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  1. eBay refund to credit card
  2. Why do I have to enter my birthday to visit a beer-related website?
  3. YAET: Most likely got ripped off on a $160 phone purchase
  4. Mouse balls
  5. Water we talking about again? Oh, right. H2O
  6. YAAT: Amazon.com exploits its workers...
  7. Explosion reported at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand 12 dead, 20 wounded
  8. Star Wars-themed lands coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  9. YAGT: Gift of gratitude for someone letting you stay at their house?
  10. I don't understand why I couldn't cash my check
  11. YAPT: Yet Another Pronunciation Thread
  12. Berenstein or Berenstain bears??
  13. How often do you eat fast food?
  14. Huge explosion in China
  15. My stomach is a WMF
  16. Ever get panic attacks?
  17. Medical Alert recommendations.
  18. Do they have racetracks where you bring your car and do laps?
  19. Any Estate or Property tax Attorney's HERE?
  20. Better 1st date place ever?
  21. YAKOJ thread: I am Tarzan
  22. YASND: Man really really really likes pigs
  23. My Wife's Employer Says "Stay Home, You Can't Work While You're Hurt"....Seems Unfair
  24. Lamp post destroyed by urine falls in street, just misses driver
  25. Soccer cleats
  26. What's your opinion of employers requiring MMPI (or similar tests) for applicants?
  27. Nashville Theater Shooting
  28. Confronting bad drivers on the road: bad idea or awesome amount of views on Youtube?
  29. YACT: Sweet Corn Soda
  30. Fire Chief dives into lake to retrive friends hat
  31. HitchBOT, Hitchhiking Robot, Meets Demise in Philadelphia
  32. nickdawgy's Fun With Numbers or How I Am Getting My Credit Back In Check
  33. I judge people on "their" grammer. I'm a bad person?
  34. Woman dies after being swallowed by an escalator in China
  35. Cops keeping the world safe from people selecting music while sitting at a light
  36. Weed smoking mountain hiking friend upset because I pointed out the dangers of hiking
  37. Diner owner yells at crying kid
  38. An American Dentist Killed Zimbabwe’s Famous Lion
  39. When is the potentially slightly less crappy quarter pounder coming out?
  40. Do you read links/watch embeded videos posted in threads?
  41. Converse Redesigns Its Chuck Taylors shoes for First Time Since 1917
  42. New urine-resistant walls shoot pee back at you
  43. Chicago first city in America with 'Amusement Tax' on Netflix etc.
  44. Hulk Hogan Implosion
  45. I Have Cataracts
  46. Educate me on Window AC units
  47. Stone Age-ish People Living On Island Will Kill Anyone Who Tries To Come Ashore
  48. Testing a fuel pump (motorcycle).
  49. Riding Elevators Is Hard
  50. Is ear-stretching for douchebags?
  51. Sousaphone player trolls KKK rally
  52. Oklahoma man who killed stepdad with 'atomic wedgie' sentenced to 30 years in prison
  53. Any Ashley Madison members here?
  54. Do you find women with tattoos attractive?
  55. YAET: Bidders with zero feedback rating
  56. YAWT: Waiting To Cash Paychecks
  57. Is there any truth to this theory?
  58. Examples of things that happened in the past - but not likely to happen today
  59. The calls are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!1!
  60. When was the last time you used a pencil?
  61. What toys do you collect?
  62. Car buying advice
  63. Pluto!
  64. Pet Peeves of Servers dealing with Customers in Restaurants
  65. I'm offended, should I be?
  66. Need some kitty related advice
  67. One of these things is not like the others...
  68. The IRS just sent me a bill...need tax help please!
  69. Ariana Grande licks donuts and spews Anti-American rhetoric
  70. Woman wants government to teach people not to set off fireworks on their head
  71. Air Condition Help
  72. Subway's Jared Fogle detained in child-porn investigation
  73. Colonel Sanders (KFC) Cosplay Figures
  74. Feds Raid Home of Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle
  75. Get Your Wallets Ready - Here Comes Amazon "Prime Day"
  76. If Donald Trump becomes President
  77. commercials that get you right in the feels
  78. Safety Board: Infants In Own Seats On Planes
  79. What's the cheapest way I can buy a phone for texting only?
  80. Active Shooter At Washington Navy Yard... again
  81. Guacamole: Peas or no peas?
