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  1. Hello i am new [Lurkers Welcome]
  2. Girl, allergic to Wifi, commits suicide.
  3. The Pop Culture Mashup Thread
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Black Friday Shopping 2015.
  6. Notary notice
  7. It's leaf day!
  8. NSFW!!! Snowballed Wisconsin cheerleaders!! Video inside!
  9. Yoga banned by University of Ottawa for "cultural appropriation".
  10. Trying To Help A Friend That's Hurting Inside....Advice?
  11. What Time Do You Eat on Thanksgiving Day?
  12. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?
  13. Happy World toilet Day! (Everybody poops)
  14. Teen left in wheelchair after taking ecstasy pill
  15. Face/Off is seeming less and less farfetched
  16. Foot Talk — I only have one pair of comfortable shoes
  17. Pretty sure I want to leave ... a spinoff from an Eddie Money thread
  18. Multiple terrorist attacks in Paris
  19. Real estate question regarding an abandoned house
  20. My dog's journey has ended
  21. China's Alibaba creates Singles Day record as sales surge
  22. Are you a replicant? Take the test.
  23. Getting a callback from a job....
  24. Favorite thing to do, but can hardly do it?
  25. Tabloid famous for creating fake stories reports allegations about... someone
  26. NYC Councilman wants trees to be able to receive love letters
  27. 8-year-old charged with murder
  28. RIP Betamax
  29. Rumblr, new fighting app
  30. I had another "locals rule" rant this morning
  31. Starbucks' plain red holiday cups waging a war on Christmas.
  32. How Many Hobbies or Activities are you involved in?
  33. Need some late votes!
  34. Start a GoFundMe or am I begging?
  35. Ebay: reserve price to use or not?
  36. I never really clued in that having a roll of TP on my PC desk isn't fooling anyone.
  37. Injury settlement
  38. Bank lobbies grow obsolete as local PDs establish Craiglist “safe exchane” zones
  39. Photoshop Request- Power Rangers or Karate situations
  40. "Hey man where you get them cool shades?"
  41. Another Year. Another Halloween Tainted Candy Hoax
  42. Nutrition of 1 tbsp Mayo vs 1 tbsp butter
  43. Holy Chipotle!
  44. Anyone honeymoon in Vegas?
  45. There are currently ~60,000 people watching this Bob Ross marathon on a Friday night.
  46. Halloween Costume Thread 2015
  47. Does your Halloween Candy contain gluten, nuts or dairy?
  48. Hillsborough soccer (football) disaster of 1989
  49. "Impressive Tiny House Built for Under $30K Fits Family of 3" [Is this child abuse?]
  50. Isn't this how the zombie apocalypse begins?
  51. A downside of solar panels that I'd never thought of
  52. REI will be closed on Black Friday
  53. YADT: Tinder?
  54. ntsc vhs tapes on pal vhs player
  55. I need to get juiced up!
  56. What do you shave with?
  57. What topics interest you the most?
  58. Has the quality of anchovies declined lately?
  59. Parachuting Beavers
  60. Huge hurricane headed towards Mexico
  61. A Lurker Photoshop Birthday Request: Go Crazy with my Fiance and Son.....Phrasing
  62. Hoverboard Rampage in Hill Valley!
  63. Star Wars: The Sucks Awakens
  64. How many hours per week do you work?
  65. What's Your Least-Favorite Halloween Candy?
  66. The derf sment chal quo dinzetante!
  67. Photoshop Request: Put my brother's ridiculously happy face into historical events?
  68. Photoshop request-Headshot in funny ads
  69. KIC 8462852: Aliens?
  70. Underground fire nears St. Louis nuclear waste site
  71. The strange star that has serious scientists talking about an alien megastructure
  72. Naked Woman Trashes Subway (Not Florida)
  73. Return of witty comics
  74. I am sick of the baggage that comes with dating a black woman if you are not black..
  75. What are good mushy foods can I eat?
  76. Manhattan Woman Sues Nephew for Accidentally Breaking Her Wrist when he was 8
  77. I just cracked an egg this morning...
  78. Playboy will no longer feature women in its print edition
  79. Short term investment advice post-real estate sale
  80. Did they really survive Alcatraz escape?
  81. Do you still like the things you liked as kid?
  82. Harvard student: Here's How I Was Raped
  83. Playmobil Selling Slaves
  84. Son murders his mom and cuts out her heart
  85. Lame Rant About Men's Clothing Sizes
  86. Photoshop request from an old timer: Remove the Asian guy looking at his phone.
  87. Laws regarding ungranted "rest period" even though employer offers one
  88. Flooding on east coast...
  89. 1990s K-Mart Radio
  90. Haggen Is The Worst Grocery Store Chain In History!
  91. Should extinct animals be brought back to life?
  92. How long until clothes get dirty?
  93. 10 seconds to help a friends son & Make A Wish!
