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  1. Man pulls a MURDOCH on his family and himself (New York)
  2. Lions, Tigers, Bears set free, Owner dead. Oh my.
  3. Do you expect air conditioning (or heating) in government waiting rooms?
  4. Better degree: MPA or MS
  5. A bear walks into a supermarket...
  6. New bullying threat! Wait... what?
  7. Cool kayaking footage (whale action)
  8. Fill in the Blanks: The Poor Man's _____
  9. Man gets more than a circumcision
  10. Can I bother you fantastic people for a vote?
  11. Waiting for Sgt Honeylamb to come home *sigh*
  12. The 36th Chamber of Random Shaolin Picture Posts
  13. Only the Good die young - Whose Legacy has been the most Enduring and Influential??
  14. Thief steals $135 million of art, and throws it in the trash.
  15. Haunted house reaction pictures
  16. Real Estate Question-Selling my house redo basement flooring or no?
  17. PETA blasts gay pride festival for scaring marine animals
  18. Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary
  19. Can anyone give me some free legal advice? - Condo Association rules
  20. How to sleep with shoulder pain?
  21. Worst tip ever? or is it the best?
  22. Homework help: Scientific models (6th Grade)
  23. Ever buy something to decorate your home because you saw it in a movie or on TV?
  24. Anyone ever get money from venture capital investing?
  25. Family calls 911 after getting lost....
  26. Las Vegas in about 3.5 days... what do I do?
  27. Dr. Evil's henchman "Random Task" is really evil
  28. 18 year-old GIRL arrested for stealing to pay for porn addiction...yeah.
  29. Halloween Costume Talk 2011
  30. Another coffee thread - any opinions on Keurig vs. Nespresso?
  31. Stop killing Pizza Deliverymen!
  32. Do air caps on tires really fall off or do people steal them?
  33. Is my coworker a man of espionage?
  34. Yogurt Talk 2011 — The Other thread with the most culture
  35. getting new windows for the house...anyone know a thing or 2 about them?
  36. 2 weeks without Cow, Bird or Pig. How long before I die?
