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BoatDrinks 10-14-02 02:10 PM

NHL fans: Greatest PURE GOAL SCORER in history?
We know that The Great One is greatest player ever, but who do you think is the greatest pure goal scorer ever and why?

Is it still Gretsky? Or Mario or Howe?

I'm thinking maybe Mike Bossy is up there. Nobody close to him in goals per season average.

KitchenSink 10-14-02 03:01 PM

Good call on Bossy. Gretzky can't be because he was the greatest puck-mover ever (passing/handling) so it has to go to someone else.

If Gretz or Lemieux were centering Bossy, he could've made triple digits.

devilshalo 10-14-02 03:14 PM

Pele.. oh wait.. NHL? i thought MLS :o Go Cosmos! ;)

shizawn 10-14-02 03:25 PM

Mike Bossy was the name that came to mind before I opened this thread.

Copenhagen 10-14-02 03:26 PM

Originally posted by devilshalo
Pele.. oh wait.. NHL? i thought MLS :o Go Cosmos! ;)
Don't you mean NASL?

wildcatlh 10-14-02 03:44 PM

Answered this way maybe because Bossy's best days were before I started really following hockey...

...but in my lifetime, Super Mario.

Nazgul 10-14-02 04:13 PM

I believe the NHL's award for the top goal scorer is named after Maurice "The Rocket" Richard.

eXcentris 10-14-02 05:44 PM

What I would call best "sniper", definitely Mike Bossy. Steve Shutt of the Habs also came to mind. Between 1975-80 he had seasons of 45, 60, 49, 37, and 47 goals. Not too shabby.

Pac-Rat 10-15-02 06:07 AM

Even though I'm an Isles fan and Bossy was my favorite player growing up, I've got to go with Mario. At times when Mario took a shot it was like there wasn't even someone minding the net.

gr8fuldave 10-15-02 09:25 AM

Rocket Richard, hands down no comparison. He carried a whole team and a whole province on his back.

The Governor 10-15-02 10:41 AM

Mario Lemieux. Just think if the NHL would have enforced the rules on holding, clutching, and grabbing during his glory years. His point and goal totals would have been crazy. That said, he proved last night that he is still a sniper and a crafty goal scorer.

Big Quasimodo 10-15-02 10:51 AM


Oh, wait....

The Governor 10-15-02 10:53 AM

Originally posted by Big Quasimodo

Oh, wait....


Big Quasimodo 10-15-02 11:00 AM

Originally posted by The Governor
The funny part about it was, after I posted (and THEN read the thread :o), I see that devilshalo had the EXACT SAME COMMENT!!!!

LurkerDan 10-15-02 12:19 PM

Originally posted by shizawn
Mike Bossy was the name that came to mind before I opened this thread.

dek 10-15-02 07:13 PM

Went with Bossy as well, but if I had to choose 1 of those players to build my franchise around, I would have picked Howe.

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