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  1. fluoride
  2. When did people find out they were gluten intolerant and what made it so popular?
  3. You just got out exonerated from a 45 year jail sentence what do you do now?
  4. Oh Geez, now you can't even make leper jokes?
  5. The Borg ain't got nuthin' on an ex-wife scorned
  6. The Stella Awards - 2011 edition
  7. hello everyone.
  8. Overheard on the Goldman Sachs Elevator
  9. Shameless Plug / Votes needed...
  10. Brit woman banned from every pub/club in the country
  11. Does anyone else have friends that give their kids dumbass names?
  12. Where/how did you meet your signif other? Or, Relationships created by Convenience
  13. It's the "Wow! These criminals are really stupid!" thread
  14. Out of gas and the gas station wants $27.99 for a can?
  15. Old fashioned Shavers unite!
  16. Anyone know anything about the new Audi models, like the A6?
  17. How/where do I sell a violin?
  18. Weird eBay bidding. Did I get scammed?
  19. 恭喜發財,利是逗來
  20. Man blames ghost for wife's injuries.
  21. [Attn: kvrdave] You Better Stay Out of Maryland
  22. Elizabeth Smart Engaged
  23. New school can’t be Cougars because middle-aged women might be offended.
  24. Why no anchovies?
  25. Brown eggs vs. white eggs
  26. Controller nearly caused midair collision
  27. What's it like getting financing for a home loan in 2012?
  28. Megaupload shut down by feds. Anonymous strikes back
  29. Relocating for work - Experiences?
  30. Mark Walhberg would have taken out terrorists on Flight 93
  31. Birthday gift for a male friend?
  32. How often does your local movie theater clean their bathrooms?
  33. Gewurztraminer, I haz some
  34. Two "thrill-killers" kidnap a child for ransom to commit the perfect crime...
  35. Is there any "safe" salt to use on a concrete driveway?
  36. Otter SOPA/PIPA Blackout
  37. Chicago: 7 kids vs. 1 asian kid
  38. 81 Year-Old Cyclist Struck By Car; Survives. How?
  39. Hernia Surgery
  40. Sock Me....Sock You!
  41. A Housefly survives 2 minutes in the microwave...end of world?
  42. Jeopardy contestant answers a question about a type of punch with "what is a donkey"
  43. 10 year old stabs 12 year old to death (Not FL, San Diego!)
  44. Urgent SoCal help needed: Foster's Freeze Ultimate Steak Burgers?
  45. Louisiana toddler dies after 2-year battle with rare skin disease
  46. Cowardly men abandon sinking cruise ship like George Costanzo fleeing a fire
  47. Are remote control helicopters dangerous?
  48. Vehicle Registration moving to Washington State
  49. A question about drinking alcohol
  50. Brooklyn dad says Beyonce's security stopped him from seeing preemie twins
  51. How much do you tip in a given situation?
  52. So someone at the place I'm working is telling everyone Im GAY - Head to HR?
  53. why is it necessary to use the "Junior" in MARTIN LUTHER KING's name?
  54. HISTORY: Was it over for US in 1943 when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  55. HISTORY: America's Civil War - locale played a roll on which side you were on!
  56. Bad headlines
  57. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... tragic mistranslation
  58. School me on Cedar Rapids, IA
  59. White only swimming pool.
  60. Make a weather prediction that doesn't come true? Be prepared for a huge fine & jail
  61. HISTORY: before Europeans, guess the Native Americans fought with South America?
  62. Against the law or not?
  63. Woman with two vaginas who had to lose virginity twice
  64. Magazine editorial reveals shocking disparity between sizes of models and real women
  65. What's crackin
  66. Anyone have a spouse on Prozac?
  67. Redhead contest of the day
  68. bodily control talk: throwing like a girl
  69. Costco Whole Bean Coffee Thread
  70. IT'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!! The Twinkies will keep flowing
  71. Upset By Judge Judy, Woman hits husband on head with hammer. Guess where
  72. My cat just caught it INSIDE the house!!
  73. bodily control talk: spitting out what you drank
  74. Sheriff: Food dispute led to murder-suicide
  75. Best casinos in Louisiana?
  76. Greece to not fund pedophilia, exhibitionism, and kleptomania
  77. What does Intimacy mean to you?
  78. if Frederick got two beatings per day...