  37. Paint that is safe for animals?
  38. Granny gets her groove on....
  39. Everwood / Parks and Recreation actor gives cat away, gets death threats.
  40. Which is more pessimistic?
  41. Camera binoculars? (For sports, not spying. Seriously.)
  42. Question for those who have put their animal to sleep
  43. How much cash do you usually carry around?
  44. Donald Lapre "King of Infomercials" charged with fraud, found dead in jail cell
  45. Can we haz gif, pleeze?
  46. To bless or not to bless
  47. Banning 'Bless You'
  48. So now it's bad for kids to be good at sports?
  49. What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
  50. Which is more remarkable: Albert Einstein's Annus, or Anna Nicole Smith's anus?
  51. Can't find commercial
  52. EMT class says its students shouldn't be exposed to people with medical problems.
  53. Anyone here do Volunteer work?
  54. Did you ever suprise yourself by getting a BUMPER STICKER?
  55. Alice's Dance — A wedding disaster waiting to happen
  56. Fee for using debit card
  57. Anyone SkyJump from the Strat??
  58. YALT: Should I get a laywer? (Booze related)
  59. Sampling of internet drivel
  60. Parents are Such Wimps These Days!
  61. So... do _you_ use the interrobang? DO YOU?!
  62. Planning a trip to Iceland - Advice?
  63. Teen murder suspect says she's a vampire/ Florida
  64. My Sick Dog
  65. If Facebook started actually charging per month, would you still use it?
  66. Nope! It's Chuck Testa.
  67. Do you keep anything that reminds you of an Ex?
  68. Anyone here ever try Dave Ramsey's Financial/Get out of Debt Program?
  69. Any other agnostics/atheists out there?
  70. If given the choice of Jesus or Jail, which would you choose?
  71. Waiter touching your straw?
  72. Wife and I moving to Orlando probably by 2014.
  73. Travelling to Israel, need help finding the answer to some questions.
  74. Recommendations for a good recliner?
  75. Where can I buy a glass door bookcase like this?
  76. Good restaurants in Cincinnati?
  77. My Apartment Dilemma
  78. Ventura County Climate Thread
  79. Is this a muck?
  80. Undercover officer enlists fake penis to bust hooker
  81. Slow News Day: Nicholas Cage a vampire?
  82. OMG: Was that neutrino speeding?
  83. Advice about moving to Chicago?
  84. Facebook updates! Oh noes!17a!4?
  85. Anyone Here An RN Or Knows Someone That Is?
  86. Opportunity to eat dog...
  87. Could Porn make you give up Meat? Peta delves into Porn
  88. Would You Date this Woman?
  89. Miami Invaded By Giant, House-Eating Snails
  90. Disney World bringing Avatar
  91. Best Buy Sale Prices - September 15-21, 1996
  92. Naked Asian man on acid jumps into traffic, dies
  93. Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle
  94. Hey, redheads. No one wants your sperm.
  95. Yet another sex with infant thread
  96. Yet another sex with kids thread
  97. How many phone numbers do you know from memory?
  98. credit card description question
  99. Avast! We be talkin' like pirates this day 2011
  100. Sin you're most succeptible to
  101. A Zombie Infested 5K Obstacle Course Race
  102. Man Forced to Beat Usain Bolt's 100m Record
  103. Madden 12 Commercial Outtakes
  104. Wedding/reception planning ideas please
  105. Jehovah's Witness came to my door today...
  106. Aevin Dugas -- owner of the world's largest natural afro
  107. Plane Crash at Reno Air Show
  108. Conan the Barbarian Professor
  109. Real Life Weekend at Bernies?
  110. Flame Warriors: Catalog of Trolls
  111. Speech talk: interesting
  112. Nicolas Cage awoken by naked man with Fudgesicle
  113. U.K. sends man to jail for trolling
  114. Local news *sigh* bad cop behavior
  115. Today in History, Marilyn Monroe. 1954
  116. Headline of the week: Dwarf Porn Star Found Eaten By Badgers!
  117. Car/Finance Advice Needed
  118. 5 days in London- tips?
  119. Does It Seem Like Doctors are Rarely Patients?
  120. Comfortable Shoes: What do you recommend?
  121. Sleep Apnea- Anyone have it
  122. YAWTDT: Boston in 5 hours
  123. Is it possible to find this random piece of a desk?
  124. On the 2011 Hyundai Equus, selecting a radio station preset requires 5 steps.
  125. does your boss hold it against you when another employee doesnt come to work?
  126. 9/11/01 in real time on DVD Talk, an archived thread.
  127. YEAT: Item pulled
  128. Planking, Horsemanning and Owling are old news. Now It’s Time For Batmanning!
  129. Is it ok to mulch near the house?
  130. Bizarre sky noise
  131. Woman dies after hot beef fat injection
  132. 16 y/o dies after masturbating 42 times
  133. San Diego - Power Outage -
  134. Nigerian scammer also marries victim...?
  135. Death penalty for miscarriage: not Florida, but close.
  136. Arkansas Meterologist Found Asleep Next to Dead Man
  137. Nike to Release Back to the Future II Shoes with Power Laces?
  138. How to get rid of these cobwebs?
  139. Dragon*Con 2011 - Atlanta Sept. 2-5
  140. Car Accident Help (and maybe a little physics?)
  141. YAVT: Yea I need some votes
  142. Love in an Elevator: Brother and Sister Edition
  143. Thinking of Installing Home Security Cameras
  144. Where can I hire someone to do some word processing / research for me?
  145. YAFBT: Dealing with Wendy Whiners
  146. Doesn't anyone open the windows on their house anymore?
  147. Health Canada: Don't buy "fresh" semen online
  148. Good documentary about 9/11 for 6th grade?
  149. Neo-Nazis get trolled
  150. Is this illegal?
  151. Investigators claim woman hanged herself while naked, with hands and feet tied
  152. Recommend me a good protective case. Please.
  153. How I spent my summer vacation... fighting with the Libyan rebels!
  154. Police baffled as hundreds of panties dumped along Ohio road
  155. Ohio man, 32, steals inflatable raft and has sex with it in an alley
  156. Actor Steven Seagal Sued for Driving Tank into Arizona Home, Killing Puppy
  157. DC Metro otters - what's the best place to stay in the city?
  158. is PLUTO not one of our planets anymore? We only have eight planets?!
