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How are your Fantasy Sports Teams doing?

Old 12-04-02, 02:00 AM
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How are your Fantasy Sports Teams doing?

My two 2 dvdtalk football pickems are bad, about half the people aren't participating anymore.

I have 3 yahoo football leagues and am in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. I still have no decent TE in any of them.

I have 2 yahoo basketball leagues and am in 5th(roto) and 1st(h2h). My head to head league I drafted badly but picked up McKie, A. Williams, Dampier, Ming, Harpring & Wagner along the way.
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Old 12-04-02, 07:55 AM
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I'm in the lead going into the playoffs for the expensive fantasy football league I'm in (winner gets $350+).

In the other, I've gone from 2nd to 5th in three weeks, I'm in danger of missing the playoffs, and I'm still 3rd in total points. How does that happen?

In the office pool, I've won twice, but my average pick total is under 60% each week.

In the DVD talk pickem...well, we won't talk about that until I creep into the top 3.
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Old 12-04-02, 09:33 AM
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Tied for second in both football leagues (at 9-4), although both teams have suffered a lot of injuries the last couple, not leaving much to work with in players.

In the dvdtalk basketball, I'm in first. (although probably not for long)
EDIT: I forgot survivor. I'm in the final 3, although this week didn't look to good, need a good score this coming weekend to make sure I dont' get the boot.

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Old 12-04-02, 11:10 AM
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For football: Dead last in one, first in the other

For basketball: Dead last in one, first in the other

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Old 12-04-02, 12:39 PM
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In football, I have made the playoffs in the last position for the DVDTalk league, and my 3 year keeper ESPN league. I am also kicking your butt in the pickem. I screwed up and used the name DVDTalk instead of kvrdave, though.

Basketball is okay.
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Old 12-04-02, 12:46 PM
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12-1 on my non-keeper yahoo fantasy football league. it woulda been sweet if it was a keeper league too, since I had McNabb, Holmes, Portis and Harrison!!! I'm going into the playoffs next week looking for revenge on the one team that beat me during the year.
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Old 12-04-02, 03:27 PM
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in my 1 yahoo bball league...1st!
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Old 12-04-02, 03:27 PM
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in a 20 team league i might add....
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Old 12-04-02, 06:05 PM
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Im in a CNN league where winner gets 2 grand and im in first place with the most points,playoffs start weekend after next and I cant wait. leagues im in 1st,3rd and last place in 3 of my leagues.
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Old 12-04-02, 06:45 PM
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9-4 in one FF league - 4th seed in the playoffs starting this weekend.

5-8 in my other FF league - no playoffs.
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Old 12-05-02, 09:44 AM
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I am only in one league (been in this one for 8 years now) and am tied for second at 10-3. Not that it matters, my brother will win it all like he has for the last 4 years.

Not sure how he does it, we even changed the rules so that he could not keep all the players that he had from the years prior to this one and he still adverages 100 points a week, while the rest of us are lucky to get 80. Argh! I just hope to make it into the finals, that way I can get some cash.
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Old 12-05-02, 10:39 AM
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It's weird. In the DVDTalk Real League, based on the number of points I have, I should still be in the playoffs, but barely ... instead I'm a #3 seed. In my other league ... I'm a clear second in the league in points, yet in 7th place (4 make the playoffs) with no shot at the playoffs.
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I didn't play dvdtalk fantasy basketball this year, but am in two yahoo leagues.

First league-In fifth and nose diving. 5 players on IL this week (well 4 plus the suspended Ricky Davis). Pretty much started over picking up some good players that were overlooked. Carlos Boozer for example.

Second in other-Will be in first soon. I've got the team where everyone says, "How the frig did this guy get all the good players?"

Ben Wallace
Mike Miller
Brad Miller
Ricky Davis

and I just added Dajuan Wagner.
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Old 12-05-02, 11:51 AM
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I have 4 yahoo fantasy bball teams. In two of them, I'm number one (but only demolishing the league in one of those two)
In the two DVDtalk leauges, I believe that I'm #4 and #6 (or 7)
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Old 12-05-02, 11:53 AM
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One division championship and two wild card spots in my football leagues. I usually get one or two, but this is the first year that all three are headed to the postseason.
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Old 12-05-02, 12:27 PM
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DVDTALK (League ID# 11712)


dvdtalk (League ID# 11428)

12th (dead last )

DVDTalk Fantasy League (League ID# 60767)

7th (out of 10)

DVDTalk Survivor (League ID# 114227)

Made it to the final four - then got the boot

Football Pick 'Em's:

DVDTalk (Group ID#: 28191, Members: 22)


DVDTalk w/ Spreads (Group ID#: 31110, Members: 17)


Miller Lite 6-Pack Pick 'em:

9th (out of17, but I stopped picking after I missed a week)


DVDTalk (League ID# 16325)

9th (out of 10)
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