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RoyalTea 12-19-02 08:22 PM

women's ... college ... volleyball
how anyone cannot love this stuff is something I'll never understand.

The hidden jewel in college sports (besides's D-I hockey).

Stanford v. Hawaii - 1st semifinal
Southern Cal v. Florida - 2nd semifinal

man, I love those tight shorts.

Copenhagen 12-19-02 08:28 PM

Yeah I've been watching since the Sharks were getting pounded.

tight shorts = :drool:

devilshalo 12-19-02 08:51 PM

nice to see the rematch of stanford vs. hawaii... considering it was hawaii's only loss this season. i'll never understand the rankings tho... hawaii ends up 2nd overall but draw a 6th seed during the tournament? wtf? anyways, i hope they defeat stanford. my only complaint about them this year is that they don't feed the middle enough... but when you have kahumoku and willoughby, i guess you don't need to run quicks.

TruGator 12-19-02 09:31 PM

Go Gators!!

clemente 12-19-02 10:03 PM

Go Trojans!

RoyalTea 12-19-02 10:06 PM

Originally posted by clemente
Go Trojans!
actually, they're called the "Women of Troy"

McHawkson 12-19-02 10:11 PM

Oh, yeah, I love women volleyball.....

HistoryProf 12-19-02 11:48 PM

who is the Stanford player that Stu Salisbury has a hard-on for? he was going on and on about her while talking to Casey Jacobson yesterday on the radio....and i'll preempt any other responses with the obligatory.....


clemente 12-20-02 12:08 AM

Logan Tom!!!!
Damn she's hot. I sadly have no pics, but I watched the game and although I have no love for Stanford, I'm glad they advanced because that's one more nationally televised game for them.

Tea, I know they're the Women of Troy, but it doesn't fit into the "GO X" cheer to well.

Y2K Falcon 12-20-02 12:26 AM

Worst. Thread. Ever.

kneijst1 12-20-02 08:27 AM

no pics!!! me no likey....

RoyalTea 12-20-02 09:41 AM


devilshalo 12-21-02 08:05 PM

congrats USC...

clemente 12-22-02 03:49 AM


Congratulations to the Women of Troy, National Champions!!

matrixrok9 12-22-02 04:14 AM

So where's the pic of Logan Tom? She's so hot!

namrfumot 12-22-02 03:52 PM

i dig the braids in their hair...

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