  82. Welcome our new Robot Overlords! Robot kills VW Worker
  83. Ben and Jen split!
  84. Happy Canada Day!
  85. Sean Penn Dating Minka Kelly
  86. Someone stole my wife's identity and bought an iphone 6plus
  87. Holy Heat Wave Batman!, How hot is it where you are?
  88. Lawyer advice needed regarding car accident
  89. I bought a subscription to a daily newspaper, starting tomorrow. Am I nuts?
  90. YADT: SWM LF casual attorney w/ space camp exp., passionate about burger toppings
  91. Can any attorneys here who've been to space camp recommend which jeans I should wear?
  92. Any attorneys here who've been to space camp?
  93. Anyone Been To Space Camp?
  94. Any attorneys here?
  95. Burger toppings you CAN'T do without
  96. What countries have you traveled to and which is your favorites?
  97. Medical staff mocks sedated patient during colonoscopy (awarded $500k)
  98. Spirit Airlines
  99. Hey Canada - Any history parks?
  100. What is illegal but readily available anyway?
  101. RIP Tony Longo
  102. Mother Rabbit Kicks the Crap out of Snake
  103. RIP Dick Van Patten
  104. Does anyone know this quotation/saying?
  105. What did you get for Father's Day 2015?
  106. selling a car - can't find title
  107. So I am looking for a job and....
  108. After a 12yr split...man splits in half everything they owned
  109. What meds are you on?
  110. Are You Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions?
  111. Which woman should be on the new $10 bill?
  112. Batman family photo causes outrage
  113. Where were you for the Great Facebook Outage of June 17th, 2015?
  114. Mayor of Santa Ana Named in Pot Shop Raid Lawsuit
  115. Soft knee brace/sleeve - Effective?
  116. Car repair question - 2008 Ford Edge
  117. School me on my Key West...
  118. what do they call this type of clamp, and where can I get them?
  119. Advice Needed: Air Condition Units For a New House
  120. The BJ question (NSFW)
  121. What do you say to "moon landing" deniers?
  122. Apparently my stuff's not worth stealing
  123. Go call your mom
  124. Cousin Wants A Stranger To Move In With Me.
  125. What's the difference between a 401k and an IRA?
  126. What to do with daughter's car?
  127. Tucson AZ and its surrounding areas... 5 days... What do I do?
  128. Jacksonville high school finds out student is gay, bans him from musical awards show
  129. I have a splinter in my left ass cheek, how do I take it out?
  130. Introducing Caitlyn (nee Bruce) Jenner
  131. Podcast question: Now Playing
  132. Couple arrested for selling tickets to heaven
  133. Side effects of eating Wheaties
  134. The recipe thread
  135. Buffed and Yoked Kangaroo stalks Australian neighborhood
  136. 'Hold a Coke With Your Boobs' Is the Ice Bucket Challenge's Cleavage-Heavy Cousin
  137. Yay! Another baby-in-the-movie-theater thread
  138. Scammed through Paypal...anything I can do?
  139. Car problem: Shift lever/indicator
  140. Any recommendations for storage sheds?
  141. Last time you woke up in the middle of the night, and why
  142. Do you know your blood type?
  143. Shakeology...anyone try?
  144. The live streaming breaking news thread
  145. 19 Kids and Diddling - Josh Duggar Admits to Molestation Accusations
  146. Japanese Bug Fights .. prepare to have your skin crawl!
  147. Name something that's not on the internet...but should be
  148. So your boss hates you....
  149. Duke Energy: How Stupid Do You Think I Am?!?
  150. Favorite thing to do?
  151. Question about Firearms Tracing (NTC Requests)
  152. Getting old...er. Explain this to me.
  153. Job opportunities in Saudi Arabia (sword required)
  154. If you only read books by men, you're a sexist!
  155. Dash Cams - Anyone use them?
  156. School me on Charlotte, NC
  157. Spike in crime rate in Waco, TX caused by middle-aged white guys
  158. Recess Before Lunch
  159. Selling a used camper trailer through a dealer... title question
  160. How many washes do your flannel shirts last?
  161. Amazon is a joke. I guess their definition of "two days" differs from mine
  162. When will be the end of DVDTalk?
  163. Stephen Hawking says Skynet will be a reality within the next 100 years
  164. Larry David's Broadway show 'A Fish in the Dark' (2015)
  165. Burger toppings you can do without
  166. got $500 and want a drone to follow you around?