  79. Papa John's apologizes for "lady chinky eyes" on receipt
  80. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop
  81. 30 Seconds of Otter Chasing Butterflies (not a euphemism)
  82. Dead man sued by those injured by his flying body parts.
  83. Magazine subscription talk: which ones do you have?
  84. Photochop my friend!
  85. Electrical question (adding a dimmer switch) track lighting and fan.
  86. ABC news will believe anything!
  87. Flushing with toilet lid up can spread diarrhea disease
  88. Thief drops stolen coins into Coinstar machine
  89. Never Ending Sequitur Thread Part 11
  90. Etiquette rant: you cannot marry the same person twice without a divorce in between
  91. Job Interview Question
  92. Tiger Woods’ ex-wife bulldozes $12 million home
  93. 911 operator tells caller "Do what you have to do to protect your baby."
  94. Chinese Redbud Woman "superhero" dishes out sexy charity in Beijing
  95. Boron Cowpunch
  96. Donating all your stuff to Salvation Army, could you do it?
  97. Question about sending your kids to highschool
  98. YAET: Another: Item not as described issue.
  99. Want some free medical advice? part deux.
  100. Superbowll in Vegas
  101. Community College music instructor in Washington tricks student to strip.
  102. Pedobear Shows Up At Penn State - Houston Bowl Game
  103. Woman seeks revenge...microwaves a kitten
  104. "Grey Aliens" mystery confirmed and solved.
  105. Electronic keys stop working at the stroke of midnight (hotel with 628 rooms)
  106. Countdown To End Of The World 2012.
  107. YAET: P.O. sends back ebay item, now what do I do?
  108. So I just got accused of breaking into my own house
  109. Gas gift cards on eBay, am I missing something here?
  110. Fugitive murderer sues couple he kidnapped for not helping him evade police
  111. Biggest Loser 2012 Edition - Now with more health and nutrition!
  112. Lexington, NC man charged with making a fake $1 million bill and trying to spend it
  113. Missing Women in AR - Seems Kinda Fishy
  114. Anyone had PRK or LASIK and had your eye(s) regress?
  115. Happy New Year to my fellow otters
  116. Couple attempt to live zero-trash lifestyle
  117. Florida 2011 stories
  118. Giant Pythons Invade Florida
  119. It appears I need reading glasses....anyone else?
  120. Breastfeeding in public
  121. LAers... Need a reco for NYE dinner for two
  122. Whackjob of the week: God's Geography
  123. Doing Otter Proud: I got kicked out of a funeral last week
  124. Anyone here have experience with coloring grout?
  125. Missing ATVers found dead in Mojave Desert
  126. Newspaper prank backfires.
  127. Masters degree - is it worth it?
  128. Brats whining about what they got for Christmas
  129. Highest State For Taxes, Am I Missing Something Here?
  130. Sears and K-Mart ... death throes
  131. Bacon Snack Bars, revisited
  132. Need Cheap DisneyWorld Ticket
  133. YART: So, at what point does religion become mental instability?
  134. Pizza Prints
  135. Neti Pot Deaths
  136. credit card cash back rewards - taxable?
  137. What kind of year was 2011 for you?
  138. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!!
