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  1. Lesbians take a licking from Sheriff and the FBI
  2. Anyone watching the eclipse?
  3. I Got A Ticket For A Traffic Light Violation
  4. Yet Another Travel Thread — Bali
  5. Student's blackface MLK costume causes uproar at school
  6. is Macy's selling these days?
  7. Father of 30 kids by 11 woman can't pay child support
  8. OMG, Breaking News from Milwaukee
  9. Good deed of the day - what did you do?
  10. David Thorne and the Neighbor's Floodlight
  11. Dude harassing my best friends family...
  12. Whites Account for Under Half of Births in U.S.
  13. Hole Or No Hole? And the zipper? Ouch.
  14. Any reason Non-Alcoholic Mouthwash is better?
  15. Donna Summer dead at the age of 63.
  16. Looks like i have to get my Deviated Septum fixed
  17. YAFP: Do you like Olive Garden?
  18. Honda invents device for able bodied office workers too lazy to walk down the hall.
  19. Anonymously personally attack someone thread
  20. Actor Nick Stahl Reported Missing
  21. Survey of women reveals "perfect man"
  22. Mother of four still manages to give herself a Darwin award (guess which state)
  23. Who has been calling me from this number?
  24. Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman in Stomach - Dept. Says It's OK
  25. my new kitty
  26. 30th bday ideas?
  27. New car, extended warranty and other "extras"
  28. Any tips for growing a thicker beard?
  29. Alcoholic excuses?
  30. Speeding driver drives into support beam, splitting car in half, killing four people.
  31. Can You Call A 9 Year Old A Psychopath?
  32. Just found out a girl I dated in high school killed herself.
  33. Happy Mother's Day!
  34. Which US State has the Most Liberal Gun Laws ?
  35. 220/110 volt outlet wiring question
  36. Three men accuse John Travolta of Sexual Harassment.
  37. RIP Carroll Shelby (1923-2012)
  38. YAFTMST: Female teacher, male student (NOT Florida!)
  39. Stripper-Journalist sues for the right to ride pole
  40. YAFKT: Going kayaking tomorrow.
  41. Underwear-clad man stabs computer, child porn with samurai sword during police raid
  42. Bizarre product failures.
  43. 70-virgin says she's finally ready for love.
  44. Cover of new TIME Magazine features MILF breast feeding her kid
  45. Any Lawyers in here?
  46. Uncut pitbull on my property so.....
  47. How would you deal with a situation like this...
  48. Spike Jonze's hair stylist Vidal Sassoon dead at 84
  49. This Year's Dumbest Criminal!
  50. You brushed your teeth. THEN you drank some rum. Do you need to brush again?
  51. Automated voicemail message ideas?
  52. So, what's good at Red Robin?
  53. Who has the most posts in the forum, yet is the least known?
  54. Has anyone passed the PMP exam?
  55. A new study: Dinosaur burps and farts possibly heated the world
  56. Return of the fatty flier: with physics information included
  57. RIP Maurice Sendak
  58. 33 is the happiest age according to study
  59. Meet a 'real-life Barbie'.
  60. Dead Bodies on Mount Everest
  61. Chinese supplements made of ground-up dead babies deemed a health risk in Korea
  62. Tip for visiting Disney World?
  63. Lightning strikes man... IN THE SCROTUM!
  64. 34 Still at home. Failure?
  65. anyone take greyhound bus past or recently?