  167. To make what Uber claims, you'd have to drive 27 hours a day, 365 days a year
  168. Any recommendations for a good home security camera system?
  169. Touring abroad
  170. Outrage as school founder makes racist remark at high school graduation
  171. Do they lock up the razors where you live?
  172. Math. strategy for popular games
  173. Dress shirts for fat men
  174. Canadian woman convicted of having sex on a plane
  175. Photographer Wants to End Discrimination Against High-End Camera Gear
  176. DVDTalk bragging thread
  177. man tries to cash a check for $368 Billion. Where??
  178. Woman Is Suing All Gay People On Earth On God's Behalf
  179. Upstate vs Northern
  180. What are some odd things you or others do at your job?
  181. John Deere and General Motors says you don't own their products you purchased!
  182. What could push you to commit suicide?
  183. Philosophical question: Why Are We Here?
  184. Girl gets kicked out of prom and suspended because her breasts are large
  185. It's been a while.
  186. YADIYET: need help with wiring issue
  187. Hi Everyone...
  188. Health benefits of Tequila.----Who knew?
  189. How old are you?
  190. Kili and the Bride
  191. Tesla unveils a battery to power your home, completely off grid
  192. Canadian Online Pharmacies(No longer accepting CCs ?)
  193. Crew members of the 1986 Challenger...well, just read this if you want to
  194. Russia Proposes Superhighway Linking New York And London
  195. DVD Talk Cryptography Challenge
  196. What's the worst thing a human can do?
  197. The future of Internet forums
  198. Bud Light, the rapey beer
  199. Woman heads to jail for fatal crash caused by lack of sleep
  200. 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal, 5000+ dead
  201. The Wheel
  202. Woman discovers 2way mirror in womens restroom, owner says it's for "family fun day"
  203. Fluoridation?
  204. Girl Scout Cookies Save Lives
  205. ebay question
  206. Isn't It Time to Improve Keyboard Layout?
  207. My mom wants to get high!
  208. Starbucks Systems Down - Free Coffee
  209. Have you ever eaten a yellowish secretion from a beaver's butt?
  210. Co-worker breaks down after cologne remark...thoughs?
  211. When Interviews go bad
  212. What time do you typically go to bed?
  213. John Hinckley the man who shot Reagan might be released from a mental hospital?
  214. Man Caught On Camera Smashing Bride's Head Into Pavement, Shooting Her In The Face
  215. Pictures of Horizons that aren't straight
  216. YAWT: What Would You Do?
  217. Can you tell what time it is on this watch?
  218. Looking at buying my first house: Any useful Advice?
  219. Happy 4/20!
  220. Need help identifying this toy/stuffed nightmare
  221. One food group to rule them all
  222. Adopting a rescue dog is a huge process
  223. Things you just learned that blew your mind?
  224. Tip Jars
  225. Kim Kardashian being honored at Variety Power of Women event
  226. Georgia Mom throws party with sex, pot and booze....and naked Twister
  227. Is there any reason to keep Medical statements
  228. One of our very own administrators is famous!
  229. Etiquette? Stranger chiming in on conversation
  230. Star Wars Celebration 2015
  231. Chris Hansen starting a Kickstarter to bring back Catch A Predator
  232. Popular twitch streamer makes mistake and shows he may view illegal porn
  233. Been to Disneyland and stayed on the grounds
  234. HELP Needed - Can't decide on which US Cities to Visit in next US trip
  235. Crazy family attacks cops in AZ Walmart parking lot
  236. Determining the Best Burger
  237. It was a Playboy bunny emoji all along! 👯
  238. Any skeet shooters?
  239. Horrifying Lucille Ball Statue
  240. Geoffrey Lewis, R.I.P.
  241. The Brontosaurus Is Back
  242. 17-Year-Old Maisie Williams to Grownups: 'You Don't Know
  243. Buying an older car with low mileage - What to consider?
  244. Stan Freberg, R.I.P.
  245. Otterville election results
  246. Good shot to have with a girl?
  247. Meet The Man Who Almost Got Away With Having 17 Girlfriends
  248. What did ancient Babylonian songs sound like? Something like this
  249. Coming soon - Human head transplants
  250. Police: Express Jet pilot accused of stalking American Airlines flight attendant in T