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twikoff 01-01-03 09:52 AM

NFL MVP: Rich Gannon

Gannon went on to set NFL records for completions (418), 300-yard games (10) and consecutive 300-yard games (six), and he also led the league in passing yards (4,689) and attempts (618). His 26 touchdowns tied for fifth, and his 1.6 interception percentage ranked third.

lesterlong 01-01-03 10:52 AM

Should of been Derrick Brooks. :)

Iron Chef 01-01-03 11:50 AM

Congrats to Gannon.

TaTTooD 01-01-03 11:51 AM

excellent....he sure as hell deserved it :)

all thats left now is superbowl mvp and the probowl mvp, again :D

Da Thrilla 01-01-03 02:31 PM

At least McNair was voted #3 :up:

Xytraguptorh 01-01-03 05:58 PM

I'd like to see Gannon play (and win) with the same injuries that McNair has had. I actually wish they'd wait till after the playoffs to decide MVP anyway.

Myster X 01-02-03 12:36 AM

Damn right he deserves it. :up:

Bushdog 01-02-03 01:13 AM

Originally posted by Da Thrilla
At least McNair was voted #3 :up:
Pennington shoulda been ahead of him.

DumDum 01-02-03 01:50 AM

Originally posted by TaTTooD
excellent....he sure as hell deserved it :)

all thats left now is superbowl mvp and the probowl mvp, again :D

:thumbsup: Although nobody gives a ratsass about the last one :D

Josh H 01-02-03 11:46 AM

No brainer.

He has the numbers and the "value." Without his precision and field smarts the Raiders wouldn't even be in the playoffs, much less be the top seed.

Jericho 01-02-03 03:07 PM

I've got no problem with Gannon winning it, but the rest of the votes were pretty lame if you ask me. Priest Holmes got 1 vote? Ricky Williams got zero? Marvin Harrison and his records got 0?

I mean Ilike Brett Favre and think he's an awesome player, but to suggest he's the 2nd best player in the NFL this year is a big stretch IMO. He's certainly had his struggles. Of course there's the argument of best vs. valuable, but then again everyone thought McNabb was so valuable until Philly wins without him.

I personally think the value thing is BS, as most people assign value on what they perceive will happen, but then A.J. Feeley comes in and wins all but 1 game for Philly.

Goat3001 01-02-03 04:46 PM

:up: Excellent choice

db27 01-02-03 09:47 PM


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