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  1. Responding to social media posts from the friends of your friends.
  2. Wedding Invitation Etiquette Question
  3. Email etiquette question
  4. Family Attacked by Mob of Teens at Six Flags
  5. Should people with service animals or pet allergies be more important to airlines?
  6. Hugh Hefner dead...
  7. Now There’s an Oreo Cookie That Doubles as a Vinyl Record
  8. How much is too much?
  9. Dying in your sleep. Pleasant or morbid?
  10. How Many Posts Per Average Do You Abandon?
  11. Cake mix cookies
  12. Teen who punched principal in face gets sweet deal from judge
  13. Man who stopped robbery sued by robber
  14. Which is dirtier: Kitchen Floor or Kitchen Sink?
  15. "The Mad Pooper" in Colorado
  16. Kevin Hart being extorted
  17. Can you function at your job on less than 6 hours of sleep?
  18. CCleaner Backdoor Hack Discovered - Millions Affected
  19. Hurricane Maria 2017.
  20. Bodega/Nodega Poetry Slam
  21. Pistol wielding country singer shoots homeless dude for telling her to move her SUV
  22. Deceased people's medical bills,CC debt,etc.?
  23. Man finds naked woman in his bed, calls 911
  24. "Help, I Can't Stop Hooking Up With Trump Supporters"
  25. What to do about a sibling who needs help but won't get it?
  26. Which are the best Chocolate Chip cookies on Earth?
  27. New AI can guess whether you're gay or straight from a photograph
  28. BREAKING : 8.0 Magnitude earthquake detected off coast of Mexico
  29. Have you ever won a contest/sweepstakes? (Excluding gambling/lottery)
  30. Giant Equifax data breach: 143 million people could be affected
  31. Did you ever boost your parents car before you even had your Learners permit?
  32. So, this just happened in my neighborhood...
  33. A game: Polish the Turd.
  34. Ash covers Oregon cities, wildfire smoke chokes US West
  35. Help me make an identity thief's life miserable
  36. Teens' selfie shows light of oncoming train that would kill them seconds later
  37. This is not a complaint!
  38. Hurricane Irma 2017
  39. Movie scene reenactments by Brandon Hardesty
  40. YEAT (Is that still a thing?) - Problem buyer
  41. Air Jordan Shoes
  42. A woman pulled a gun on a shopper over school supplies at Walmart
  43. What do you drive, and how much MPG do you get?
  44. Domino's Pizza is testing out self-driving pizza delivery cars!
  45. Legal questions about starting a website
  46. What do you do to relax?
  47. Dumbass Du Jour
  48. Coastal Texas Otters: umm... y'all alright? (Harvey the Wonder Hurricane)
  49. ESPN broadcaster Robert Lee taken off UVA game due to name
  50. If you had to Distribute something Sensitive over the Internet, how would u do it ?
  51. Good meals, that are relatively healthy, cheap and easy to make that can be frozen.
  52. Otter Word Association Game
  53. Cities that you've traveled to that you hated/will never visit again
  54. 2017 Solar Eclipse!
