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  1. How do I fix a garage door window?
  2. Inherited house: WWYD?
  3. Are you average, above or below?
  4. Police: Female teacher 25, male student (13) flee to Mexico
  5. Advice to a non-drinker
  6. Very bad conversation.
  7. Saudi Marriage 'Expert' Advises Men in 'Right Way' to Beat Their Wives
  8. What makes you cringe? (i.e. Nails on a chalkboard)
  9. Westboro Baptist Church [UPDATE: Fred Phelps dead]
  10. What font is used for the LOLcats pics?
  11. space station solar panel rip
  12. Ladies, what's the best color(s) for a man's bedsheets/comforter/duvets?
  13. US scientists engineer 'mighty mice'
  14. What is your Starbucks order of choice (plus bonus..)
  15. Ten dogs that changed the world
  16. How do you pay your rent?
  17. When you were 22......how different were you?
  18. Are you ready for your next (or first) (((EARTH-QUAKE)))?
  19. Sell, rent or move back -- a house-sale problem.
  20. Little, insignificant things that bring you great annoyance
  21. Do you punish Tailgaters?
  22. Do you close your Cabinets or SLAM them?
  23. Anybody ever get a forgivable loan when buying a home?
  24. So, What Kinda Trick'r'Treaters Are You Getting?
  25. What was the last new candy bar that became a classic?
  26. Do you tell your friends/family about DVDTalk, or is this your hideout?
  27. Another celebrity spouts the 'N' word: Dog Chapman's Hate-Filled Tirade
  28. come Saturday I'll have a roommate
  29. Since we're talking about elementary school films:
  30. Landmark study stresses link between obesity and cancer
  31. Pay to Play Poker Rooms v. the Rake
  32. Domino's Crispy Melt
  33. Larry Flynt - to SNIP or not to SNIP (paralyzed anyway)
  34. awesome youtube ghost / poltergeist compilation!
  35. Sisters, brothers, or both?
  36. What's your birth order?
  37. Columbus, OH- Where to eat?
  38. Let's play a Halloween Game
  39. I'm back from my vacation to Utah, and I brought you all PICS!
  40. Official DVDTALK Relationship Thread FAQ
  41. Looking for recommended drinking/eating establishments in Indy
  42. First homicide connected to Craigslist
  43. Car question RE: door locks
  44. PCWorld: The Strangest Sites on Google Earth
  45. Earthquake in the Bay Area just now
  46. Add yourself to the DVD Talk Buddymap!
  47. OK, let's see your pumpkins!!!
  48. Shaving the Pussy=Violent Dispute between Siblings
  49. How can I close my 2nd volunteer retierment account?
  50. Quick - Where can I find some Navy Blue coveralls?
  51. caption this girls
  52. Need help finding a gift for my dad
  53. YAVRT - 2008 Saturn Outlook
  54. Little, insignificant things that bring you great joy.
  55. Do you do anything that others find odd....?
  56. Just bought a house but...
  57. Poop. Does it change with age?
  58. Relationship advice: contact or leave alone?
  59. Best place to sell valuable baseball cards?
  60. Anyone good at math? Natural Gas Usage
  61. What did my ex-roomate/pack-rat leave in his old shower?
  62. F.C.C. Set to End Sole Cable Deals for Apartments
  63. Study: AIDS virus entered the U.S. in 1969 from Haiti
  64. YACT - rear brake locks up
  65. McDonald's Game
  66. Roller Coaster Footage!!
  67. So, you think you have a good poker face?
  68. Anyone drained a water heater?
  69. Harnessing the Power of Otter - Romantic Dinner?
  70. Would You Change Your Name?
  71. Cheap Places to sell Used Car?
  72. I want to kill my youngest brother
  73. New Diet Dr. Pepper Flavor
  74. The 16 Greatest Moments in Web History
  75. Sometimes you feel like a nut
  76. Plumbing problem
  77. Honey Bees? Is there a way to invest in them?
  78. Show me your tats!
  79. Over the stove microwave question
  80. Need Advice On Alternative To Banks
  81. VCRs and DST in the fall
  82. My behavior after divorce AND Bonus car discussion
  83. couple questions about high stakes poker (GSN)