  66. Anybody recognize these gargoyles / good luck statues?
  67. Student hit by bus, survives (video)
  68. I entered one of my pictures in a contest. I would appreciate it if you vote for me.
  69. Ask Jules
  70. Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
  71. Lots of Hotel Deal! Best one for July?
  72. The Wilbur Scoville Thread of Spice 'n' Heat
  73. Another terrorist thwarted!
  74. Punishment for buying weed...DEATH!
  75. Most Beautiful Women Behind Bars
  76. Dream Journal: Analyze my dream
  77. How is it possible for a 16 year old to not know this is wrong...
  78. Introduce yourself.
  79. Zoo Caretaker does things to monkey
  80. New Jersey mom arrested after taking 5-year old daughter into tanning booth
  81. Help Me Name My New Fake Band
  82. Guiltier than Hitler?
  83. When did Goodwill get so expensive?
  84. Resume question. How to note a very, very long absence from work?
  85. Facebook Wants Your Organs!
  86. Diet of Buckyballs nearly doubles lifespan in lab rats
  87. Things you don't get
  88. Ikea introduces a cardboard digital camera
  89. Cruise control on/off, what's the point?
  90. Post your pic, ya big wuss! (2012)
  91. Is there anything more disappointing than a clementine that's seeded & hard to peel?
  92. A Glorious New Pork Age
  93. Are you scientifically literate? Take our quiz (Christian Science Monitor)
  94. Man says erection has lasted TWO years
  95. YADT: What's wrong with my knee?
  96. Odd dog behavior?
  97. What to do with exposed edges of ceramic tiles?
  98. Do You Work a "Traditional" Job?
  99. What is too stupid for the Other Forum?
  100. What's your favorite fart?
  101. Titanic II (or I can't wait for the sequel)
  102. Let's Talk Lunch!
  103. Dating a dentist? Find a new one after the breakup.
  104. Question about drinking
  105. Favorite Sandwich Shop (non fast food)
  106. Can Fast Food places kick you out for bringing your own condiments?
  107. Woman Attacked Boyfriend for Not Giving Her MUSHROOM TIP!
  108. Cola Flavored Gelatin Dessert
  109. Teacher, 33, loses iPad with hidden photos of 12-yr old students (FL, natch)
  110. Judge punishes Girls Gone Wild for forcefully removing woman's clothing.
  111. bovada.lv
  112. Any big Arbor Day plans?
  113. YA401KQT - Yet Another 401K Question Thread
  114. I'm touring a new Mormon (LDS) Temple tomorrow
  115. Glass bathroom floor + abandoned elevator shaft
  116. Has the Internet made us more paranoid?
  117. Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with dead wives
  118. Cops enter home to arrest woman for not talking to them - legal?
  119. Jilted boyfriend feeds ex's hamster to his dog
  120. Welcome to the Gazi Strip Zoo! Feel free to pet our zombie animals
  121. Is Pornography Driving Men Crazy?
  122. YAPP: Favorite frozen pizza?
  123. When the hell will my temp go down?
  124. Best Craigslist ad ever?
  125. Iceland offers debt forgiveness to citizens
  126. Is anyone here a marine biologist?
  127. The Other Forum Time Capsule Thread
  128. Britain's Most Beautiful Face (Scientifically proven!)
  129. Is the Dentist Ripping Me Off?
  130. Someone really doesn't want some bricks.
  131. Religious Flag Waving -- has anyone heard of this?
  132. What's the oddest or most useless thing in your junk drawer?
  133. America's Best Cities for Hipsters
  134. Ordering fruit online?
  135. Question about getting laid
  136. Let there be light, beeeyatch!
  137. Teacher Orders Students to Line Up; Shoots at Them with Blanks
  138. Man asks for water, fills cup with soda, is arrested...Florida
  139. A year without soap or shampoo
  140. Woman mistaken for hog, shot by boyfriend in hunting accident (You know the state)
  141. Your favorite Little Debbie?
  142. I just paid $950+ for a cat.
  143. Can An Apartment Kick Me Out for Having Bad Credit?
  144. YALifeT: Transferring to a 4-Year College and Making a Living
  145. That's Not Kobe Beef You're Eating
  146. Best Pizza Chain?
  147. Replacing a plastic cap for a glass bottle / carafe
  148. The Weekly Moron. Facebook evidence, again.
  149. I thought there was supposed to be some sort of phenomenon
  150. Why do pick-up truck drivers insist on backing into every parking space?
  151. Burger King Whopper With 1050 Pieces Of Bacon
  152. Asian woman puts on makeup and gets bigger eye!
  153. Girlparty
  154. Woman Faces 20 Years after "Standing her Ground"
  155. Favorite Fast Food Eatery?
  156. Another refinancing question, appreciate any feedback.
  157. Woman drinks 2+ gallons of Coke a day, dies
  158. Sister visits, cat dead
  159. Etan Patz, young boy missing since 1979 - [new developments!!]
  160. Pics of the prostitute in the middle of the secret service scandal
