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  1. World Sauna Championship finalist dies
  2. My first trip by way of the sky.
  3. Brawl at Graduation Leads to Charges...
  4. Video casts doubts on former firefighter's disability award
  5. Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate
  6. Ten Things You Didn't Learn in School
  7. Looking for suggestions.. (Corrie, stay out of this thread)
  8. HP CEO quits.
  9. Wells Fargo Auto Finance Reps = The Devil?
  10. Going to the doctor for the first time in many years. How awesome is it now?
  11. Don't Rape Me Bro! (Iowa!)
  12. YADT: I just had a manic episode
  13. Rental Issue - Just Rented a Foreclosed House
  14. Another Work Thead: Pseudo-Sabotage
  15. There will be no levity or celebration of any kind Memos from Edward Mike Davis
  16. Taco Bell's Cantina Tacos
  17. Interest Rate Question
  18. Tip: If You're a Bigamist, Don't Post Wedding Photos on Facebook
  19. Quick landlord question
  20. School Attempts to Catch Rapist, Gets Girl Raped
  21. Father beats 2 year old son nearly to death during 'boxing' lessons. (Florida)
  22. 80,000 smashed bottles of beer in Nigeria, 80,000 smashed bottles of beer!
  23. Give me your best insult
  24. Bicyclists and outdoor otters...I need you help!
  25. Fiber talk.....I must need help on this.
  26. It's illegal to squirt semen on women...
  27. Could you know ?? VMS Alarms VMS Alarms VMS Alarms VMS Alarms
  28. Worst Mother Ever?
  29. Shoplifter flees... Forgets child. (and yes... It's in FL)
  30. OK Guys, What Do I Do Now?
  31. Car Radiators Suck
  32. Kindle - why would the 'old' model be selling for so much?
  33. A legion of basement dwellers mourns
  34. How hard is it to replace a lawn tractor engine?
  35. Unemployment High Because People Keep Blowing Their Job Interviews
  36. Eva Mendes Sex Tape
  37. Cardboard Cutout Shipping Question
  38. What it's really like to work at a music store...
  39. Twikoff or Kvrdave?
  40. YAET - International Bidders and selling domestically
  41. Hernia?
  42. Penis or Vagina?
  43. YAAT: What should I do do about Amazon buyer?
  44. Okay, let us make up our minds: twenty-ten, or two thousand and ten?
  45. Hello? BAN TEXTING from CELL PHONES !!!
  46. Revenge of the Nerds, a.k.a. Don't Rob Gamers
  47. Long Island town uses Google Earth to find unauthorized swimming pools
  48. Keep your kids away from the pool, for $&%# sake!
  49. What's worse? Bros who "ice" bros? Or people that let it happen?
  50. What do you think of this old ad?
  51. The creepiest buildings in the world
  52. Accidents that kill entire families?
  53. Finger in butt crack sparks knife fight
  54. My cat has passed away
  55. Family tries to get marriage license for 13 yr old (Florida)
  56. Home AC issue
  57. I am now a high school graduate!
  58. Tokyo's oldest man found to have actually been dead for 30 years
  59. Drinking and Clubbing on the cheap
  60. Record hailstone falls in South Dakota.
  61. The Greeks aren't just talented at financial profligacy, they make a mean yoghurt too
  62. Swingers Convention Post
  63. prank talk: EPIC prank
  64. Anyone exercise by going up and down on the pogo stick?
  65. Your BED is KILLING you!
  66. Lost Cat Email Exchange....
  67. Explain This Commercial to Me
  68. Were there any active POW camps found in Vietnam after the war ended?
  69. As read on another forum about Bob Barker
  70. YATT: Newport News, VA
  71. Dams = no more fisting giant catfish mouths with your arm drenched in peanut butter
  72. Does Christina Hendricks have a body women should aspire to?
  73. Anyone here have a Swissgear backpack? Do you have a problem zipping it up?
  74. Door to Door Atheists
  75. Facebook feud leads to fatal crash
  76. Transformer Wannabe drinks gasoline.
  77. Any of the string replacements for trimmers any good?
  78. 2010 World Series of Poker on ESPN
  79. A friend of mine from high school is a child molester
  80. Absinence Clearinghouse
  81. Quoting newspaper articles could create legal exposure
  82. Poll: Two topics of someone thinking it's clever, but they're not or are they?
  83. Specialty/Regional Potato Chips (i.e. Route 11, Zapps)
  84. There is a cat in this photo
  85. Bison: 1, Stupid Yellowstone Tourists: 0
  86. The town of Shitterton buys a theft-proof sign
  87. "Love Parade" kills 15 people.
