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wwe: why brock lesnar

Old 10-20-02, 11:16 PM
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wwe: why brock lesnar

so brock came from nowhere, starts f5 (refresh, haha) people, defeats icons/legends. in other words, one of the biggest push in wrestling history. my question is why him? or was there a reason at all?

they (or should i say vince) could have just as easily picked some other newcomer at the time and pushed that person, such as randy orton or john cena. both those guys work hard and wrestle well. of course those guys wouldn't go around over powering people, but they could have been portrayed at dominated through their excellent athletic abilities or something.

so i keep wondering why brock? only few things come to mind that have been hinted at:

1) they wanted to do goldberg run story, and brock happen to be right place right time. his size and college wrestling background gave him more appeal for role

2) for some unknown reason favors got pulled for him.

3) rock and hogan have said they see how brock will carry wrestling in the future and how brock fits into vince's vision. how exactly? or is that all bull**** they're saying as the wwe still book on napkins.

4) brock has great athletic ability. i haven't seen this. at least nothing special. it's been mentioned brock can do a shooting star press, but he has yet to bust that out. his wrestling isn't particularly above other wwe wrestlers in terms of skill or entertainment, imo.

5) he has a great character. this is probably the most off-wall reason. whether you liked them or not, superstars like hogan, rock, stone cold, undertaker (as the undead), all had a unique character and presence. brock just kinda talks during interviews. (hhh, was left off the list because he has a better intro/water-spitting, than anything else; especially with the recent way he's single handedly bringing down raw, but that's another for another post).

so if anyone has any insights on why brock, i'd like to know.
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Old 10-20-02, 11:17 PM
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The guy was one of the scariest collegiate wrestlers ever. Dunno if you are very familiar with what he did on the mat with the Gophers, but if not, try and learn more. You may find the answer you seek.
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Old 10-20-02, 11:31 PM
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wow, fast reply. no don't know much of his college career aside from winning ncaa. have a link?

most interesting one i could find was this one:

so you believe they placed big bet on brock because of college reputation/success?

but still, he doesn't have a great in-ring presence, imo. do you think he wrestles any better than other current wwe stars? and also, how important would his college rep be to wwe fans? how many recognized brock when he first started jumping in rings to f5 people with heyman at his side. and they haven't advertised his college wrestling background that much. shoot, they've let us know chris newinsky (sp?) is from harvard more than brock's background

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Old 10-20-02, 11:45 PM
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His college rep would mean nothing to wrestling fans, which is what Vince wanted. Guys forfeited matches against Brock because they didn't want him to mess them up. He brought insanity to college wrestling. If he could do that for college, I'm sure they thought he would explode in the WWE. That hasn't really happened, but it's what they wanted.

I don't really watch wrestling, but I try and catch Brock matches because I was fan of him in the NCAA. He's really boring, he doesn't do the cool stuff he did in college. He doesn't shoot hard and tear guys up. I guess if you take a guy and don't let him use his incredible real skills then it takes away from what he does a lot. It's like taking a great hockey player and trying to make him a the world's best figure skater.

Brock would be better suited for real fighting, aka UFC/Pride/etc.

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Old 10-21-02, 01:21 AM
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Why Brock Lesnar? Because he's big and he looks right.

Vince McMahon couldn't come to terms with Goldberg, so he decided to create a new Goldberg. He needed somebody who could fit the suit and be the new Johnny Bravo (so to speak), and that guy was Lesnar. It has less to do with Lesnar per se, and more to do with fitting the suit.

I really think that it's that simple. Lesnar can be the big tough guy in the ring, and you can buy into him being the dominating monster that Goldberg was. He's nowhere near as good as Goldberg, but he looks the part and he's not as lame in the ring as other McMahon attempts at the big tough guy like Kurrgan, etc.

McMahon REALLY needs the REAL Goldberg at this point. The WWE is in big trouble, and only some better storylines AND good wrestling will save it.

If I was in charge I'd bring in Goldberg and Sting (as the "classic" Sting), and maybe get rid of a few people who aren't working their matches as hard as they should. (With Sting I'd have him warm up for a couple months in one of McMahon's minor/developmental wrestling organizations to get the ring rust off of him.)

A Sting VS The Rock feud would be great, as would Goldberg VS Stone Cold (is he even wrestling right now??) - hell, Goldberg VS Lesnar would be interesting (Goldberg could work him and take the title 3 or 4 matches into his WWE career).

Lesnar is really a poor man's Goldberg - but that's what McMahon created his character to be.
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Old 10-21-02, 01:22 AM
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I've been asking that question since his intro to the WWF. He may have a great "real" wrestling background\record, but as an entertainment persona, he sucks. He brings nothing new to the table, only has a couple moves thus far (yeah, so did Hogan and Rock, but they had great characters to go along with it), and no one I know that follows wrestling gives a dang about him. Ugh.
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I would love to see a Brock vs Angle match.
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Angle and Lesnar have wrestled before; it was backstage that started as horsing around that turned into a shoot. Evidently Lesnar got his ass handed to him on a silver platter (kind of like HHH getting the WCW belt handed to him, but that's another rant.)
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Lesnar is an amazing talent, but Taker is certainly not capable of working a style to bring that out. It's all about the current WWF Main Event Style. It has been the same for almost 5 years now. Brock and Kurt are talented enough to change it, but could anyone outside of a few mid-carders hang with them? It would certainly mean the end of Taker, Kane, HHH, Show, etc. being anywhere near the top of the card.
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Vince wanted another quick fix kind of like Angle. Also I have seen Lesnar in 2 house shows matches (1 singles, one tag with another kid from uofm) and those 2 matches were way better then anything he has done on tv right now. He has cruiserweight type moves that are insane done by him, ala Mike Awesome, and I keep hoping we will see them eventually.
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I'm in the camp thinking it was a "message" to Goldberg that if you don't sign with the WWE then we can create someone just like you. Unfortunatly, this is working for Lesnar no matter how hard the push.
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