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  1. Fatal shooting reported at Amish school in PA
  2. I love the beach, but hate that pesky sun
  3. Going to Vegas - looking for decent NLHE tourneys.
  4. Using a laptop that work provided to you
  5. I can't sleep in
  6. Idiot school superintendent
  7. Sites announce bans on US players. Party and 888 first, more to come.
  8. DVDTalk current home page question...
  9. When Magic Goes Wrong: Bloody Hand Edition
  10. Anybody Been to Quebec - Things to do?
  11. Is this PETA spam?
  12. School me on Westchester, NY...
  13. Do you argue daily?
  14. Tax questions for selling a house
  15. Fla. deputy shoots self showing off gun
  16. Super-Luxury Homes Hit Market for $100M
  17. Worst cities for sleeping
  18. Any good sites for multi-table Omaha?
  19. Ahh...The Bosley Institute
  20. Going to New York for first time - where to stay?
  21. Scarlett Johansson, Sexiest Woman Alive?
  22. Relationship Question In Here...
  23. How Does One Go About Getting A European Penpal?
  24. I'm going in front...
  25. Drunk Uncle tries to dance until....
  26. A wedding AND reception gift?
  27. Whats for lunch?
  28. Is this the coolest picture ever?
  29. Waxing my face?
  30. Scratch remover for eyeglasses?
  31. Acting Corner: Can you cry whenever you want? What do you use for your motivation?
  32. Online gambling ban appended to Port bill; Vote likely tonight
  33. For all you thread-starters, a poll
  34. Mars Rover Opportunity reaches new milestone on Mars
  35. RIP fellow Omertans
  36. Millionaire Marries His Own Daughter
  37. How Creepy Is This...Tax Assessor Has Satellite System To See Homes
  38. Is this too paranoid?
  39. YA Caption this (sports edition)
  40. For how long do you typically pee?
  41. What are you hearing/listening to right now?
  42. Just saw the Bodies Exhibition
  43. Girl's Killer Gets Forehead Tattooed
  44. What is a "hoopty"?
  45. how to choose an IRA
  46. Is there such a product? Hanging photographs on a wall.
  47. Adopt a clitoris - The loony Raelians strike again.
  48. I'm bored
  49. Stupid Dog Owners
  50. Switching Cell Phones with Cingular
  51. Question About A Dog
  52. I thought hummingbirds were awesome before...
  53. Diamond Earrings - Is this a good deal?
  54. When quitting a job, is 2 week notice just polite or is there a real reason for it?
  55. Looking: John Ashford Menswear
  56. Stocks for Kids
  57. How does a UPS driver know where the heck to go?
  58. Old Otter photos that you still have?
  59. Caption this yard guy!
  60. Bumper stickers that make you go huh?
  61. Why would you take scissors to the bathroom?
  62. Alaska travel tips wanted: Prudhoe Bay and Copper River
  63. Christmas shopping '06 - Start yet? What do you want?
  64. Crazy Cat Lady is having a crazy day
  65. The Dummies books have gone too far...
  66. Me, meet the Crazy Woman Dog-owner
  67. Ever been to a firing range/gun club?
  68. Credit Card limit went up
  69. I'm getting braces... at 32!?
  70. Jennifer Furniture
  71. Do You Enjoy Mud? Meet Women Into Mud Too
  72. I just got married on Saturday.
  73. Anna Nicole Smith's son died of a drug OD
  74. Book lights
  75. Bailey, CO School Hostage/Bomb Threat Situation
  76. Dog owners: How long til I enroll my pup in obedience training?
  77. Hilarious birthday card poem
  78. Chicago - walking distance from House of Blues Hotel?
  79. Cleaning out my bedroom I found:
  80. Latest 'Celeb' porno: Screech!
  81. What to do in Albuquerque, NM?
  82. Phone call that I have an important message waiting for me and I need to call back
  83. Outdoor sports, mountain climbing...who has done it?
  84. NYC eyes ban on restaurant trans fats
  85. Calling on otters internet searching ability
  86. Does your mom send you spam?
  87. This video is going to give me nightmares
  88. Who wants to buy a Fembot!
  89. 50 Alternatives to Handing Out Halloween Candy This Year...
