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bishop2knight 10-07-02 09:02 AM

Moving game time back tonight?
Due to the Presidential speach (I think he's on a 8 p.m. Eastern) tonight, will they be moving back the kickoff time for the MNF game between the PACKERS and bears?

Iron Chef 10-07-02 09:15 AM

I hope not. :eek:

dek 10-07-02 10:00 AM

Hrmm, I think it's because Mr Favre has a dancing date with a certain Mr Chef :D

Lateralus 10-07-02 10:58 AM

I think the speech is only going to last 20 min, that gives the networks 40 min to analyze and talk about the speech. I don't think MNF is going to be affected.

ChiTownAbs, Inc 10-07-02 12:53 PM

How dare the president of this country mess with Monday Night Football.

The nerve of him.


bishop2knight 10-07-02 02:45 PM

I think the President should show some support for the US and wear his cheesehead. :D Can you imagine? That'd be hilarious.

Red Dog 10-07-02 02:59 PM

Yeah but this will screw up my recording times for King of Queens and CSI: Miami.

grrrah 10-07-02 03:45 PM

how about moving it back till the end of the baseball game ;)

Pac-Rat 10-07-02 06:34 PM

None of the networks are covering the speech so the games are safe.

dvdsteve2000 10-07-02 06:50 PM

Delay Monday Night Football once, shame on you, Delay Mon...err, Shame on me...

mikehunt 10-07-02 07:34 PM

<font color="green">GO</font> <font color="yellow">PACK</font> <font color="green">GO</font>

Jackskeleton 10-07-02 07:45 PM

It's only 20 minutes guys.

GuessWho 10-08-02 09:55 AM

Ha! ABC didn't even bother carrying the adderss! Drew Carey Show was on instead :lol:

bishop2knight 10-08-02 10:17 AM


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