  55. Woman born without vagina raising money so she can have sex with boyfriend
  56. Have you ever been catfished?
  57. carpet, yay or nay
  58. So what is the fascination about being on social media?
  59. Ideas for "sound privacy" outdoors (around the house)
  60. So what is the fascination about seeing nude celebrities?
  61. Name a food you love that others can't stand.
  62. Homeowners or rental property insurance q.
  63. Name a food you can't stand that others seem to love.
  64. Prof lets students choose own grades for 'stress reduction'
  65. San Francisco street sells for $90K. Neighbors aren't happy
  66. Girls' Softball Team Booted From World Series for Bird Flipping
  67. Man caught on camera with donkey, accused of bestiality, animal cruelty.
  68. New landlord is slow to respond
  69. The cult of Outback Steakhouse
  70. Old David Letterman movie theater commercial w/ kids?
  71. Need To Find Old Arby's Commercial; Big Brothers Big Sisters
  72. Observation about Usa and other places
  73. Any guys (30-40's) have arthritis?
  74. PayPal Digital Gifts, anyone?
  75. Anyone have a newer model Honda CR-V with nav?
  76. Forget cargo shorts, let's talk cargo JACKETS!
  77. Looking For Way to Consolidate Debt
  78. What's the Best Event you have ever been to ?
  79. youtube copyright question
  80. What's The Deal With Cockroaches?
  81. Do you use adult coloring books?
  82. Comedian vs. "Long Dick" Heckler
  83. How the hell do you get rid of hiccups?
  84. Twotter - Otterly Randomnesses and Stuff Undeserving a Separate Thread
  85. Who makes the best mass-produced pancakes?
  86. Kubrick insider talks about shooting the moon landings.
  87. Quick Travel blog on my trip to Scotland
  88. How long can string cheese last?
  89. Vegas Hotel Talk--Where to stay?
  90. Best deal on Amazon (<$25.00)
  91. Anyone lose money to a crowdfunding project?
  92. Stevie Ryan Youtube Star and star of Stevie TV dead at 33
  93. Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean to end auction scene selling women