  90. What's with the head on this guy shooting Scarlett Johansson?
  91. Please advise on Medicare Situation / Georgia Estate Recovery Lawsuits, etc. -
  92. Lost my job today...HR Question
  93. I found a guy that could take Chuck Norris
  94. Weird Question about Movies and (men's members to put it a nice way)
  95. Heart attacks decline after smoking ban
  96. Best New Car For Under $20K?
  97. If you had proof that there was no afterlife, would you show it to others?
  98. What is the amount of deposit that is automatically flagged by the IRS? How's it go?
  99. Hlep me find this japanese game....
  100. What do people mean when they say "I have no regrets"?
  101. Tesla Roadster: An electric car worth owning?
  102. credit cards are getting some cool anti-fraud tech
  103. My Second Biggest Mail Related Fear Was Just Realized...Spider
  104. Pretty cool horror movie game
  105. Fleet week 06 in SF question
  106. People slack off at work?! Seriously??
  107. Caption This: Athlete's Foot Edition
  108. Do these high school to college statistics surprise you?
  109. Need stuff to do this week
  110. How can we get rid of Kevin Federline?
  111. Standoff at Daytona Beach, FL AKA Craziest Mugshot ever?
  112. Tub/Shower liner questions....
  113. A few questions on the Paypal ATM/Debit card
  114. This one is for you Kittydreamer
  115. Deer Hunting Gone Wrong
  116. "Niiice doggie!" How to confront loose dog?
  117. Need help identifying a certain shotglass
  118. To those of you that smell of piss and body odor: why don't you bathe?
  119. "What were they thinking" product names
  120. Looking for a video
  121. I need help with halloween costume idea (music themed)
  122. News anchor faints on live TV
  123. Another medical thread. High Blood Pressure
  124. Friday is fatwa Friday, with free rubber swords for the kiddies.
  125. Free Beer and Naked Women!
  126. Laughing or crying. What's your pleasure?
  127. The Stupidest Toy You've ever Seen
  128. Paying back a bonus question (tax implications)
  129. Patent Question (can it be done online for free)
  130. What defines yielding? (yet another traffic ticket thread)
  131. University of Virginia student obtains double major....in one year
  132. best poker room in socal?
  133. Correcting Bigger, Dominant Arm
  134. Isn't humor one of the greatest talents ever?
  135. best air freshner for house??
  136. I'm looking for a video...
  137. My Dad just died
  138. Moving state-to-state when you're not there: options? Suggestions?
  139. Costumes for big guys?
  140. Caption this: MySpace girl's oddball pool pic
  141. hey everybuddy! i survived my first colonoscopy!
  142. To Whom it May Concern: Is it just me, or am I being rejected by inanimate objects?
  143. Amazing Kreskin to help Indiana Cops
  144. YAET: Limit bidders to those with certain level of feedback
  145. Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Scorpion?
  146. got a new car - what are some good protective measures to take?
