at Tennessee State in April 2000. He played two seasons at Oklahoma State and was an assistant under his father at Arkansas from 1991 to 2000.

Y2K Falcon 01-08-03 09:29 AM

Yeah, he *allegedly* pulled a gun. But they only got rid of them because they didn't want a black coach.

HistoryProf 01-08-03 12:42 PM

Here's one with a nice headline ;) So he freely admits it, but thinks it was no big deal because there wasn't a clip in the gun - nevermind the crowbar he brought along as well! What a nutjob....


Nolan's son on firing line

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Tennessee State wants to fire basketball coach Nolan Richardson III, who told campus police he brought a gun into the gym after an argument with an assistant coach on Christmas night.

Richardson, son of former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson, was indefinitely suspended on Dec. 26. Athletic director Teresa Phillips said he was suspended "pending termination proceedings." Phillips filed a complaint with university police that was obtained by The Associated Press yesterday. Bringing a weapon on the campus violates Tennessee law and is grounds for immediate dismissal. Only four Tigers showed up for practice Christmas night, and Richardson was upset that more did not attend, the report said. He blamed it on a misunderstanding by assistant coach Hosea Lewis. Richardson told campus police Lewis hit him with a gym bag, which contained some chain for a scoreboard.

"Then he said, 'Come on.' Then I said, 'Okay, I'll be back,"' Richardson wrote in his statement to police. "Went to my car to get a crow bar and saw my gun there and I took it. But it had no clip or anything."

Assistant coach Christopher Graves told police he saw Richardson put what looked to be a gun in the pocket of his sweat shirt. His written statement said Richardson asked where Lewis was because he "had something for him." After Richardson left, Graves said he drove Lewis around for up to 45minutes before returning to pick up Lewis' car.

Richardson's father was fired last March after 17 years at Arkansas. He filed a lawsuit last month contending he was discriminated against because he is black and asked to be reinstated.

Here's another link with various other stories....

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