  139. The Official "What did you get for X-Mas?" 2011 Edition.
  140. Girl Scouts troops disband after chapter says it will allow transgendered 7-year-old
  141. What did you give this year?
  142. Why doesn't Roger Ebert use his own "voice" as his computer's speaking voice
  143. X-mas bonus 2011 thread
  144. TSA confiscates holiday treats
  145. Man gets beaten by police for grabbing his nuts
  146. A Festivus for the Rest of Us
  147. Kid says "Send me $2 and I'll donate it all once I get $2,000,000"
  148. Anyone Use Online Canadian Pharmacies
  149. Ohio man cleaning gun killed Amish girl more than a mile away
  150. Kardashian Christmas card.
  151. Man Eats Cocaine from Brother's Ass, Dies
  152. Christmas Gifts?
  153. CK is all grown up! What's that sound? Wedding bells? Also: job concerns
  154. Broward Man Gets Jail for Finger-Banging Chihuahua (FL)
  155. Don't want to pay talent for porn? Rape them (FL)
  156. Train-hopping couple buried alive under coal
  157. The 37th Random Picture Post Thread... in a row?
  158. Hitchhiking
  159. NTSB - No Cell Phone use while driving
  160. Superhero/Supervillain technology advancing nicely...
  161. Anyone recommend a good premium rum?
  162. It's that time of the year again!
  163. Christopher Hitchens RIP
  164. MN High School apparently thinks "incest" is appropriate and funny.
  165. Woman Lets Match.com Dates Pay For All Of Her Dinners
  166. I'm about to shave my balls for the first time.
  167. Man attacks people with lightsaber at Toys R Us
  168. Woman Crushed to Death in Manhattan Elevator
  169. So, Uh, That's an "F" for you in Anger Management class
  170. Etiquette for applying at a new job.
  171. Hulk Hogan is a big gay...
  172. YEAT: Did you get your check from the Ebay class action suit?
  173. Guy sends girl email asking why she won't return his calls, awkward hilarity ensues
  174. Doggy Revenge, Part II: Man in critical condition after being shot by a dog
  175. A buttload
  176. Random Video Post: Eight Days A Week
  177. Flame this thread
  178. Macy's employee fired after violating company's LGBT policy
  179. NY or LA?
  180. Woman stabbed to death in Walmart, store still stays open.
  181. It's Saturday night
  182. Kanazawa calls Modern Feminism 'evil.'
  183. Headlines that have got to be better than the article.
  184. Psychologist accused of faking rape
  185. Hottest woman of all time
  186. More Sex With Teacher Shennigans (I'll save you some time--GUILTY!)
  187. Nerdy thursday riddle..
  188. Guilty or not? Not a teacher/student scandal...
  189. Breaking: Virginia Tech shooting
  190. Carjacker Makes A Big Mistake...
  191. Decode you're teens txt lingo
  192. Yet another thread about a lucky, lucky boy banging his teacher
  193. Mormon college bans skinny jeans
  194. Walking in a 4G (Orgy) Wonderland
  195. Naked Bodybuilder Leaves California Couple Hospitalized
  196. World’s Oldest Dog Dies at Age 26
  197. Blonde Model walks into propeller blades and survives
  198. Another Earth
  199. School responds to bullying incident by expelling the bully's victim.
  200. I need to mail something to the UK
  201. Thieves target toilet paper at NM diner
  202. The top 10 most shoplifted items of the season
  203. Moving advice for a borderline hoarder, or, free stuff for DC area DVDTalkers
  204. Legless man denied wheelchair was told "uncertain if the impairment was pemanent."
  205. Have you used Ticketmaster in the last 12 years?
  206. Teacher's 3rd grade pizza party turns into lingerie party
  207. Microwave was burned in fire - safe to use? (pics)
  208. Dog shoots his owner in the buttocks
  209. looking for a particular toy... help!
  210. A Victim Treats His Mugger Right
  211. Scientists create Captain Trips, what could go wrong?
  212. December: yay or nay
  213. Top 8 cities full of fatties
  214. Mass. high school teacher is porn star "Hytch Cawke"
  215. "douchebag" now a profanity?
  216. 2 cops fired for attempted voodoo curse on city manager (Do ya have to ask where?)
  217. Is "shot his wad" always a profane metaphor?
  218. Do You Really Want to Live Long?
  219. Medial question: Should I be worried about family history?
  220. 20% of people who have AIDS don't know it.
  221. Atlanta man wins $1 million lottery for second time in three years
  222. Man punishes cheating girlfriend by putting poop tattoo on her back.
  223. Holiday Gift Suggestions: Geeky kitchen items?
  224. Patrice O'Neal RIP
  225. Awesome Toys for Kids (and adults, I guess)
  226. Yet another news station says Pedobear is a symbol pedophiles use to covertly ID them
  227. Got denied by a college as an adult -- do appeals ever work?
  228. food talk: wagyu eaters
  229. Teach me about men's wedding bands
  230. Pre-lit Xmas tree question
  231. YACT: using summer tires in the southeast
  232. Anyone Have a Nano Reef Aquarium?
  233. OK I've been gone a year, what'd I miss? :)
  234. Pick me out table saw blade...
  235. Everything you're doing at this moment?
  236. Looking for your sites of amusement/entertainment
  237. Black Friday 2011: What did you buy?
  238. Who here have to work on Black Friday?
  239. Demonstrators Plan to Occupy Retailers on Black Friday
  240. Controversial “anti-Semitic” vodka billboard taken down in NYC
  241. Thanksgiving 2011
  242. Scottish MMA fighter killed...
  243. NYC Groom Kills Himself Just Hours After Marriage
  244. YAET - Payment on hold, cannot get refund
  245. Help locating these boots at an online retailer...
  246. It's official: GWBush is full of poop.
  247. Junk Smelling Funky? You Need This!
  248. Two Kids Kiss on Playground: Call the Police!" (Guess where?)
  249. So My Dad Has Shingles
  250. Grandfather, 79, dies after nurse gives him execution drug (guess where)