  88. Jury Decides Consent Is Not Required For Girls Gone Wild
  89. YAADT: Clear, odorless discharge from my anus
  90. Amazing Double Rainbow: This dude is baked
  91. Behold the $69 Hot Dog!
  92. So how does one get skunk smell off of a person?
  93. Thought this was pretty hot...
  94. Safe driving video
  95. Other Forum Unnecessary Thread Bump Plan Of Action
  96. Question about tenant/landlord rights
  97. Meeting old friend who just informed me he's gay. Anyone been there & have advice?
  98. Essay talk: pros and cons of banning Tasers for police
  99. Darth Vader robs a bank, too many Star Wars jokes come to mind
  100. Which way is this cat rotating
  101. That's What She Said
  102. Beware of Los Burritos! (bizarre extortion plot from Minnesota)
  103. Serious Question: Umbilical cord banks?
  104. Bat-Pug to the rescue! BANG! POW! ZAP!
  105. What do you want done to your body when you die?
  106. Good, Clean Hotel off the Jersey Turnpike?
  107. Has Anyone Ever Tried To Purchase A Home Through Fannie Mae's HomePath Program?
  108. Ever have your home used in a movie?
  109. iPhone4 vs HTC Evo *NSFW*
  110. Seafood talk: where does/did the Gulf export their seafood?
  111. Israel sentences man to prison for lying in order to get sex.
  112. If you answer this Craigslist ad, I'm pretty sure you'll be hunted for sport
  113. camera talk: before the times of "photo finish"
  114. Any of you tried Wickles?
  115. Hotel Recommendation?
  116. 1st annual otterville The Contest
  117. AAAAAAAAAH! Evil lives!
  118. Behold the Carl's Jr footlong cheeseburger!
  119. School me on Kitchen Countertop Options
  120. School me on Window Tints
  121. Cop fired after visiting dwarf porn star!
  122. School Holidays
  123. Street Curb Height - Is There Laws That Determine Minimum?
  124. Just when you thought it was safe being Amish...
  125. Post your pictures of your pet(s)
  126. Extra Sour-Cream is how much?!?
  127. Any car salesman here?
  128. Display Lighting Question
  129. Westboro Baptist Church picketing San Diego Comic Con
  130. Open Mouth VS Closed mouth kissing
  131. What kind of sick, twisted religion would tell you not to touch dogs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  132. Drink talk: eating at restaurants or fast food joints
  133. (fairly) common household item(s) you've never owned
  134. Garage door opener but no remote. What does one do?
  135. You have to have a valid driver's licence to buy tobacco?
  136. Come on Nerf, you can't say this is a kids toy.
  137. School me on ... tile grout cleaning!
  138. What do you collect & what is the last thing you bought?
  139. Refill = Free... Right?
  140. Man Arrested For Having Sex With Christie Brinkley
  141. How the internet beat up an 11 year old girl
  142. Loan for Dental Work?
  143. AZ Territory/Tombstone history
  144. Asking your girls father for permission to marry
  145. YACT: Cat broken into without force?
  146. 3.6 Earthquake Shakes D.C. Area
  147. Strippers Allegedly Pepper Spray Clients, Leave Without Stripping
  148. So I had to put my dog down / My new tattoo
  149. MILF 'molests' four teenage boys after getting them high
  150. Report: Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High
  151. Home Depot let's you have multiple credit accounts?
  152. I was sexually assaulted by a female high school teacher!!!
  153. Getting a little warm: portable air conditioner
  154. You're getting old now... do you rollercoast?
  155. Texas mayor kills teen daughter in murder/suicide
  156. Today's sign of the apocalypse...
  157. Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Engaged - Again
  158. Sorry, you can't use Welfare cards at strip clubs and casinos anymore
  159. Filling up your tank at BP since the leak
  160. 36 year old mother gets 9 to 30 years for having sex with 14 year old son
  161. Why are modern american cars so ugly?
  162. YAET: Fraudulent buyer or someone who just can't read?
  163. Subway's New Cuban Pulled Pork Sub?
  164. Money's 2010 100 Best Small Cities to Live (in the US)
  165. Is this ad a bit disturbing...or am I crazy?
  166. Who has had PRK eye surgery before?
  167. Texas woman gets nailed - hardcore
  168. Will the Gov extend the Cobra health care subsidy?
  169. Craigslist annoyance, what should I do?
  170. A sign that you might have a drinking problem.....
  171. "You're Not Dying, You're Just Pregnant!"
