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Original Desmond 12-01-02 08:33 PM

POWER is Useless without CONTROL
The Essence of many sports

The Tennis serve, the Golf drive and the break in Pool
Even Boxing

Can anyone name a sport where Uncontrolled Power is useful and control is unimportant ???

Iron Chef 12-01-02 08:35 PM

Air Racing.

Reno Air Races

lesterlong 12-03-02 04:36 PM

The Rams

IdgIe49 12-03-02 05:08 PM


Jabx 12-03-02 06:51 PM

mike tyson

twikoff 12-03-02 06:58 PM

rick ankiel?

zuffy 12-03-02 07:43 PM

weight lifting?

Real Estate Guy 12-04-02 08:04 AM

Originally posted by zuffy
weight lifting?
Not true AT ALL. Pure power without technique here is a sure recipe for a serious injury - take it from someone who knows. I have an older brother that tore his triceps muscle. Talk about an ugly, painful injury.

rabbit77 12-04-02 10:15 AM

Road raging?

Preacher 12-05-02 02:07 AM

Bad porn?

Ralph Wiggum 12-05-02 08:44 AM

Sack beatings?

Y2K Falcon 12-05-02 09:39 AM


Original Desmond 12-05-02 01:08 PM


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