  84. Does anybody here own a Magic Bullet?
  85. Question for law students
  86. When did CNN's website get so crappy and irrelevant?
  87. Hand talk: calluses?
  88. Guys! Which type of woman would you rather "marry"?
  89. 2007 Tokyo Motor show
  90. School me on retaining lawyers
  91. What to do about muscle twitch?
  92. "Harvey and Me" Jimmy Stewart Painting
  93. Literature - is it really nessessary past Junior year of Highschool?
  94. Should I break up with her?
  95. Adult size footie pajamas...any retail stores have?
  96. Canadian Police Taser Man in Airport; Ends in his Death
  97. DVDTALK has been sold
  98. Speaking of Halloween
  99. Please make me mad or happy (within 3 hours)
  100. What do you feed your pets?
  101. Hey Ya'll! Ever did the DISSECTION thing in school and or elsewhere?
  102. Adopt a Demon!
  103. A summation of this years web antics that have been covered here.
  104. Double the lifespan of your razor blade heads
  105. Cheap Car Insurance in Dallas?
  106. I need some photoshop help...
  107. My first cat from a dog person
  108. where do your pets sleep?
  109. Today, I survived a most harrowing experience.
  110. Never too early for a Santa Question
  111. Who knows anything about pool cues?
  112. Where's your brokerage account at?
  113. Ever thought a vampire's fangs were like straws?
  114. Man wins $1.6M Jackpot on slot machine.. Not!
  115. Seattle Job Placement Info
  116. Dalai Lama In Indiana This Week - Any Questions?
  117. I know where the voices are coming from...
  118. What podcasts do you listen to?
  119. Louie The Lightning Bug
  120. Do you break things when you get angry?
  121. Just got a really weird phone call and I'm totally stumped!
  122. Anyone know of any retail stores that sell John Deere hats?
  123. Microsoft purchases 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240M
  124. Could you get a ticket or something for doing this? (pay parking lot)
  125. Bird(s) coming in the house thru bathroom fan...
  126. Seriously now, why do hot girls love Tomy Romo (QB for Dallas Cowboys)?
  127. Job Fair Talk: attire?
  128. Reporter Arrested for Reporting Outside School on Sidewalk
  129. It's Been Fun
  130. Do your kids know how much money you earn, and how do you teach them about money?
  131. Let's have a fight about the toilet seat lid
  132. Do you have a lot of visitors that you allow to enter into your place of residence?
  133. sick of wasting 15 seconds trying to peel an egg?
  134. New Cars: Why the heck does the defrost only work good with the A/C on?
  135. So...How much do you want to earn?
  136. School me on Wave Runners..
  137. Poll: How much do you earn?
  138. Remember the Chuck E. Cheese band; they're back...
  139. Sneaksy AT&T people
  140. Where can I see a replay of today's Shuttle Launch(Sts 120)?
  141. Let's talk about the Zombiepocalypse
  142. Letting your kids sleep in your bed with you is weird
  143. Pick a power, any power.
  144. Preppie Killer In Trouble Again
  145. Phil Hansen (Artist)....ever hear of him?
  146. Why has meeting girls suddenly become so easy?
  147. What the ---- is going on in Japan?!
  148. Top 5 Laminated List v.2,335,023
  149. Best Place To Get Digital Photos Printed?
  150. Animals At Play
  151. When at home, do you spend most of your time bottomless?
  152. I Got a Cease and Desite letter from Sam Adams Beer, Do They Have the Right
  153. So I went to my first NASCAR race yesterday.
  154. Judgment is upon you! (How do you judge others)
  155. James Lipton, big pimpin'
  156. Whats your cholesterol?
  157. Halloween Costume - HR Question
  158. Tell us something about yourself we don't already know
  159. Any greyhound owners here?
  160. What do you think about Joel Osteen?
  161. What's your favorite cereal?
  162. Mayor killed in fall after wild monkey attack
  163. Malibu CA/Southern California Fires 10/21/07
  164. Question about job-hunting and gaps
  165. Car advice, when to get a new one? How many miles are too many?
  166. Ever walk in to get a haircut and come out near bald?
  167. I think my wife fell prey to the biggest con going in the supermarket
  168. Do people say dumb things to you regarding your real name?
  169. Woman Fought With Shark...and Won?!
  170. Do you think Stephen King, or actors, singers,etc check out DVDTalk for our opinions?
  171. Dog Stollers
  172. I'm in the airport right now and...
  173. Teachers...need help with a lesson plan.
  174. What's your favorite color
  175. "Tray tables up and seats back to their upright position..."
