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  1. Eerie Coincidences
  2. Millions of Californians Will Go Dark in Biggest Fire Outage Yet
  3. Strange Google Maps observa
  4. Post Stuff That Makes You Laugh Honestly
  5. Vintage WWII B-17 crashes
  6. Dilemma: Thief at the Workplace Puts all Jobs at Risk... What Would You Do ?
  7. What's the funniest or strangest feedback you've seen or received on Ebay
  8. To tell time - Wrist watch or phone?
  9. Business neighbors are as bad as any other neighbors
  10. Thomas Middleditch claims swinging saved his marriage
  11. Those UFO videos are real, the Navy says
  12. A Wal-Mart in Dallas, Georgia, is offering low cost health care
  13. Another Neighbor Problem
  14. How come iPhone doesn't have any emojis for people who are gay?
  15. Would you abandon Earth to go live on a better hospitable planet?
  16. What activities do you refuse to do by youself?
  17. Mystery vaping/e-cig illness (6 deaths so far)
  18. That pair of jeans you've been wanting...
  19. Bank accidentally deposited $120,000 in a couple’s account. Couple charged with theft.
  20. School Me On Pensions
  21. Tarantebow
  22. Do you take anything to help you sleep?
  23. Whatever happened to Marie Callender Frozen Dinners(price and quality).
  24. I just hooked up my old VCR to record stuff off of the dish network cable box thingy
  25. It's 2019: Do you have up-to-date business cards, and do you actually use them?
  26. Hurricane Season 2019
  27. Now that women are on the front lines...
  28. Name Your Five Favorite Meals
  29. FEMA Craziness!
  30. Does your work block certain websites?
  31. Guy taste tests decades old food for Youtube channel
  32. Odd roadside pop-up
  33. Tinypic (image hosting service) = RIP
  34. Contactless Bank/Credit cards
  35. Man gets shot after attacking another man in parking lot. Victim arrested
  36. Famous former Pornstar/Model Jenni Lee homeless and living in Las Vegas underground tunnels
  37. Bella Thorne former Disney Channel star Directing a Porno on Pornhub
  38. Photoshop request- uncle sleeping
  39. 42 Facts About America That Really Freak Non-Americans Out
  40. Were long term bar tabs ever common or popular (like Norm on Cheers)?
  41. Plumbing help?
  42. Mabuse goes South
  43. Cheap Flight to NY/NJ Questions
  44. Water bears on the moon!!
  45. Score one for the financially irresponsible!
  46. "In the grocery store" or... Umm..."[Censored] store"?
  47. What's the biggest risk you have ever taken?
  48. Fast food joint: "I can sit where I want, it's public."
  49. Man at hospital for bladder surgery ends up with circumcised wiener instead
  50. need help with t-shirts
  51. I spent two days at Cedar Point
  52. Please help - Can not find where to post new thread
  53. Japan Approves Scientist's Plan to Create World's First Humanimals
  54. How old is your water heater?
  55. Tater Urinater
  56. 100 million impacted by Capital One data breach
  57. Arizona company piled up bodies and dismembered limbs instead of using them for research
  58. What's NOT in your house?
  59. What to do in Montreal?
  60. Fake celebrity meme quotes on social media... why?
  61. Flaming idiots.
  62. What to do in Philly in one day?
  63. It Was Fifty Years Ago Today ... One Small Step!
  64. What's your favorite salad dressing?
  65. Florida man tied up wife's lover, cut off penis with scissors, deputies say
  66. Porn news: Maitland Ward jumps into adult, Peter North is a wife beater
  67. What is this black strip inside my blu ray case?
  68. build up of gas causes huge messy explosion at restaurant - Surprisingly not Taco Bell....
  69. Little man goes on big rampage in bagel shop, or Height Talk... Randy Newman was right
  70. Man Bites Dog - Shockingly NOT Florida
  71. If polygamy was legal in the US would you live/support it?
  72. Average age of cars in the U.S. has hit a new record
  73. Twins
  74. My Fifth Grade Teacher Was A Sex Predator
  75. Things you try to stay current or "Up to speed" with
  76. Yet another travel thread: Gulf Shores, AL
  77. Alright. Which one of you is this?
  78. Let's talk hot sauces
  79. Lamest Food Pairings (Your ideas or real examples)
  80. I knew it, dogs make "puppy eyes" on purpose.
  81. I need an idea for a gift (manga).
  82. The portal question - Finally answered by a physicist
  83. Do spelling and grammar errors in threads hear annoy you or amuse you?
  84. Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to MMA Fight.