  159. Muslims, police scuffle at Rye Playland over amusement park’s head scarf ban; 15 arre
  160. Man Decapitates Himself After Argument with Ex-Wife
  161. DC for a few hours on a weekday night?
  162. What Not to do in A Bear Jam
  163. Voluntary Castration?
  164. Portland for the weekend...tips?
  165. Foot pain when I wake up, goes away throughout day?
  166. When Did Subway Get so Expensive?
  167. Steam mops, any good?
  168. accouting/tax question: mortgage interest on a rental
  169. Worst part of a breakup?
  170. AC shut down for 3rd time in history
  171. Need Recommendation for Metro Washington DC Bank
  172. Don't police have anything more important to do than... wait, what?
  173. YADT: Just how cold is KVRDave, really?
  174. So, they said I had to choose an 8 character password
  175. I think my girlfriend might be racist.
  176. Unemployment Question... Am I Right or Wrong?
  177. Hurrican Irene 2011 - or should I still go to OBX?
  178. The Random F-35 Picture Post Thread of Lightning
  179. Finally, protection for men in divorce
  180. Does the internet feel the same as it did when you first went on? (90's-now)
  181. What have you bought from a TV infomercial?
  182. San Francisco Trip - Advice & Info
  183. 5.8 earthquake in Virginia felt in Washington, New York City, North Carolina
  184. A/C usage/settings question
  185. Advice from the Buddhist Rabbi
  186. Alcohol Dilemma
  187. Best soda you've ever tasted?
  188. Worse Poop you've ever taken?
  189. Do you leave your strainer for dishes on the countertop?
  190. Worse Pop you've ever tasted?
  191. Do men desire women more than women desire men?
  192. HEALTHY MEAL TIME! (epic meal time parody)
  193. How much is a penis worth?
  194. Software discovers that car thefts are most likely to occur at places that have cars.
  195. Hypothetical: Why would anyone not want to be in solitary confinement?
  196. Crooks Rob Man of $2 Million in Jewelry at intersection
  197. Why is Kim Kardashian famous? (aka K.K. wedding)
  198. YAFT - Sitter Puts Baby in Back of Pickup for Ride
  199. The Ukulele!! Any starter recommendations?
  200. how to tell if you have water damage
  201. Yet another pricing thread, just for the halibut.
  202. Toast, yay or nay?
  203. Help making a new house for my hamster - need wood advice.
  204. Thinking of selling my house
  205. A mixed-race woman due to marry a white supremacist murder suspect.
  206. Job Pay Question?
  207. A View of London - At 80 Gigapixels
  208. Russian teen calls mom while she is being eaten by bears
  209. YABT - Yet Another Boss Thread
  210. What did you do during the Great DVD Talk Outage of 2011?
  211. How come the US mail is using a .com address?
  212. Kanye West and Jay-Z Auctioning Mutilate $373,000 Maybach
  213. Man claiming to be vampire arrested
  214. Low Life Scum Poisons My Sister's Dogs
  215. Car question: Has trouble starting after getting gas
  216. Cardiff Kook Statue - Otterworthy Alterations
  217. Is there a future for B&M businesses?
  218. Power of Otter: Help me find a video (D&D bully)
  219. Aspartame in places you don't expect.
  220. 19 y/o Brit has her tongue surgically extended so she can speak better Korean.
  221. Finally! The Answer to the Burning Question: Are Bert and Ernie Gay?
  222. Can you identify the story from this picture?
  223. Ex-girlfriend (prostitute?) says George Soros broke promise to give her $1.9 million
  224. Say something or mind my own business? (Preggo smoker)
  225. Writer's attempt to pitch movie script really bombs
  226. "Man Dead in the Desert" Puzzles -- is there a book of them?
  227. 24-year-old woman assauts 12-year-old girl for "eyeing" her 30-year-old boyfriend
  228. Raccoons in attic...
  229. Man busted for exposing himself says when He Comes To Walmart He Gets Aroused
  230. Does this engagement proposal idea sound too horrible?
  231. YAWT: Something seems fishy about this request from my company...
  232. 3 Siblings Go on Crime Spree (starts in FL).
  233. OT: Woman Addicted to Eating Her Husband's Ashes
  234. Parking a car in another state = towed?
  235. Cops: Mom had 6-year-old videotape group sex
  236. I go on vacation and you guys miss this one - NY -Female Teacher charged Rape
  237. Mom Kills Son Over School Costs (not Florida).
  238. Statistics professor proves that scratch-off lottery tickets are not random.
  239. How is sales tax collected at stores?
  240. Woman Accused Slicing Off Dog's Ear
  241. J. Edgar Hoover - crossdresser? Nah...
  242. Google's Prius crashes into another Prius, an Accord, another Accord, & another Prius
  243. How would you read this?
  244. OMG! 20 yr. old babysitter charged with sexual assault
  245. Serial Butt Stabber in VA
  246. Report: Black ‘Mobs’ Attack White Patrons Outside Wis. State Fair
  247. 75-year-old pilot intercepted by F-16s for straying into restricted airspace
  248. food prep talk: can you beat this guy?
  249. Cheap place for oversized printing?
  250. "would you like some sex to go with your donut, sir?" Dunkin' Donuts employee a ho!