  176. A New Twist in the War on Online Piracy? TVLinks owner arrested.
  177. Talk to Me About Lanai (and maybe Maui, etc)
  178. Your Status
  179. Happy Willie Horton Day?
  180. Have you digitized your family photos?
  181. Um...ok...keep the change?
  182. Black Monday: Never again? (Happy 20th Anniversary)
  183. Burglars move into Alabama woman's home
  184. Bird talk: where'd all the blue-jays go?
  185. What do you say when you drop something?
  186. Need some advice on a car sold to a friend...
  187. What do you find most annoying/amusing about PARROTS?
  188. PARENTS what do you find most annoying about GRANDPARENTS?
  189. IRS to poker winners: Pay up!
  190. Comcast is blocking some Internet traffic
  191. Anyone ever use an air duct "dust removal" service (for hvac systems)
  192. Nonparents: What do you find most annoying/amusing about other nonparents?
  193. Is she turning clockwise or anti-clockwise....?
  194. PARENTS: What do you find most annoying about other PARENTS?
  195. Nonparents: What do you find most annoying/amusing about people with children?
  196. Rain Forest Cafe - anyone been?
  197. How do you say The Blessing (Grace) in your home before a meal?
  198. So...if I tell my co-worker to go f' themselves, it would be good for me?
  199. Wingsuit Base Jumping........Woah.
  200. ImprovEverywhere...is back! Shirtless in A&F!
  201. Sexual Harrasment against men at work.
  202. Whoever thought it would be a good idea for women to work should be dug up and shot
  203. Dudes with light racks, need a little help....
  204. Rant - Write my lunch order down and you won't get it wrong!
  205. Joey Bishop Dead at 89
  206. Anyone know where to buy jetons or plaques?
  207. Train, Stalled Vehicle on Tracks Video
  208. Parents: What do you find most annoying/amusing/both, about people without children?
  209. Dallas/ Fort Worth Otters...Need Some Help Please
  210. Fired for drinking on the job. How to explain when looking for new job?
  211. Toll Booths - Any way to find out where?
  212. Do you dress up for Halloween?
  213. Anyone here hypoglycemic?
  214. Halloween is coming!
  215. Where are the Haunted Houses in the Chicagoland area?
  216. do any men remember when their doctor fondled their penis until you had a hard-on?
  217. Tax Deduction Question - Examples of legit deductions?
  218. GOOD / AFFORDABLE Hotel in NYC ? (So I can propose to my girlfriend!)
  219. jfahgsd HOW can i get my money!?
  220. Early Seafood, Makeup Found in S. Africa
  221. What happens to mail with incorrect postage?
  222. Esurance question
  223. Need Some schoolin' on Toronto
  224. Ellen cries for the puppy. :-(
  225. Is this print too girly for my dining room?
  226. Has there ever been a "successful" kidnapping (from the kidnapper's point of view)
  227. Russia Visa Help Needed - Do I need one?
  228. Very hard water
  229. I'll Be Your Mirror
  230. Traffic ticket not affecting insurance?
  231. A plea for internet poker legalization by Chris Young
  232. Stop with all the stickers on your cars
  233. Disney to spend $1.1 billion to overhaul California Adventure
  234. Does Your 11yr old Need Some Birth Control Pills?
  235. Jessica McClure: 20 Years Later
  236. mold in the bathroom
  237. Anyone else like drinking beer in the shower?
  238. How to tell whether a pic is photoshopped or not?
  239. A sign of weakness?
  240. Aspiring Horor Novelist Arrested for Murder of 3
  241. Don't play at Absolute Poker
  242. woman sues florist for 400k because of wrong color
  243. Where do the pretty / affluent people get their drivers licenses renewed?
  244. 4 tenant limit imposed on man-whores
  245. Woman Overheard Yelling Obscenities at Toilet Could Face Jail Time
  246. Oh, Yummy.
  247. Smile, it's National Boss Day!
  248. Pope waves from the grave (pic)
  249. Is there any DVD or movie MAGAZINES?
  250. Good Website for auto parts?