  147. Marriage Question: Asking parents permission before proposal
  148. How do you make a Plastic copy of an object?
  149. Caption this party guy!
  150. 'Cheeto's recipe stolen' said the tag on the bag
  151. We need to standardize this eBay in-joke with the yaet/yeat/yact, etc.
  152. Where are you, mrpayroll?
  153. YAET: How long have you been a member of eBay? (same id)
  154. How good of a cook is your Mom??
  155. I seek the wisdom of the Other Forum. Re: Moving
  156. What do you believe happens when you switch places with someone else?
  157. Anything for a buck (the kvrdave chronicles)
  158. My job interview this morning
  159. Wanna cut in line? Eat a live cockroach.....
  160. McDonalds may start serving breakfast all day
  161. Need opinon's on this Sonic Electric toothbrush
  162. Small crack in windshield--need advice
  163. Online liquor sales or help me get cheap booze!
  164. YACT: Check these rotors out!
  165. I need money / credit card advice. Best way out ?
  166. Who here has the ugliest couch?
  167. Judge admits double standard: Teachers sex is the reason she got off
  168. Ever say something that sounds like something else ...at work?
  169. Do you use a shower radio, and what kind? and does it suck? and .....
  170. Looks like i got scammed on ebay for dvds! Part II
  171. What people will do for $20...
  172. Let the Tickle Me Elmo craze begin...again.
  173. Fun with zero tolerance: 1st grader suspended for having plastic squirt gun
  174. Make Some Coffee You Lazy Bastard!
  175. William Shatner - Rocket Man
  176. Question for the Lawyers
  177. Thoughts from Hell: A good heart.
  178. Looking for remodel info...
  179. Is there a way to make someone elses's # display on caller ID?
  180. Cruise/Holmes trouble in paradise?
  181. I cooked for the first time!
  182. Help find video of Walkens continental
  183. Overheard in New York...
  184. Doctor accused of giving stripper a hand
  185. What kind of nuts do you prefer?
  186. Online site for buying engraved watches?
  187. What the HELL is wrong with today?
  188. We are not all as exciting as kvrdave. Post your unexciting recent activites here.
  189. The day the onions cried, "Mutiny!"
  190. White and Nerdy - Weird Al Video
  191. YACT: So, since when is a 2-door car considered a sedan?
  192. can you get someones address from their phone number?
  193. "If it would bring pleasure to the body...."
  194. My face hurts REAL bad. need advice
  195. I want to punch the girl in the "Jesus Camp" ads in her sutpid face!
  196. Judgement call: Would you have your friend's wife cut your hair?
  197. i need advice/help on buying my first home (early 20's)- tired of $1000 rent!
  198. Ethical question: what would you do?
  199. Butterfish: the nasty but important truth
  200. Car insurance - How much coverage is too much/unnecessary?
  201. treadmill on 2nd floor of 2 story house?
  202. Does a good looking door chime exist?
  203. Cardio without using the legs?
  204. Crack use in Tenderloin, San Francisco
  205. Any Exercise Gurus Out There?
  206. Willie Nelson Cited for Drug Possession
  207. Any Otters going to Bands of America Regionals in Louisville this weekend?
  208. Help me find a hat
  209. WWYD: Dishwasher purchase
  210. Need a movie screen shot
  211. Best time to buy an AC?
  212. Who likes Alpine Slides?
  213. Matt Damon storms off Jimmy Kimmel show...
  214. Why I love kids....
  215. What Other sites do you visit?
  216. Hey, hey we're the monkees...
  217. Anyone ever had someone else on your AIM name?
  218. So, this lady asked how old my kids where
  219. Who's more intelligent: men or women?
  220. LaGuardia Airport question: Changing airlines
  221. Darth Vader, the prankster...
  222. Driving In Snowy/Icy Conditions
  223. Jerk On Plane Makes Call During Landing Descent
  224. Planning a Disney World Trip....need advice
  225. Photoshop Request!
  226. Men are more intelligent than women, claims new study
  227. Here's my penis will you microwave it please?
  228. Mel Gibson drinking game
  229. The craziest thing I may have ever heard at the checkout line
  230. Question for mllefoo (and everyone else)
  231. Do you keep Aquatic pets (Reptiles/Amphibians)?
  232. Find the photo of the cars that squeezed together in the NY toll booth lane. Please
  233. Momma said "eat your spinach...."
  234. Coolness Test
  235. Beware Neteller
  236. Should I be irritated?
  237. Sudan Man forced to marry a goat!
  238. Inetta the Moodsetta.....
  239. Drunken Affleck
  240. Ex-Landlord wants money for repairs
  241. Best Places (On or Offline) to Get Digital Photos Developed?
  242. Dog the bounty hunter arrested for extradition
  243. Involved in Car Accident, Should I Claim Insurance?
  244. Mom Jailed Because Of Son's Rotten Teeth
  245. Is McDonald's racist?
  246. Good way to ask about salary during that 1st job interview?
  247. Study : Men are more intelligent than women
  248. going car shopping for the first time - need help!
  249. Why do the media always say "Alleged" & "Suspect"?
  250. Stephon Marbury makes shoes for crappy kids with ******* parents