  94. Anyone have bone spur on foot?
  95. And the moral of the story is...
  96. Explain to my why one's bad, and the other is good.
  97. How important is having friends to you?
  98. George Clooney Sells Casamigos Tequila Brand For $1 BILLION!
  99. Kittydreamer's Son and the Infamous Chair
  100. OJ Simpson gets July 20 parole hearing date in Nevada. [UPDATE: PAROLED!]
  101. Things that should NOT happen.
  102. "Da Vasectomy Delight" Talk
  103. Post Your Original Poetry Thread
  104. Why do people like candy that sticks to your teeth?
  105. Would it bother you to own a murder weapon?
  106. The Otter Farm Feel-Good, Say Something Nice Thread
  107. Return of the Otters
  108. Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion
  109. OP: I want to turn my brother into a misogynist. Otter: Please don't.
  110. I was robbed at gunpoint last night.
  111. Laverne or Shirley?
  112. How to get caught the easy way
  113. Pics of your pets thread - Pt2
  114. The floor is lava
  115. Any Couchsurfers in Otter?
  116. Is this odd (sexy) behavior from my coworker? [Bonus poll added]
  117. Please share any known free, non-edited, wallpaper/photography sites
  118. Millennials are killing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's
  119. Arizona man accused of having relations with horse.
  120. Dicks in advertising
  121. Do any women post on this board?
  122. Weird social media stalking(?) situation
  123. Portland Burrito Cart Closes After Owners Are Accused Of Cultural Appropriation
  124. Personality question
  125. I'm alive and need some advice on buying a used car
  126. Trump school project - Potential train wreck
  127. Fidget Spinners: The Lamest Episode of Black Mirror Ever?
  128. In 2 million years humans will evolve into many different species
  129. New Mexico mother watches her daughter get raped, has sex with rapist
  130. Do you know anyone who doesn't watch TV or Cable?
  131. Help me save 7 Layer **** Up Cake
  132. Question about credit card chargebacks
  133. I need a digital clock that stays lit overnight in the living room
  134. Any Summer 2017 Travel Plans?
  135. Foods you used to love, but have cut back/cut out due to weight/health concerns
  136. Is it weird to go to the bathroom just to fart?
  137. Never Buy A Car For Someone! (or No Good Deed Goes Unpunished)
  138. Man Wants To Show Penis In Court To Prove Girlfriend Choked To Death During Sex
  139. Some cologne that smells like cake?
  140. What to do and where to stay in Boston?
  141. Ever had a bank go against you in a debit/credit card transaction dispute?
  142. Looking for a budget friendly hybrid bike.
  143. Rain, Rain go away - Lake Ontario flooding
  144. Stephen Hawking: Humans Must Flee Earth Within A Century
  145. YouTube videos -- What is the maximum length you will watch?
  146. So I finally went to a strip club....
  147. Getting out of work to interview for another job
  149. Ever had a "so dumb but so funny" moment?
  150. The One and Only Fyre Festival Mega-Thread Featuring JaRule
  151. Intra office communications
  152. Anyone have experience with Dansko shoes/clogs?
  153. Anyone used Mobileflyp?
  154. Are you male or female?
  155. RUMOR: Apple Considering Buying Disney?
  156. The 100 Greatest Snacks of All Time
  157. Charlie Murphy DEAD at 57
  158. Hubble: Something Massive Coming Out Of Uranus
  159. United Airlines - how low can they go?
  160. Need advice on dealing with estate specialists/debt collectors
  161. Ohio woman rapes cab driver while partner hold knife to his throat, cost $32.
  162. My sheltered life: wanting to rent a house in Chicago for a weekend
  163. So, I've got rats in my car...
  164. How People REALLY Act When They Browse Facebook
  165. So Much for "Friendly Skies" ...
  166. I said you walk the damn dog!
  167. Customers sue Wise Foods, say bags hold more air than chips
  168. Now I'm free... free bleeding
  169. 2.35 : 1 aspect ratio movies on tv
  170. Las Vegas to San Francisco Road Trip
  171. Canada's new $10 bill is awesome: Also, the website is amazing.
  172. How was your love life at 11? 11 year old kills self over gf's social media prank
  173. Boston: Members of Midget Crime Gang Suspected of 55 Break-ins
  174. Anti-Bucket List
  175. In Memoriam...Don Rickles (1926-2017)
  176. Woman with webbed toes claims to be mermaid, found wandering road in fresno
  177. Anyone have the Roomba iRobot?
  178. This list of monster trucks also sounds like a list of sex moves
  179. College Girl Dies Eating Pancakes
  180. Did someone just case my house?
  181. What do you look forward to most?
  182. What to get your 75 year-old dad?
  183. The Most '80s Way to Die
  184. YAJT -- Writing sample question
  185. Inheritance Equality: WWYD?
  186. Interview follow-up question.
  187. I'm pretty sure a (hooker, sugar baby?) is trying to rob me
  188. When your signficant other is gone how would you go on?
  189. Do you call back seemingly wrong numbers?
  190. Advice needed - Property & vehicles
  191. Is Cereal Soup?
  192. Defining the 2000s
  193. Tuscan Dairy Whole Vitamin D Milk, Gallon, 128 oz
  194. The official "Why So Blu?" motivational board thread
  195. The Great Canadian Check-In of 2017
  196. Mom died
  197. Just found this place - it looks entertaining?
  198. Have you ever been addicted to anything?
  199. "Can I Ask You A Question?"
  200. Man charged with attempted murder for attacking a mannequin
  201. Lawyers Pants Catch Fire During Arson Trial (Florida)
  202. Top 5 Fast Food Items
  203. Proposals Answered With a "No"
  204. Popular stuff you have no clue about.
  205. Ticket for tinted windows ( New York)
  206. YAET - Why Oh Why did I try to sell something
  207. New Forum Member: E Unit (Welcome and beware)
  208. Have you ever changed your user name?
  209. Ebay has spoiled buyers greatly with free shipping
  210. SterlingBen Needs a New Job Thread
  211. Buying a used car from a private seller in NJ. Anything I need to know?
  212. Another self-disclosure: I sleep too much
  213. Securing your credit / ID
  214. What is your proudest moment on dvdtalk? Brag thread...
  215. Problem with alarm system on 1990 Mercedes
  216. Place to donate old Apple IIe?
  217. RIP stp115 has passed away. 02.19.2017
  218. How often do you eat out? (Restaurants, Fast Food or Take Out)
  219. essential oils?
  220. Anyone use an Instant Pot?
  221. Need Some Advice on Family Support Programs
  222. I Found Fried Chicken Under The Hood of My Car
  223. Poll: Threesome or stab wounds? (Not FL)
  224. Happy Groundhog Day 2017
  225. Bills left from someone who has passed on
  226. What countries have you been to?
  227. Extended Fasting
  228. How many U.S. States have you visited?
  229. How many states have you lived in?
  230. Why do you live where you live?
  231. Suit Talk
  232. What is your life like?
  233. Things you used to collect and stopped collecting
  234. Does this service exist?
  235. Going to a concert in Echo Park (in Los Angeles) - where should I stay/eat?
  236. Soapy dishes in a dirty sink: Clean or not clean?
  237. Should we be changing out 401k with this new administration?
  238. How often do you upgrade to a newer phone?
  239. Woman drives SUV into T-Mobile store...yes, Florida
  240. Spanish translation arguement
  241. Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication... Anyone ??
  242. YAST: No-show, Ankle, Crew, Knee high, Other?
  243. Help needed with Annoying Neighbor - Food smoker edition
  244. Anyone here have/know someone with Wegener's Disease?
  245. Wish to everyone for a happy and healthy 2017!
  246. Nominations for 2016 Thread of the Year
  247. the MMXVII thread
  248. ebay: When buying internationally, how high or low are the additional fees?
  249. So what does pre-trial conference mean when getting a ticket?
  250. Inventor of the red Solo cup has died