  85. Murder on my street overnight
  86. People who would not be immortalized or considered legends if they did not die early?
  87. shop vac, how much horse power?
  88. People map of the US where city names are replaced by most wikipedia’ed resident
  89. Have you picked up hitchhikers?
  90. Anyone use a Vileda mop?
  91. Who Pays for a Teenager's First Car?
  92. Walmart service to deliver groceries inside customers' homes
  93. D-Day 75th Anniversary
  94. I thought this site shutdown!
  95. YEAT - Receiving items daily that were never ordered
  96. Amazon sells fake memory cards
  97. Anyone here use the Robinhood app?
  98. I think I might have pissed off the Hells Angels.
  99. Illinois highway toll by plate and the fines you get. Vent
  100. What's the oddest thing that's getting thrown away when you die?
  101. Anyone have a Gorilla Gadget wireless charger?
  102. When did you start grunting while sitting/bending down?
  103. Stag and Hens party - what did you do?
  104. Anybody use CBD in some form?
  105. Do you ever wonder about the strangeness of forums like this?
  106. How do you feeling about people spoiling the ending of a TV Show or Movie?
  107. POLL: What is the best milkshake flavor?
  108. How much do you pay for auto insurance?
  109. Today is my nephew's high school graduation ceremony
  110. Ruby Chocolate coming to the United States
  111. Rear parking cameras are annoying.
  112. Old flames and nostalgia
  113. Having a tough time - Father passing away
  114. Inadvertent Eye Test
  115. PayPal Suspended Account
  116. Adriana Lima vs Minka Kelly
  117. How do lawn services work in rainy areas(NW USA ,etc)?
  118. Be honest...do you like to read for pleasure?
  119. Do You Get Any Subscription Boxes?
  120. 2019 eBay Rants
  121. 1-800-Got-Junk ?
  122. Parrot detained by Police in Brazil
  123. Complex Microwaving instructions
  124. Referring to future days
  125. Nerd weekend: Will you see both Endgame and GOT?
  126. New York considering banning hot dogs and other processed meats over climate change
  127. FCC Rescan your TV thread
  128. Dashcam Video: Watch Bambi Take On My Kia
  129. New England Tourist Question
  130. What do you know that the general population does not?
  131. Why isn't Good Friday a holiday in the US?
  132. This is how the Zombie Aporkalypse starts ...
  133. Which exotic meats have you tried?
  134. Wedding Announcement (post wedding) requesting a gift?!
  135. Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire 4/15/19
  136. Video: Man Lights Cars on Fire - Tackled by Good Samaritan in Hawaiian shirt (Not Florida)
  137. Eerie mysteries and unexplained events
  138. Friend's boss just passed away
  139. Things to see and do in Aruba
  140. Some parents are deliberately infecting their children with Measles
  141. Restaurant Wait Staff That Don't Give Coin Change Back Etiquette
  142. I saw some wild ass s*** tonight
  143. Do you enjoy driving for long car rides?
  144. What are you most looking forward to the rest of this year? (2019)
  145. your ideal sleeping temperature?