  161. Uranus takes a pounding more frequently than thought
  162. Why is Bandoman so stupid?
  163. Otters...what would you do? YAJobT.
  164. Breaking News: "She had poop...diarrhea poop..."
  165. Moving Out Of The Old Place... A Few Questions
  166. Look, Another Nickdawgy Car Thread... Grab The Popcorn!
  167. RIP Dick Clark, 82
  168. What's the difference between a midget and a dwarf?
  169. Man Strips Naked at Airport as Protest Against TSA
  170. Umbrellas be trippin'!
  171. Craigslist ad seeks man who got woman pregnant at Megadeth concert.
  172. The K-E Diet: Brides-to-Be Using Feeding Tubes to Rapidly Shed Pounds
  173. When did people start saying "meta" instead of "self-referential"?
  174. I need an unusual flavor from one of you. :)
  175. Texas Man Claims Police Killed His Dog When Responding to Wrong Address
  176. Shuttle Discovery just flew over my head
  177. Things that turn you on
  178. German police rescue DJ from "sex mad" woman's home
  179. Life talk: how much do you need to spend if
  180. The Other Forum Eulogies
  181. Thank You Jadzia and A Rare Post from G
  182. Damn dirty, stupid sexy non-evolving apes
  183. A tax poll: $3 contribution to the Presidential campaign fund
  184. Panamera GTS?
  185. What's new?
  186. Words you hate or that bother you
  187. Second and only animated GIF thread:
  188. Darlene Mayes, 73-Year-Old, Sold Pot And Had Illegal Guns In Oklahoma
  189. Twitter finds out the Titanic is real
  190. Are you a millionaire?
  191. Zombie Babies!
  192. Blonde Gym Teacher Charged With 4-Month Student Sex Fling (NOT FL) Do you care?
  193. 2011 Taxes - how are you doing it, and how much does it cost?
  194. Your Vagina Isn’t Just Too Big, Too Floppy, and Too Hairy—It’s Also Too Brown
  195. Apple sued by DOJ along with 5 publishers for anti-competitive eBook price-fixing
  196. Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse... with Google Maps!
  197. People who answer your question without answering your question.
  198. Man commits 10 felonies in 9 hours (Nashville, TN)
  199. Thomas Kinkade The Painter of Light died...dicuss
  200. So I'm new to sushi...
  201. Are those yellow Phone Books good for the Economy?
  202. Need car recommendations..
  203. Alabama nightclub has "Food Stamp Friday" party
  204. Fatty Weeble Wobble, is that you? skiblet writes to Dear Abby
  205. National Review fires columnist accused of racism.
  206. Car Audio Talk
  207. Would you date this woman?
  208. Anyone Here Have Floaters?
  209. YAVT: Best Places to Vacation (Europe) w/o a car?
  210. If 2 million people car pooled?
  211. Do you wear a helmet when you bike?
  212. Bucks County, PA-anything exciting to do? Places to eat? ETC? How about Philly?
  213. Why would you do this to your head?
  214. Mike Wallace dead at 93
  215. One of Megamillion winners (656mil) hid or lost ticket, in no hurry to find it.
  216. Recommend a casual place to eat by the Javits Center
  217. Smile! Parents and School Officials Upset About Class Picture
  218. F18 crashes into apartment bldg in VA
  219. Survey about DVD Talk - Otter memories and experiences welcome!
  220. The return of witty comics
  221. When Japanese students get stupid... the world is doomed.
  222. Otter's Feats of Strength
  223. Waitress turns over $12K tip, whines about it
  224. "Other" is 5th rudest nation
  225. Real estate investment/wealth management question for all you brainiacs
  226. YAFWPT: Extra principal payment on mortgage
  227. Transgender wants to compete in Miss Universe
  228. If you're the host of the party, how much do you drink?
  229. Car battery or Alternator?
  230. Thoughts on taking your birthday off from work?
  231. Phishing fail
  232. Married folks: RSVP question
  233. Self-proclaimed "beautiful" woman laments her looks
  234. Recommendations for things to do in Milwaukee Wisconsin?
  235. What should I do with these ears?
  236. Multiple dead at religious college in California
  237. Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and now...
  238. Otters I Need Your Help. What Are Some Good Job Search Sites? Thanks!
  239. Buford, WY is for sale! Who wants Buford (who doesn't?)? Population 1!
  240. Why is it that some people's tastes don't evolve?
  241. Google's first self-driving car
  242. Otters: School me on FAFSA
  243. Yet another tax thread
  244. The Robot Overlord Apocalypse Thread [Update: Coming Soon]
  245. Anyone have experience with installing a bat house?
  246. Wife endures decades of abuse before being murdered (Seattle)
  247. Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody
  248. YATST: Bengals Cheerleader arrested for having relations with HS kid
  249. Canada eliminates the penny
  250. Armed robbery for a soft drink