  94. Do people still go to High School Reunions?
  95. Do you confront line-skippers?
  96. Woman Decided To Go Blind On Purpose
  97. Call Of Duty tweets fake attack on Singapore
  98. Behold...the first immortal!
  99. "Sun tea" can harbor dangerous bacteria
  100. The Cost/Benefit of having police on motorcycles
  101. I think the D.A.R.E. Program has turned in to some kind of scam
  102. Anyone ever heard of Chief's Corner Orange Chicken?
  103. Netflix And Chill?
  104. Boyfriend points gun to girlfriend's head for online pic showboating..RIP later
  105. My kidney stones might be getting laid off. I'm having lithotripsy (update: NOT dead)
  106. YATT: Use of home for company office space
  107. Are you Ambidextrous?
  108. TV in break room etiquette?
  109. I tested positive for meth...
  110. Multi Level Marketing Schemes
  111. Ride the Ducks collision tragedy in Seattle, 9/24/15
  112. Ultimate story of cigarette privilege
  113. Good Luck Getting To Work This Week In Philly - Popelock expected
  114. Does anyone know what this is?
  115. Chicago Public Transportation Help needed please!
  116. R.I.P. 4 Chan (sold to 2 Chan)
  117. UK Prime Minister David Cameron May Have Screwed a Dead Pig
  118. Do you hate being squirted on the face?
  119. I had my Buttercup moment ... Fail
  120. Ultimate story of millennial white people privilege/stupidity?
  121. Has DVD Talk lost its mojo?
  122. Photoshop request- Friends jumping off a tree stump
  123. It's a Man Baby!....Just Kidding
  124. Do you wear PJ's?
  125. I might be getting laid off. Hooray? (UPDATE: Potential relocation...yay?)
  126. City in Alabama wants to ban short shorts and skirts
  127. Manscaping.....What do you do?
  128. Did I get ripped off by the washer/dryer repairman?
  129. The craziest scheme you've ever seen...that worked!
  130. The inane poll
  131. Is Wal-Mart greeter the most pointless job ever?
  132. Halloween 2015
  133. Should plastic straws be eliminated?
  134. 2015 Thread of the Year Nominations
  135. Eating wild venomous creatures.
  136. Technical name for "stringy thing" above fingernail cuticle?
  137. Does Cinnamon Toast Crunch promote cannibalism?
  138. Were you big about Aerobics in the 1980s?
  139. Whats the best way to transfer money internationally?
  140. I have a Rainbow "G" on my browser
  141. How much errection does your cat get?
  142. Any fans of Vexillology? New Zealand may be getting a new flag
  143. Teen talks another through a suicide..
  144. The Great Marble Mystery (also do not eat marbles)
  145. Taylor Swift Farted?
  146. JoltAddict Allegedly Pro-Hitler?
  147. Pros and Cons of joining Facebook?
  148. Are you a bot?
  149. When do you pay your bills?
  150. Job offer and interview advice
  151. Insurance question
  152. Interview attire
  153. Amateurs I tell ya - no Daddy Cool, no sale
  154. The McWhopper - will Mcdonald's play ball?
  155. National Dog Day
  156. 25 year old faces obscenity charges after inappropriate communications wth 17yearold
  157. U.S. and U.K. tourists stop shooter on French train while French crew cowers in fear
  158. Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)
  159. Do you call the evening meal dinner or supper?
  160. Road Rage - how do you cope?
  161. Please translate this Employer message
  162. Batmobile Broke a Wheel - Batman Run Over Making Repairs
  163. Convicted Poisoner of Children Controls All Water in North Las Vegas
  164. Man wanted for Throwing Pornographic Paper Airplane
  165. eBay refund to credit card
  166. Why do I have to enter my birthday to visit a beer-related website?
  167. YAET: Most likely got ripped off on a $160 phone purchase
  168. Mouse balls
  169. Water we talking about again? Oh, right. H2O
  170. YAAT: Amazon.com exploits its workers...
  171. Explosion reported at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand 12 dead, 20 wounded
  172. Star Wars-themed lands coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  173. YAGT: Gift of gratitude for someone letting you stay at their house?
