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Bill Parcells : Next coach in Dallas?

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Bill Parcells : Next coach in Dallas?

Old 12-21-02, 06:57 PM
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Bill Parcells : Next coach in Dallas?

Old 12-21-02, 07:40 PM
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I deleted my dupe thread:

There have been rumors late this week about Bill Parcells talking with Jerry Jones about the job in Dallas. Considering Bill Parcells' name comes up in almost every coaching search, from Div II college to the NFL, I never pay much heed to it. However, this conversation sure makes me think that something might be brewing.

Jerry Jones said this week that he would relinquish his on-field responsibilities for the right coach.

Complete transcript of interview with Parcells and Mort of ESPN

Bill Parcells interview transcript

This is a transcript of Bill Parcells on ESPN News discussing his meeting with Jerry Jones on Wednesday. Parcells confirmed the meeting, but said there was no talk about a job offer.

Chris Mortensen: Confirm that you met. What happened at this meeting on Wednesday with Jerry Jones?

Bill Parcells: We just talked a little bit about philosophy, a little bit about football, frankly about the Cowboys, NFL, the way the league was structured now, things of that nature. I've had conversations with this man about these things before. So this isn't the first time I ever talked with him. I've spoken with him on occasion before about this kind of thing.

Mortensen: It's no secret that Jerry Jones might be looking for a coach. Did you discuss the possibility of becoming the next Cowboys coach?

Parcells: He inquired as to whether I thought I might go back to coaching or not or would I consider going back to coaching. But he didn't specifically ask me, 'Would I coach again or would you coach the Cowboys?' And I didn't get the idea that he was sure about what he was going to do.

Mortensen: And how did you respond to his question as to whether you were interested in coaching again?

Parcells: I told him it would have to be the absolute, right situation. I think I'm at the point now, I had some things in my life in the past, but I'm past. If it was absolutely the right situation, and they're aren't many of those out there, I might think about it.

Mortensen: Would the Cowboys be the right situation?

Parcells: I don't know. We didn't really get to the depth of what I would have to get to, to answer that accurately.

Mortensen: Well how did the meeting come about in the first place?

Parcells: He called me on Tuesday night and asked me if he could come up and talk to me. He flew up Wednesday and I said 'OK.'

Mortensen: Just the sight of, thinking, you and Jerry Jones, even if it's a lark, what makes you think you and Jerry Jones could work together?

Parcells: Well, I don't know. We'd have to discus all of that. But I know one thing about the guy. He wants to win. And I wouldn't consider going to an organization that doesn't have that kind of attitude and I think we both know a lot of people pay lip service to that in the NFL. But the effort to do so isn't on the forefront everywhere. I think the effort to win is in Dallas.

Mortensen: Well let's get into this right circumstances a little bit more now. Jerry Jones is very actively involved. He's the general manager of the Cowboys. Will you need control of personnel if you take another coaching job?

Parcells: No. I wouldn't need anything. I've never needed that. A lot of people think that's been my history. I've been called a control freak. The only time I've ever been a control freak is when I had people around me I didn't think were as competent as what I needed. Now if I've got people around me that are competent and getting me the players that I need, and there are several, and I had a guy Dick Haley at the Jets that I felt 100 percent confident in what he said personnel wise. So I listened to him very, very strongly when it came to those things. So if I have somebody around me that I know is trying to do the same thing I'm doing and philosophically is compatible with me, that's all I need.

Mortensen: There's not a lot of people in the league who think Jerry Jones is competent as a general manager?

Parcells: Well, I don't know about that either. But I think that if someone would understand what I'm looking for as a coach and players and then had the wherewithal and the determination to try to do it, I think that could be something that might work.

Mortensen: How would you respond to critics, and there's no doubt there's going to be some critics coming out of the woodwork here, who say it's inherently wrong for you to be having a discussion with a team or the Cowboys when a guy like Dave Campo still has the job with a couple of games left.

Parcells: Well now wait a minute. This is America. I didn't say we specifically talked about the job. We talked about philosophy, the NFL, the Cowboys in particular, but there was no job offered here. And to say there was would be very, very premature and I have no idea whether there will be.

Mortensen: Have you talked to him since that meeting on the phone? Do you have plans to talk again?

Parcells: No. We made no plans.

Mortensen: This whole concept again, getting back to the right circumstances, you're obviously open to coaching again. So right now basically, if there's an NFL owner out there that says, 'I've got the right circumstances for Bill Parcells.' He should call you then?

