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Show me the Monkey

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Show me the Monkey

I didn't post it to rub on Giants fans, I just found it interesting and decided to share with you guys.

I got it off from today's OC Register (by Stephen Lynch):



In July 2000, the Angels hired Katie, a white-face capuchin monkey who had previously starred on "Friends," to film promotional clips. She threw down caps of opposing teams and head up signs that said "Believe in the Power of the Rally Monkey."

"She's a bigger star than David Schwinner." one trainer said at the time.

These clips, plus others filmed later, are shown, along with movie scenes and animated monkeys, during rally times - usually to "Jump Around" by House of Pain.

If the timing is right - that is, one Angels player is on base, it's after the fifth inning, and the team is trailing - the Rally Monkey will make his appearance. If there's enough time (for instance, a pitching change), the entertainment folks will air one of their clever cinematic cameos on the Jumbotron. Here's a selection:

"Field of Dreams"
Kevin Costner sits in the bleachers with James Earl Jones, scoring a baseball game. He hears a voice, "If you make noise, he will come." Puzzled, Costner looks round. The crowd starts cheering. Cue the jumping monkey.

"The Hunt for Red October"
Sean Connery plays a grizzled Soviet submarine captain. Peering intently into the periscope, he sees our favorite primate. This clip was also used because of the "hunt for a Red October" slogan.

"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"
The hobbit Frodo and the elf queen Galadriel step forward to peer into the magic waters and see - who else?

"Risky Business"
The parents of Tom Cruise's character give a stern lecture on what not to do to the house when they're gone. "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" cranks up, but instead of Cruise in his underwear, in slides the monkey.

"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"
Captain Kirk scratches his chin and wonders what's going on. Red alerts sound. "Put him on screen," he hisses. There, something more formidable then Ricardo Montalban.

"Animal House"
John Belushi hops his ladder over to peer in the window of a sorority sister. But instead he gets an eyeful of simian.

"Jerry Maguire"
"Show me the monkey!" Tom Cruise screams into the phone. Eventually, he sees him.

"Star Wars"
Monkey. X-Wing. One blown-up Death Star.

Drew Barrymore wonders who is stalking her inside the house. Even more frightening than a knife-welding madman (at least to Major League Baseball teams), it's the monkey.


"The monkey jumps up and down, and it works. I've seen them come back to win... off me!" - Colorado Rockies reliever Todd Jones

"Every time they put the Monkey up there, fans start pointing, laughing, getting into it. It's loud. It gets crazy. And our hitters feed off the fans." - Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher

"Every time we go to their place, in the eighth or ninth inning, they always have a movie with him in it. I forget I'm playing; I crack up. I turn and watch the whole show." - Minnesota Twins center fielder Torii Hunter

"Whatever the fans enjoy, whatever makes them excited, I'm all for." - Angels center fielder Darin Erstad

"The Homer Hanky ain't going to do anything on its own. You can't just set it down and have it jump around. The Rally Monkey's awesome." - Twins first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz

"For this season, the Rally Monkey has been magical. In 2000 and 2001, it was like, come on. But this year, he has ignited the fans, and it has been a lot of fun. It brings the fans and the players together." - Angels broadcaster Rex Hudler

"I think it succeeded mostly because it's very un-Disney. It didn't come out with any big marketing campaign; it wasn't the cheerleaders or the Dixie band. It was very spontaneous." - Jim Hlavac,
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I thought monkeys were evil. Have the Angels sold their souls?
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