  174. I don't understand why I couldn't cash my check
  175. YAPT: Yet Another Pronunciation Thread
  176. Berenstein or Berenstain bears??
  177. How often do you eat fast food?
  178. Huge explosion in China
  179. My stomach is a WMF
  180. Ever get panic attacks?
  181. Medical Alert recommendations.
  182. Do they have racetracks where you bring your car and do laps?
  183. Any Estate or Property tax Attorney's HERE?
  184. Better 1st date place ever?
  185. YAKOJ thread: I am Tarzan
  186. YASND: Man really really really likes pigs
  187. My Wife's Employer Says "Stay Home, You Can't Work While You're Hurt"....Seems Unfair
  188. Lamp post destroyed by urine falls in street, just misses driver
  189. Soccer cleats
  190. What's your opinion of employers requiring MMPI (or similar tests) for applicants?
  191. Nashville Theater Shooting
  192. Confronting bad drivers on the road: bad idea or awesome amount of views on Youtube?
  193. YACT: Sweet Corn Soda
  194. Fire Chief dives into lake to retrive friends hat
  195. HitchBOT, Hitchhiking Robot, Meets Demise in Philadelphia
  196. nickdawgy's Fun With Numbers or How I Am Getting My Credit Back In Check
  197. I judge people on "their" grammer. I'm a bad person?
  198. Woman dies after being swallowed by an escalator in China
  199. Cops keeping the world safe from people selecting music while sitting at a light
  200. Weed smoking mountain hiking friend upset because I pointed out the dangers of hiking
  201. Diner owner yells at crying kid
  202. An American Dentist Killed Zimbabwe’s Famous Lion
  203. When is the potentially slightly less crappy quarter pounder coming out?
  204. Do you read links/watch embeded videos posted in threads?
  205. Converse Redesigns Its Chuck Taylors shoes for First Time Since 1917
  206. New urine-resistant walls shoot pee back at you
  207. Chicago first city in America with 'Amusement Tax' on Netflix etc.
  208. Hulk Hogan Implosion
  209. I Have Cataracts
  210. Educate me on Window AC units
  211. Stone Age-ish People Living On Island Will Kill Anyone Who Tries To Come Ashore
  212. Testing a fuel pump (motorcycle).
  213. Riding Elevators Is Hard
  214. Is ear-stretching for douchebags?
  215. Sousaphone player trolls KKK rally
  216. Oklahoma man who killed stepdad with 'atomic wedgie' sentenced to 30 years in prison
  217. Any Ashley Madison members here?
  218. Do you find women with tattoos attractive?
  219. YAET: Bidders with zero feedback rating
  220. YAWT: Waiting To Cash Paychecks
  221. Is there any truth to this theory?
  222. Examples of things that happened in the past - but not likely to happen today
  223. The calls are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!1!
  224. When was the last time you used a pencil?
  225. What toys do you collect?
  226. Car buying advice
  227. Pluto!
  228. Pet Peeves of Servers dealing with Customers in Restaurants
  229. I'm offended, should I be?
  230. Need some kitty related advice
  231. One of these things is not like the others...
  232. The IRS just sent me a bill...need tax help please!
  233. Ariana Grande licks donuts and spews Anti-American rhetoric
  234. Woman wants government to teach people not to set off fireworks on their head
  235. Air Condition Help
  236. Subway's Jared Fogle detained in child-porn investigation
  237. Colonel Sanders (KFC) Cosplay Figures
  238. Feds Raid Home of Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle
  239. Get Your Wallets Ready - Here Comes Amazon "Prime Day"
  240. If Donald Trump becomes President
  241. commercials that get you right in the feels
  242. Safety Board: Infants In Own Seats On Planes
  243. What's the cheapest way I can buy a phone for texting only?
  244. Active Shooter At Washington Navy Yard... again
  245. Guacamole: Peas or no peas?
  246. Welcome our new Robot Overlords! Robot kills VW Worker
  247. Ben and Jen split!
  248. Happy Canada Day!
  249. Sean Penn Dating Minka Kelly
  250. Someone stole my wife's identity and bought an iphone 6plus