  172. Scientists can dictate sexual preference of mice
  173. Studies: computer at home does not equal academic achievement
  174. Help with Priceline
  175. Arizona for 2 weeks - What do I do/eat/see/party, etc?
  176. The Non-Sequitur Picture Discussion and Scoring Thread
  177. How is Burger King still in business?
  178. Now THIS....is the last rental I will buy....and I probably mean it.
  179. Otter Tips on D.C.
  180. Gordon Food Service?
  181. Thinking of relocating but where to??
  182. College Kid in Tennessee takes "Kick-Ass" too seriously
  183. Do you feel like a REAL man when you eat a messy burger?
  184. Best credit card for frequent flyer miles?
  185. So, what's the best way to get the pet smell out of carpet?
  186. Behind the silicone flesh curtain (inside the RealDoll factory)
  187. Jennifer Saunders given all clear- in remission for breast cancer
  188. travel talk: NY city.
  189. "Home" silk screening or alternatives?
  190. Travel Advice Thread 2010-3054B: Hong Kong and Shenzhen
  191. The Periodic Table of Swearing (large image)
  192. Hey, I'm in Memphis Right Now!
  193. Listen up all you skinny nerds, here's what you need
  194. What is PayPal policy toward international sellers?
  195. British nanny dies using sex toy while watching porn
  196. Newbie Time Travellers always kill Hitler on their first trip
  197. Informercial question
  198. PB&J or BBQ Chicken Sandwich in a CAN!?! Jeepers!
  199. Bicycle Maintenance Question
  200. Why never to ask favours from the designers
  201. Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters
  202. US Passport Fee Increase, July 13 '10
  203. Washington State (and Glacier National Park) vacation advice wanted
  204. School me on Achilles ruptures and rehabilitations
  205. Went to Philadelphia for vacation - here are my thoughs.
  206. YAET: Asking for partial refund from seller
  207. How often do you yell "Hot, Hot, Hot!" in a day?
  208. Do you wear a helmet when you ride a bicycle?
  209. 2 missing after duck boat crashes into barge
  210. Controversial 'Beaver' statue back on display in Bemidji, MN
  211. Solar plane cruises to historic flight
  212. Traveling and need gift suggestions to give to staff
  213. It's my birthday!!!
  214. In the past 4 decades, how many U.K. teachers have been fired for being bad teachers?
  215. Best recipes for hot weather...
  216. Novelty Neckties?
  217. Anyone have a tankless water heater?
  218. "Yup, I'm a racist" t-shirts sold at Kentucky 4th of July festival
  219. The Summer 2010 Scorcher Thread Yes, it is indeed hot enough
  220. Have you ever come close to passing out due to an UNBELIEVABLY powerful poop?
  221. What type/brand of Sunglasses are these?
  222. The Ghetto Ice Cream Truck...
  223. Any experience with masonry anchors?
  224. Biking is for girls!
  225. Adios Dvdtalk!
  226. Snake hoarder
  227. Operation: send Justin Bieber to North Korea
  228. Is there mail delivery today(7-5)?
  229. Following up on meeting girls at bars....?
  230. Dave Chappelle kicked off private plane
  231. iTunes Hacked
  232. July 4th, a day to celebrate our learned populace
  233. Happy 4th of July! Man blows off arm with fireworks
  234. Looking for an old Dilbert strip -it's based on actual math
  235. Off to Houston and Austin this month....what should i check out?
  236. Liza Minnelli on HSN
  237. Tips on How to Revive Dying Grass?
  238. Open these 3 browser tabs together
  239. Morgantown, West Virginia represent: "I'm gonna hit you in the head as hard as I can"
  240. Been to Boston on 4th of July?
  241. So, has anyone ever been kicked out of the house by their parent(s)?
  242. Is it worth it making extra payments on a home you plan to sell soon?
  243. Gallagher = Old, Not So Hilarious Anymore Douche
  244. Flying Car APPROVED!
  245. Need: Anime Artist
  246. Waitress PUNCHES Lindsay Lohan on her Birthday!
  247. watercolor painting care?
  248. Cheerio, cherry lips, cheerio.
  249. Mel Gibson = Giant Hilarious Douche
  250. odd things for sell in not so odd places