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PixyJunket 12-26-02 03:49 PM

WWE Smackdown 12/26/02
Wow.. 3 o'clock and no preview yet.. :(

Da Thrilla 12-26-02 04:28 PM

SmackDown! preview for Dec. 26, 2002

A GIANT WWE Championship Match is on tap for the day-after-Christmas edition of SmackDown!, airing tonight at 8 p.m./7 CT on UPN!

Last week, after Kurt Angle introduced Paul Heyman as his new agent, Heyman abruptly canceled the Angle-Brock Lesnar clash that Angle had promised Brock for tonight's show. Instead, Heyman announced that Angle would be defending the title against his other client, and the former champion, the Big Show! Will Angle be able to survive this GIANT challenge?

The WWE Tag Team Championship will also be on the line, as Los Guerreros defend against Billy Kidman & Edge!

Crash takes on the man who he teamed up with last week, Bill DeMott, in one-on-one action. DeMott assaulted his tag team partner last week, so Crash will no doubt be out for revenge tonight.

In other singles competition, B-2 -- accompanied by his sidekick, John Cena -- will step into the ring with Rikishi!

Plus, when SmackDown! kicks off tonight, we'll be just one week away from the wedding of Dawn Marie and Al Wilson. What will these two lovebirds be up to tonight? What will Al's daughter, Torrie Wilson, have to say about the whole ordeal? Torrie is at SmackDown! tonight, and the SmackDown! No. 1 announcer, Funaki, plans an exclusive interview with her.

Don't miss all the action, tonight on UPN.

Rogue588 12-26-02 07:53 PM


What's up with Rey? I know the storyline had to do with Albert f'n his knee up...but is this true?

I realize that wrestling's fake, staged, scripted, whatever -eek-...but i'm just curious about this.

El Talon Del Monstruo 12-26-02 10:58 PM

Rey Jr has REALLY bad knees (he has had like 14 operations or something) and this was an excuse to get him off TV to get the operation done

PixyJunket 12-27-02 08:27 AM

Damn, I fell asleep at 5.. sounds like I missed a pretty good episode. :(

Da Thrilla 12-27-02 09:33 PM

I hope they keep the belt on Kurt Angle a while. Or at least until WrestleMania. He's the best wrestler on Smackdown!

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