  146. What is fake check scammer trying to do?
  147. The Worst designed Airline seats ever?
  148. Most impulsive thing you ever bought?
  149. Study: Share of men under 30 who aren't having sex has nearly TRIPLED in the past decade
  150. Anybody successful in turning back prediabetes?
  151. Login security questions that are way too personal
  152. This high school stage a production of the movie "Alien"
  153. What is this fruit? Is it safe to eat?
  154. My local McDonald's does it again
  155. Travel Plans for 2019?
  156. The Florida Man Challenge.
  157. Health procedures now that I’m 40
  158. Lawyer Gloria Allred mixes up R Kelly and LL Cool J
  159. Caption this: Goldblum/Cohen edition
  160. How do you know if you have ADD?
  161. What is considered an "old timer" 'round here?
  162. How do you get rid of a scab that won't completely heal?
  163. Been getting calls on cell phone from foreign nations?
  164. My email address is being inundated with spam
  165. Felicity Huffman (and dozens of others) arrested/charged with fraud - College Admissions
  166. Tickets being offered at no cost
  167. Now there will be only one Blockbuster left on the planet!
  168. need advice: a restaurant added a tip to my bill after I paid
  169. Americans will need Visa to travel to Europe beginning in 2021 (except U.K. and Ireland)
  170. Kids and Guns (not a school shooting thread)
  171. What's good to try with Indian Food?
  172. RIP classicman
  173. Rolling boogers into little balls
  174. Has Anyone Successfully Conquered a Compulsion?
  175. Which is your preferred back scrubber?
  176. When on DVDtalk, are you using a PC, tablet, or phone?
  177. European Tree of the Year 2019 — Voting now open!
  178. A.I. has gone too far again: OpenAI text generator is too good
  179. Chuck E. Cheese’s “recycled slices” ?
  180. What is Toxic Masculinity?
  181. Lufthansa sues passenger who missed his flight
  182. Using Dr. prefix when you have a PH.D?
  183. Man falls into tank of acid. (SPOILER: Does not become the Joker)
  184. Fast Food Delivery services?
  185. How’s Discover credit card?
  186. City Commissioner Licked Men's Faces (Florida)
  187. Going to Japan - sightseeing ideas? Food?
  188. Local Post Office Phone Numbers?
  189. A.I. has gone too far: this site predicts your drawings.
  190. Happy Groundhog Day 2019
  191. Otters, BEHOLD the first thread title with 105 characters. SO much better than the old 85 limit, eh? YES!
  192. Why do people put ads on Craiglist to sell things and never respond
  193. Necco’s SweetHearts may be gone, but they weren’t the only conversation hearts game
  194. is eating a chore?
  195. Why do people hate hobbies?
  196. When you went to grade school how often did it close because of weather?
  197. The Gig Economy - do you side hustle?
  198. UP or DOWN?!
  199. Anyone good with Engines/Mechanics? Re: Snowblower
  200. Tonight: Super Blood Wolf Moon
  201. Poll: Which one of these two Gillette ads do you like better?
  202. What kind of car do you drive?
  203. 25 years ago today - Northridge Earthquake
  204. New York Times: UFOs may be real!
  205. What colour are these trainers?
  206. Chris Hansen, former host of "To Catch a Predator," arrested (bad checks)
  207. ~20% of UK dads who do paternity tests find out they are not the father
  208. Would you take a salary cut to avoid getting laid off?
  209. DNA test reveals African ancestry
  210. 2006 Honda Civic problem
  211. Took my car to Pep Boys today to get a tire plugged... BIG mistake.
  212. cancelling Directv
  213. Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs found alive after almost 3 months
  214. Man Says 3 Syringes Found In Rectum Aren't His (Florida)
  215. Carnival Cruise Line falsely accuses father of a sex crime then offers him a steak
  216. World's Leading Culinary Destination 2018
  217. Vague thread titles are Disgusting
  218. Any idea?
  219. Meal Delivery Services
  220. Biggest Loser 2019 Health & Fitness Thread
  221. Dead pool 2019
  222. Chipotle Rose Bowl float made out of what you eat
  223. I need advice in speaking English
  224. What is this (blood clot type thing)?
  225. Is this fake?
  226. Man marries computer-generated hologram.
  227. On the cusp of a new year (2019)...
  228. Cake baking question
  229. Brag about your Christmas loot
  230. Does anyone own an AirFryer?
  231. Federal government shutdown 2018(-2019?)
  232. The Boy Scouts of America considers Bankruptcy Filing in wake of
  233. "No Problem" vs "You're welcome" are they the same?
  234. Jury Duty for a very serious crime - Anyone have experience?
  235. Help finding a christmas gift
  236. Sketchy mortgage servicing company
  237. Bird: The scooters suck thread
  238. The proper way to eat a peanut and jelly sandwich
  239. How to reactivate uber rider account
  240. California proposes a plan to tax text messages
  241. Miley Cyrus Says "Worship Satan If You Want to Be Rich and Famous"
  242. Couple climaxing the Great Pyramid of Giza
  243. Men, Women, Relationships, Feminism, MGTOW and All That Stuff
  244. Amusement park: Give us the finger, we won’t tell! (Biometric data lawsuit)
  245. Bridezilla spiritual leader's bridal party dress code (or something)
  246. Tumblr purges all adult content by Dec 17
  247. TOTY - 2018 - VOTE Thread
  248. Woman allegedly dumped hot grease on victim during dispute
  249. Staffing agencies...
  250. I have a question for those of you who are knowledgeable about cars.