Parcells: No. I wouldn't say that. It would have to be something very, very specific and I think there are only limited places that I would even consider. And I would tell you, if I was thinking about coaching, I wouldn't be just limited to professional football. You could go to college football, you could go to high school. You know, I like football. I'm a football guy. You know that, you've known me for 20 years. That's what I like.

Mortensen: Let's talk about that. You're name was linked to the Alabama job ...

Parcells: [Interrupts] Now that wasn't true. OK. That was not true. So I don't know where exactly that came from, but that wasn't true. And sometimes you get a little defenseless [defensive] when you're in a position like I've been in.

Mortensen: What would be appealing to going off to colleges? You can't win the Super Bowl at a college.

Parcells: Well, I would say that you could win a conference championship, you could get in the BCS, you could win a national championship. And those things are all satisfying to coaches. In high school, you could win your conference, you could be state champions, you know, you could do things. That's what football people like to do.

Mortensen: You sound like a guy, to me, who's ready to coach again. Why didn't you do it last year when you had the opportunity to coach the Buccaneers?

Parcells: Well, I just wasn't ready to do it. And I'm not saying I'm ready now. I don't know whether I'm ready. No one's offered me a job. So I don't know.

Mortensen: Do you anticipate somebody's going to offer you a job?

Parcells: I don't know, you'd have to talk those people about it. I don't know. I have no idea.

Mortensen: Well, this latest dance no doubt is going to jeopardize your chances of making the Hall of Fame. How do you feel about that?

Parcells: I have no control over that. OK. I have no control over that. And if that's the way it is, so be it.

Mortensen: Best guess, are you going to coach again next season?

Parcells: No, I don't know that. I don't know, Chris, I really don't know at this point whether I will or not.
Old 12-21-02, 08:28 PM
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well.. since bama didnt want him.. i guess thats the next choice

Old 12-22-02, 10:10 AM
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I'm a huge Dallas fan and a Bill Parcells fan.

But I don't want this to happen. I'd rather see Bill Parcells work a miracle in Cincinnati or some other god awful team.

2 egos larger than life together spells trouble
Old 12-22-02, 10:20 AM
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I think it is unlikely. I think if Bill was going to come back, he would have taken the Tampa job last year.

However, if it does, I know who the most jealous guy in the world will be...Daniel Snyder.
Old 12-22-02, 01:47 PM
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As a Cowboys fan I have mixed feelings about the prospect of Parcells coming in. On the one hand it's great that Jones is actually considering hiring a "real" coach and not a puppet whose every play call he can control. On the other hand I could see Parcells coming in for two years tops and then quitting again (Pats and Jets fans know all about that). Still, even if he only comes in for that short amount of time, it will be a giant leap forward from Dave Campo.
Old 12-22-02, 04:15 PM
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Seems like this is close to becoming a reality. Rumor has it that all that needs to be ironed out is the monetary requirements.
Old 12-22-02, 04:26 PM
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I think it is pretty clear that Jones is going to fire Campo. And Parcelles joining is a good possibility. You don't talk for five hours about nothing
Old 12-23-02, 01:12 PM
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Originally posted by Da Thrilla
You don't talk for five hours about nothing
Not unless you're on the floor of the US House of Reps!
Old 12-23-02, 01:20 PM
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Originally posted by Rainman15
Not unless you're on the floor of the US House of Reps!
Old 12-26-02, 12:51 PM
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Originally posted by Dubya
As a Cowboys fan I have mixed feelings about the prospect of Parcells coming in. On the one hand it's great that Jones is actually considering hiring a "real" coach and not a puppet whose every play call he can control. On the other hand I could see Parcells coming in for two years tops and then quitting again (Pats and Jets fans know all about that). Still, even if he only comes in for that short amount of time, it will be a giant leap forward from Dave Campo.
I'm also a fan and could not agree more. Jerry MUST be the man. But he did stay out of Jimmy's way up untill things didn't go well AND Jerry wasn't getting the credit he thought he deserved.

I'm HOPING that if JERRY could bring in some HIGH powered COACH, a real go getter, then Jerry MAY back off and just take the credit for bringing the guy in, BUT let him run it. At least for a while.

HOWEVER, I'm afraid Parcells and going to back out and/or is using Dallas to get other offers. I'm thinking Norv Turner will get the job. Which, while I like Norv, would rather see someone completely different (someone never associated with the boys). H

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